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Backlinks are still one of the major factors to get your website rank better on Search Engines.


In today’s blog we are going to understand 2 very basic and extremely easy ways to get the backlinks.


Irrespective of the fact that how renowned the StartUp Names are or whether you are looking for SEO Outsourcing Services or not, these basic steps are surely going to help you without putting in much effort.


1. Internal Backlinks: Internal Backlinks are the hyperlinks created on your own website. These links help in proper designing of your website and make it easy for the visitors to scroll through the relevant pages according to their choice. On one hand these internal links are helpful for the visitors, at the same time, on the other hand the Search Engines also consider and give weightage to the website for having relevant internal links.


2. Comments on Blogs and Forums: Moving on to External Links, Blogs and Forums are the easiest ways to get a backlink pointing to your website. Either you can work upon building up your own blogs and forums with relevant posts being published regularly or else you can follow the industry specific relevant Blogs and Forums. While sharing your comments on these blogs and forum topics, you can include the backlink easily in your signatures.


The above mentioned two methods do not require any kind of technical knowledge and are very easy to be taken care of by any of your team members.


With this we come to an end for today’s edition, stay tuned for more information :)