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BioWare has released instructions for SWTOR game update 6.3.2a. This includes a small patch with a major change, and Kai Zykken will continue to join the fleet. The 6.3.2a update released on September 14. As a small update, this means that players can’t expect too much from it. But the update will always bring the increase of the game content, and players will be more willing to buy SWTOR Credits.  

But 6.3.2a still brings a vast improvement, players can call it the quality of life. Kai Zykken will now appear frequently in Republic and Empire fleets. Players can visit the mysterious merchant any day or any time of the week and purchase his exclusive and unique items. So players may wish to buy SWTOR Money in advance to facilitate purchases from merchants.  

Players can find Kai Zykken in the usual position on the outer circle of the fleet in the supply section. If the player visits him for the first time, he will also see his welcome video. Before this patch, Kai Zykken was only available from Friday to Monday, with different project selections every week. The frequent appearance of merchants will improve the game experience of players and make them more willing to Buy SWTOR Credits.  

If new players don’t know who Kai Zykken is and why his store is so valuable, they can buy some SWTOR Credits and visit him. Kai often sells unique and exclusive equipment, which is usually something players can’t find anywhere else. And the price here is very affordable. He is also one of the many credit absorbers available in the game.

BioWare brings more planned combat style changes to SWTOR PTS 7.0, including snipers and agents, and new UI elements. Recently, the official release of all the new content of the latest update of SWTOR PTS 7.0, players have already seen it quickly. In fact, the constantly updated games can remain attractive to players and make them willing to buy SWTOR Money.  

They have synchronized the changes of snipers and agents to PTS, and players can already experience them. For the first time, players have seen the new UI version of the combat proficiency screen, which will replace the disciplines and utilities in 7.0. The optimized fighting style will give players a better gaming experience and will also attract them to buy SWTOR Credits.   

The updated combat proficiency screen also applies to the guardian and sentinel changes, so players on PTS can now choose their own build. Before that, players generally could only use the build provided by the developer. Although not all proficiency levels are fully effective, players can still experience the desired effect. Good fighting style will stimulate players to Buy SWTOR Credits.  

But in fact, many players still find this game too difficult. Because they have not committed Star Wars The Old Republic to trying to teach people how to play. This is the major problem of the entire SWTOR history. The lack of teaching content will cause many players to be unable to truly invest time and energy in the game. It will also discourage their enthusiasm to buy SWTOR Credits.