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Universal Gun Cleaning, All Caliber, with Mat and Carrying Case

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Universal gun cleaning kit provides all the tools needed to properly clean any type of rifle, shotgun or handgun.This gun cleaning supplies kit has everything you will need to do a great job cleaning. Full-featured user guide for beginners is also included.

Universal pistol, rifle and shotgun cleaning kit also includes a cleaning mat which is large enough to hold additional gun accessories. Comes with 3 utility brushes: stainless steel brush,phosphor bronze brush,nylon brush.

6 solid brass gun rods for multiple gauges and calibers, 12 spear pointed gun jags, 9 mops, 14 bronze brushes, 3 muzzle guards, 3 utility brushes, 4 slotted patch loops, 1 black power jag, 3 accessory adapters, 4 polishing cloths, 100 cleaning patches, 2 oil bottles (empty).

Includes portable convenient storage case which is specifically molded to fit all multi gun cleaning kit accessories. You can neatly place components in their own compartments to prevent losing anything when you are done cleaning your guns. The gun cleaning kit with oil and cleaner bottles (30ml and 50ml), so you can store them in your pocket.

we have full range of accessories stored in our Las Vegas warehouse. If you meet any issue during the cleaning process, just reach us by Amazon message then we will follow up sending the replacement parts immediately!

This gun cleaning kit works as it should and is of good quality. This product gets the job done and has much more for your money then the last kit I bought that was a little over half the price of this one with a 1/4 of the stuff and the case and cleaning mat are convenient. This product is as described and meets my needs for my .22 and .223/5.56 rifles. You will need to purchase the hazmat to put in the bottles but other than that you should be good to go. They offer a good warranty just in case you have issues with their product as well. I would recommend this product to those that are in need of a gun cleaning kit.

I was very impressed by the build quality of this kit. This company has literally thought of just about everything a gun owner would need to clean and maintain their firearms, airguns and black powder guns. I own all three and am blown away by all the quality and value packed into this kit. Well thought out and organized and this kit is surely to keep you organized after you use the tools in it. Blown away and the overall value of so much for so little! Add to that the lifetime warranty and... is it my birthday?!? You won't be disappointed in this purchase!

I had just shot a couple of guns and the kit arrived before I had cleaned them. I opened it up and was surprised to see it included a nice rubber gun mat. Everything was just as described, very sturdy and pretty much everything you could ask for when cleaning your firearms. This is my second purchase from this seller and I highly recommend their products.

We have a different guns and having 1 kit for all of them, is Terrific. Plus it came with a cleaning mat. Which is a great thing; my husband doesn't have to use our hand towels now,lol.

There is no way I would clean RPG with this kit, but for the rest of my weaponry it is more then enough. The kit is self explanatory and the added case is making the purchase even juicer. I like to have my things organized.

I had a pleasure to communicate their customer service. The lady on another end was surprisingly fast. I almost suspected she was a machine or some Skynet software. Every time I sent a message the respond appeared almost immediately. The reason to contact was a missing slotted patch loop. I received a replacement SET of BRASS (10 USD on Amazon) patch loops within less then a week of reporting. For now, I have three plastic and four brass at the set. It was a pleasant experience and very attentive customer care. Overall good product, good service and overall good buy.

The only minus is the included carpet which is not fit the supplied box. But since it was an additional free option does not matter much. I will keep it separated.

The company that sells this cleaning kit is top notch. The kit is complete and has everything you need to clean any hand gun or rifle. My kit was missing the cleaning mat and a small jag and I returned it. Ada from customer service got in touch and made it work out very well. I will buy from this company again just for their superb service!



cheap The Patriot 35" 41" 45" Single Scoped Long Rifle Case Gun Bag

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell cheap paper shooting targets.the price of hunting gear is cheap.best hunting gear Canada.

[Innovative & Smart Design] - 13-Inch Width Design Fits Most Rifles with Custom Attachments Such as Sights, Scopes, Bi-Pod & Extended Magazine Without Any Issues.

[Affordable Without Sacrificing Quality] - 600D PVC Shell & Heavy Duty EVA Foam Interior Padding Provide 360-Degree Protection to Your Rifle.

[Fully Adjustable Hook-N-Loop Strap w/ 2-Way Lockable Zippers] - To Secure Any Size of Firearm in Place to Prevent Unwanted Movement or Damage During Transportation.

[ALL-IN-ONE Bag] - Additional Large Pouches with Adjustable Flap & Fast Pull Tabs To Fit Your Magazines and Other Accessories.

Internal straps to secure rifle +1. Many others at twice the price do not have this feature. Very high quality construction. Adjustable Mag pouch flaps are nice touch. Did NOT come with described and illustrated sling. No issue for me, just be aware. Ordered a second for my other AR I liked this so well. Fits 16" collapsible stock AR very well. 18" looks like will work, snug, will report when I put that upper on the rifle. Edit: regarding sling, second bag (black) came with sling. Update. This will fit 18" barrel AR15 with collapsible buttstock. I looked at several AR cases. This one was what I needed. I'm traveling with other guys in a pick up and space is limited. this case will protect my AR hold 6-30 round Mags,Sling & Chest rig too. Other AR bags Square gun cases are 8"-12" wide this bag is 4"-6" wide. I would like carrying one gun,one bag. This gives us more flexibility when traveling. The Quality & durability after a 2 week on the road.( I'm not easy on cases ) no problems. Stitching & material showed no wear. The case cleaned up with soap & water. I Vacuumed the inside and brand new. Well made with great materials.

I have many tactical bags but this one is the best. I like how it has straps on the side wall inside to hold my rifle in place and not moving around, the lock system on the zippers is very effective and the overall quality of materials used in making the bag are very good. I highly recommend this to anyone with a ar15 or ar10 tactical rifle.

Heavy duty material & high quality craftsmanship. Fits my Ruger AR-556 perfectly with the stock collapsed (& with a butt pad), and with a large scope mounted. I can't find anything to complain about other than the excessive number of magazine pouches (does anyone have more than two magazines?), but you can use them for storage of other stuff, and that seems to be standard with other mfgs. The velcro straps are longer than need be, but you could cut them to fit (or just fold one end back like I did).

I was surprised at the low price. I was amazed when I saw the quality. This 36" bag fit my Panzer Arms Bullpup 12ga. shotgun perfectly. The four pockets held my 5 shot magazines just right. The internal reinforcement and quality stitching make for a great case. I recommend it to one and all.



cheap best gun .22 Rimfire Spinner Target

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell cheap paper shooting targets.the price of hunting gear is cheap.best hunting gear Canada.

Made of the highest quality materials

Hunting range gear targets

Another quality Bushnell product

Sturdy targets feature solid steel welded construction

Long lasting durability

One hit spins the diamond-shaped targets

Automatically return to position for the next shot

Three spinners

Tough as nails. By spray paint so you can keep a circle in it. You will need it. Trust me. I shoot this thing more than any target I've ever had. You will too. Fun fun!

I bought this for my nephew for christmas and his dad bought him an air gun. I would say they would last forever vs an airgun and I think we will get our money's worth even when he upgrades to a 22 in a few years.

We use it with 22 cal.air rifles at about 30 yards. Both rifles cronograghed at close to 850 fps and will spin all 3 targets. We hav'nt exprenced any bounce back.

As others have mentioned, the orange stickers do not last. Easily solved - I painted them white and just attach one of those little round "garage sale price" type stickers to the middle of each. The directions say to put them at 25 yards minimum, but I shot the heck out of them at 10 with a .22 pistol. Shot it once with a rifle at that range (small target) and it did dent the target slightly, and also toppled it right over despite being sunk to the hilt in hard ground, so keep that in mind. Cheap fun, quick delivery, holds up - what more do you want?

Awesome heavy-duty iron target that is small and light enough to pack in a backpack and take somewhere to practice target shooting. Love it!!!

Small but it is a good .22 target. It will fall over if not in the ground deep and it's not very tall. Seems solid. Only shot it about 10 times so far.

well worth the money grand kids love it.

I like it works well with .22 LR. unfortunately my buddy let me borrow his shotgun and i thought there was buck shot in there but it was actually a slug and I mangled the center one when I nailed it with a slug. so don't use slugs on it!

Just don't use more or less than a 22 rimfire. Less (Powerful airgun - not a toy) will not spin it, but will ring and swing, and larger... I didn't go there. I don't think you should either.



cheap Handgun Case Single Padded Pistol Bag

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell cheap paper shooting targets.the price of hunting gear is cheap.best hunting gear Canada.

With 1 pocket and a slim design this handgun case can easily be packed in any bag or placed in small spaces.

With external dimensions at 16 inch W x 9 inch H x 1.5 inch D this case is perfect for storing a large handgun.

Constructed from a durable ballistic fabric this case is built to withstand all conditions.

A full length, oversized zipper allows for quick and easy access to the handgun.

I’ve bought two of these now, one for myself and one for my brother. If you own a Smith & Wesson you’ll be proud to have a pistol rug for it that has the brand name, and not overpaying for it. The small will fit an M&P Shield 9mm or a M&P Compact 22 perfectly without any extra space. I purchased the medium because I like to store my extra mags with their corresponding guns and the medium has enough room to do this with both the aforementioned guns.

The padding is not as thick on these as some of the other pistol rugs I own. That being said it’s more than adequate to protect the gun during storage and will prevent your firearm from being scratched while you’re at the range.

I purchased two of these pistol cases. Size small and size medium. The small case holds the S&W Shield with the 7 round magazine perfectly.

Size medium will hold a K frame or L frame revolver with a 4 inch barrel with a little room to spare. Very pleased with the quality of both cases.

After purchasing my new M&P 9 I just had to have a "rug" for storage. I looked around the gun store and there were some OK models on the racks, but nothing that really spoke to me. So onto our trusty Amazon site where I discovered the Smith & Wesson handgun case. I ordered the Medium size and the pistol fits just right with room for an extra magazine. It's a light gray cover made of a heavy weight cordura-style nylon, a hefty zipper, along with a soft interior fabric with ample padding. I just received it, so I cant speak to its durability, but it seems like a very nice piece. Cant beat the price and quality.

The construction is perfect. The choice of materials will ensure a long service life. The engineering is superb and the hardware operates smoothly. No, I'm not reviewing a Smith and Wesson J-frame 642. I am writing about the same company's zip carrying bag. This bag is a perfect fit for the Smith and Wesson J-frame revolvers. The interior is soft and will protect your gun's delicate finish. A protective bag such as this is necessary if you have delicate electronics on your revolver. By delicate electronics, I mean something like a Crimson Trace laser. The bag will keep the laser's lens from getting dirty.

Highly recommended. Protect your J-frame revolver with this zip bag. Use it to transport your device to the shooting range. Store your hardware in this bag and keep out dust.



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