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Battlestate Games have revealed the patch notes for Escape Tarkov update 0.12.7, and it’s one among the most important overhauls within the Russian-produced hardcore shooter, including an enormous Customs expansion, a replacement scav boss, and many more.

One of the most important changes for Escape Tarkov patch 0.12.7 is that the debut of a fresh scavenger boss, Sanitar. The new AI opponent commander will spawn on Shoreline after the new update goes live later in the week .

According to Battlestate head developer Nikita Buyanov, the new scav boss was a former doctor at health resort Lazurny Bereg before arriving in Tarkov. He also worked at the long-lasting TerraGroup laboratories before they were partially destroyed.

Sanitar will “actively use professional skills while in combat,” Nikita confirmed. On top of his combat skills, Sanitar also will provide fast healing for himself, also as all scav gang members that fight alongside him too.

Expect the new boss to return armed with a couple of first-aid kits and other medical supplies in most Shoreline raids. If you've got loaded into the battle as a player-scav, Sanitar may even drop you off a couple of healing items too.

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