Our Online Quran Academy is the best platform for Online Quran learning which enables children all over the world to read the Quran properly with Tajweed from home. We welcome all learners in Quran learning. Our program includes Quran Reading / Nazra, Memorizing Quran, Translation and Prayers Duas, etc. You can choose tutors according to your own choice. Our Quran teachers are available 24/7. In sha Allah you and your kids will be satisfied with our academy learning.
By joining our Online Quran Classes schedules you will observe our best quality services within a few days. Our aim is always for creating facilities for new methods and techniques through which we can make Holy Quran learning easier for you. We are conducting daily base online Quran classes in different countries.
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- Online Quran Recitation
- Online Quran Classes
- Online Quran Memorization
- Female Quran Tutor
- Online Quran Academy
- Online Quran Learning
- Online Tafseer Course
You can contact us for more info on Online Quran academy.
Phone no:-
USA office no: - +1-540-999-5553
Pakistan office no: - +92-345-5404040
UK office no:- +447511111718
Email: - info@onlinequranacademy.us

Online Quran Academy for Kids & Adults in USA - UK - Canada - Australia
Online Quran Academy is a leading online Quran academy that offers online Quran courses in USA, UK, Canada, Australia for kids, adults. WA now +15409995553
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