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Scuba diving has been a favourite activity of many people. Not only does it involve the people who have tried it but also the ones who want to try it at least once in their lifetime. The thought of breathing underwater already sounds exciting enough.   People who want to learn about it in detail and extensively can join courses that are dedicated to the field. Just like there are classes and courses for medicine and tech, there are courses for diving underwater with multiple subcategories. These sub-categories can also be called specialization fields. A number of them are provided at Padi dive instructor courses. Confused yet? How does underwater diving have so many options? We’ll explore them below: Introductory course: If you are new to Scuba Diving but are interested in exploring more about it. Then this course is for you. In this introductory course, one can learn about the basics of scuba diving online, etc. Also, the basics of open water diving are introduced in the end. Master Scuba Diver Course: This is a higher-level course which is designed to increase the learning of previously certified divers. It is not a basic but an advanced course. People who have the minimum required experience in the field can opt for this one.  Rescue diver Course: By the name, we can get an idea about the course. Unfortunately, there can be mishappenings during scuba diving. Proper diving, as well as training, included.  Hence, just like we have a lifeguard on the beach, here we have a rescue diver to save lives.  The guards know the basic medical emergency processes that might be required to save a person’s life. https://www.abyss.com.au/en/open-water-scuba-diving-instructor-course
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