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When it comes to memorizing something, the shorter it is, the easier it becomes.


Similar is the understanding when it comes to business names. Branding your startups is one of the most important tasks. Some might feel that it is the easiest one, while on the other hand, a few might consider it to be the most difficult and confusing one. Your business or the brand name has the most important role in representing your startup.


The first thing that people would know about your startup is the business name.


A long confusing business name makes it difficult for the readers to understand the exact offerings. Not only this, the most crucial drawback for long brand names is that it is equally difficult to remember and recall at the time of any requirement, which in turn also hampers the word of mouth publicity.


The best solution to avoid all these hindrances for business promotion is to keep your business name short but meaningful at the same time.


Startup names with up to two words can be considered to be the best option. This way it will help in fulfilling all such requirements and would also meet the criteria of being in relevance of the work profile.

When you startup your business and look out for Startup Names, the first aspect which is to be considered is to establish your brand, make it renowned, popular and prestigious as much as possible. The ultimate goal is that everyone in the industry should recognize your brand.


The easiest way to get a unique business name for your startup is to name it after your own name. This way it would be unique to an extent that none of your competitors in the industry would ever look out to opt for it. However, at the same time, you also need to make sure that it meets all the aspects as discussed above.


When you are planning to opt for your own name as the startup name, the question that you need to ask to yourself is that “Are you an expert in your industry?” The crux for this question is simply to explain that any of the experts would definitely be well known in their field of operation. So, if you are an expert in your industry with a renowned name and fame, it is obvious that all of your industry players would already know you well. Hence, naming the brand on your name would always be a good idea, as it would not need much advertising after that, everyone would recognize the startup by your name, making it easier to be popular.

If you have reached this page, I am sure you are one among those business owners who are going to discuss their experience on selecting the Startup Names successfully in the near future.


It is for sure that you have been through quite a few other guidelines as well for business name selection.


Unfortunately, it is not as easy and straight forward as it seems to be. There is a whole list of aspects that may impact your startup name.


Even after you have finalized your brand name, you need to be sure to check if any of your competitors has not already picked it up. Make sure that the business name you have chosen is not registered or copyrighted by anyone before. Also, check that the same domain name is available and is not used before.


Once you have made sure of the availability of the startup name, it would be a good idea to get the name registered and copyrighted, so that no one else can claim for the same name ever again. Also reserve the same domain name for your business website. Once you have done that, you are almost done with the startup name selection process and you can now move on to business logo designing with other marketing and advertising process for your venture.

Let’s understand and agree to the fact that your business name is going to speak for yourself and your organization. The brand name is the first thing that get’s noticed, whether it is an advertisement or anyone physically representing your business.


At the same time, also remember that there would always be a set of people who might have negative thoughts for your brand. Irrespective of the brand or the business name, the fact is that you yourself or the business for that matter, cannot please everyone.


You should always be ready to accept innovation, simply following the trend would make you a part of the crowd. This understanding remains the same during Startup Names selection as well. So, the fact is that you should not be too conscious or scared while finalizing a business or the brand name. A decision with a free state of mind, without putting in too much of thought, is always considered to be the best.


So, in all the crux of selecting a business name for your startup is that you should try to be a trend setter and not the follower. Thinking out of the box and applying creativity, will definitely help your brand to be the center of attraction. You simply need to be sure, that your target region or the crowd notices the explicitly shinning moon in the Galaxy of the stars. So, your startup should be playing the role of moon and not just stars.

Backlinks are still one of the major factors to get your website rank better on Search Engines.


In today’s blog we are going to understand 2 very basic and extremely easy ways to get the backlinks.


Irrespective of the fact that how renowned the StartUp Names are or whether you are looking for SEO Outsourcing Services or not, these basic steps are surely going to help you without putting in much effort.


1. Internal Backlinks: Internal Backlinks are the hyperlinks created on your own website. These links help in proper designing of your website and make it easy for the visitors to scroll through the relevant pages according to their choice. On one hand these internal links are helpful for the visitors, at the same time, on the other hand the Search Engines also consider and give weightage to the website for having relevant internal links.


2. Comments on Blogs and Forums: Moving on to External Links, Blogs and Forums are the easiest ways to get a backlink pointing to your website. Either you can work upon building up your own blogs and forums with relevant posts being published regularly or else you can follow the industry specific relevant Blogs and Forums. While sharing your comments on these blogs and forum topics, you can include the backlink easily in your signatures.


The above mentioned two methods do not require any kind of technical knowledge and are very easy to be taken care of by any of your team members.


With this we come to an end for today’s edition, stay tuned for more information :)