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Addison Bannett

Getting help from professional essay writer is becoming more common with time. As colleges and universities have become very competitive, getting admissions, clearing tests, fulfilling assignment criteria, and doing internships with a work routine can become tough to manage.

Students resort to getting professional help for writing their admission essays and providing supportive material or simply just proofreading services. Meeting the deadlines and the marking criteria for colleges each semester can be hard for practical life.

Therefore, professional writing services exist to facilitate the students. Many students will contact a professional essay writer at some point during their education to get assistance. You don’t necessarily have to get all your work done, you can work collaboratively, to reduce your burden and enhance your work output.

Essay writing services work like any other professional service and it is fully legal and acceptable to get help by paying for the service. As so many students need help, this business is booming rapidly. Still, many students are unsure about the legal status of getting help from a writer and they don’t know how to go about it.

Well if you are also confused, don’t worry, I am here to debunk all myths and tell you how exactly you can use these services without any fuss. In simple words, it is allowed, it is legal and it is happening.

No law prevents it

It is legal to get an essay written by a professional as it is not banned by the law currently. There has been no specific policy or legislation that prevents students from getting their essays written online from any specific service.

Although there have been many protests from colleges and universities to prevent students from ordering online essays, they have been unable to do so. Currently, the government does not explicitly prevent the use of online services.

However, the policy of colleges is different and self-regulated. Many colleges may have an explicit policy stating that getting support from any external source would lead to the cancellation of the degree program, suspension, or expulsion from the college.

However, the students are not trying to outsmart the system or fool their college, rather it is an issue of fighting the competition, meeting needs, and the high expectations of the education system, without providing the necessary resources.

The paper is owned by the customer

When you order a paper from a writer, they also transfer the copyright or ownership of the paper to your name. Resultantly, the paper is your property and no one can claim that you took it from someone or you copied your work.

As there are no issues of copyright or plagiarism, this issue is not covered by the legislation. Moreover, the work provided by a paper writing service is totally authentic and 100% free from plagiarism, they create original papers with proper referencing. Since you are not plagiarizing or stealing someone else’s work, it is totally safe to get it done.

Transparency policy

The work provided by any official and professional service would be absolutely authentic, genuine, and professional. The website would provide you with a clear privacy and confidentiality policy. Your information would be kept secure and you would have high-quality work with full transparency.

Students feel pressured due to high expectations of academic achievements and practical work, which is not manageable for all people. If you feel burdened by work, clashing deadlines, high competition, and wondering ‘how I will write my essay, then you don’t have to worry about it anymore. There is a really simple, and convenient solution to get your essay from a professional writing service.

Depends on how you use the service

The writing services usually have a clear policy on how you may use the essay provided by the service. If you break the terms and conditions of the writing service policy, then you might be liable to legal action.

The essay can be used for non-commercial and personal reasons, so if you decide to resell or distribute the essay then it would be considered illegal.

Nonetheless, if you get academic help from a writing service then it may be considered illegal by the university policy if you use that essay for the university. So keep in mind the regulations of your university. If you are caught by the university, then you would be subjected to disciplinary action on grounds for cheating.

How to select the right service

If you are going to choose an essay writing service then you should not select the first one that you stumble upon. You have to make the right choice to get an excellent essay.

If you do not select the right service then a lot can go wrong. Some fraudulent companies will take your money and never deliver an essay. While others will take your money and not deliver professional services. You would end up wasting your time, money, and energy if you do not choose a good writing service.

So choose what to check when ordering an essay from a service?

Check and see that the website is professional. A customer support agent will talk to you and find out your requirements.

They would share sample papers on your subject.

They should offer unlimited revisions and a money-back guarantee.

There should be plenty of good reviews about the writing service.

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