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Anderson Gilbert

Nowadays people are moving towards organic food for their pets but we will discuss are they the good choice for your pet. Should you feed your dog only with canned food or should you give it the organic food. Your emotional support animals have to live closer to you and that is why they should eat the food that is not contaminated. One you have the ESA Letter you are advised by your vet about its diet and you should always consider their suggestion. As for every breed of the dog food ingredients and nutrients vary.

To be a good dog keeper, it is not just enough to buy a crate and go on walks with your pet. Or even having for your pet an indoor dog park is not enough if you are giving an unhealthy diet. In fact, your priority should be getting healthy food.  

Well, organic food is not good for your pet at all. Because they are not regulated in terms of the essential food nutrients they carry and also they have not shown beneficial effects to the pets until now for emotional support animal letter. Organic food is a market driven term and most people get confused with it.

What is a raw food diet? Raw food diet is any diet that is not cooked or processed neither it is decontaminated and packed. Other raw food diets are those where people buy uncooked meat from stores and cook them at home and feed it to their pets.  Other raw food includes a frozen diet and feeding your dog to them.

  1.       They are not sent through a processing facility and are not decontaminated. They may consist of unnecessary fats, and animal byproducts.
  2.       Some people think raw or organic food is better because it corrects or cures a particular medical condition. While many think it consists of better and enough proteins and carbohydrates than the canned food. And many others think that cooking destroys the food nutrients. Well, until today we have not come across studies that actually state that organic food is better than canned food. In fact of esa letter for housing, there are researches and studies that show that raw food in many cases may be dangerous and unhealthy.
  3.       If your dog or cat is suffering from a terminal disease,  is toddler or is very old, in such cases organic food can be especially dangerous and the pets become more sensitive and their immunity cannot respond to the harmful bacteria that these raw foods carry.
  4.       Organic food like chicken carcasses contains salmonella. Recent studies show that several kittens and puppies have died after getting infected by salmonella.
  5.       A lot of organic food in stores you find are stamped or signed with the federal food authorities which shows that the authorities that oversee and regulate pet food have approved them. But still the food may not suit your pet and we strongly suggest you feed your pet with canned food.
  6.       Many people suggest you some healthy protein rich recipes that you can prepare at home but do you actually think you are able to provide your dog with the appropriate food nutrients. If you are missing any essential nutrient it means your dog is not getting sufficient amounts of nutrients to grow healthy and sound.
  7.       You cannot measure the exact amount of food nutrients in the organic food. You just assume the amount and you go on. On the other hand, most of the best canned dog food is rich in proteins and contains all the other food nutrients in their optimum amount. Canned food is cooked and processed easily.
  8.       What if your dog is not an antiallergenic dog? You may end up including the ingredients that may deteriorate its allergy, meanwhile canned food is particularly made for each type dog with different conditions.
  9.       Remember you are not growing an animal that has to live in the wild. Uncooked or unhygienic food that your dog eats may also have negative impacts including bacterial infections on your health. So avoid food that is not hygienic, properly cooked and processed. For more information, do visit
  10.   Whenever considering organic food over canned food make sure you have consulted your veterinarian. 



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