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Planning to quit smoking but the addiction is dragging you towards it? Cigarette smoking is indeed one of the stickiest addictions that do not go away simply. However, a safer alternative to quit smoking is trying the new range of vapes. This gives a complete mouth to lung experience with controlled nicotine.

There are even vapes available which have no nicotine and gives the immersive experience of taste and flavor. As a beginner, it is not advisable to get your hands on the advanced version of vapes like mechanical mods which require certain level of customization and technical expertise.

Ø  Different Types of Vapes all Under the Same Roof

Vape KitUKis one of the best and reliable online vape shop in UK with availability of different vapes in various brands and flavors of e-liquids. All the products are 100% authentic available at affordable price and variety. The vapes control the amount of smoke production and nicotine intake.

The disposal e-cigarette is the best to start with for beginners. These vapes generally consists of mostly 5mL of e-liquid flavor and each of the e-cigarettes or vape pens has nearly 80 to 100 numbers of puffs. The vapes or e-cigarettes heat nicotine with flavored e-liquid and create aerosol for inhalation.


Ø  Love for Vapes - Why People Prefer Vaping?


More and more people are switching towards use of vapes. The Vape London is getting popular for its wholesome experience it delivers. It is considered to be nearly 95% safer as compared to smoking cigarettes. It is used for inhalation of herbal vapors and even for medicinal purpose.


·         The amount of cloud the vapes form and deliver makes it a great sport. This has become a fade and popular fashion with the youngsters as it produces thick clouds from inhalation of the vapes.

·         It is not messy and does not leave behind a trail of smell that generally comes with smoking cigarettes. It is cost-effective as compared to the regular cigarettes.

·         Some of the vapes with CBD oil and other herbal e-liquid are used for medicinal purpose. This has healing impact and hence helps in relaxation. It is one of the best tools for inhalation of the medical marijuana which has many health and medical benefits.

·         The diverse range of flavors gives people much more flavors to experience and use. The flavors range from fruits to mints and a number of other aromatic flavors.


Ø  Limit Intake of Nicotine with Mouth to Lung Experience


The cigarettes release harmful toxins in the blood which is harmful for over health. However, with vapes it does not release toxins. The eliquid sale make it is even more popular. The advance vapes like mechanical mods can be customized for a better experience with high cloud formation.


If you are looking for a vape, the best place is to purchase it from is Vape KitUK. It has a range of different models of e-cigarettes, vape pens, vape kits, and a number of accessories to amplify the experience. Ready to quit smoking? Start with a vape now.


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Not everyone is an expert in vaping. If you are not using the device perfectly, you may not get to enjoy its benefits. These are sophisticated devices. Proper using techniques will offer high satisfaction levels. It is important to select the right device and vape liquid.


Experts always ensure that they get maximum benefit in that single puff of vape liquid. You can continue reading further to ensure you enjoy its full benefit.


An important point to keep in mind is that you should always go for the best smok vape kit. Branded products are easily available in the market.


Getting prepared initially


There are simple steps that you can follow to get started with vaping.


  • Always fill the vape tank to its capacity
  • Check with the charging in advance
  • Ensure you have selected the right vape liquid


These three steps are important even before you can pull that very first drag.


Always draw slowly


Vape is not like a cigarette. You should never try and pull the entire liquid at the same time. The vapor quality is important. You have to focus on the temperature. Let the device reach optimum temperature before you can pull the first drag.


Some devices may take a few seconds to reach the best temperature. If you pull too early, you may not get good vapor.


Always select zero nicotine


If you are going to vape continuously for a few minutes, then ensure you select zero nicotine liquid. If the nicotine content is high, you may never enjoy the vape liquid flavor. Nicotine will also burn easily in the vape device. 


It is best to select zero or less nicotine liquid. If you are vaping for the first time, try and avoid nicotine-based liquids. It will ruin your vapor taste.


Hold for few seconds


The first drag is important. This is the time when you will decide if you want to continue or not with vaping. So if you are vaping for the first time, then try holding the device for a few seconds before you pull the drag.


Never try and take the vapor directly into the lungs. If you are not used to it, then you may also cough. Fill your mouth and then allow it to pass into your lungs.


Never release a large plume


Most people often prefer vaping in public. But you have to focus on others around you. Vape devices may produce large plume. This is common if the device is overheated.


You should try and invest in a quality device. Always look around for the latest vape kit that does not produce larger plume. Many people may never appreciate it. So try and avoid this if you are vaping in public.


Exhale through nostrils


You get a better level of satisfaction if you exhale the vapor through your nostrils. You can try and hold the vapor in the oral cavity and then exhale it through your nostrils.


It is also important to follow the right technique when holding this device. If you are using an e-cigarette then you can comfortably hold it in between your middle finger and the index finger. Avoid taking big device with you outdoors. 


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Vape Kit UK is the UK’s leading online e cig store providing vaping hardware, e-liquids and e-cigarette starter kits. “Vape Kit UK’s mission is to provide an alternative to adult smokers who cannot or would not quit, and to make the nation smoke free by 2030”.