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The NBA season is in its doldrums right now.

While the 2021 season has come to an end, the 2022 season has not yet begun. The league is quiet — perhaps even too quiet — and it is unlikely that any more moves will be made. Something might emerge, such as the Lauri Markkanen sign-and-trade to eliminate the last major free agent on the market, but there isn't much going on right now to warrant attention.

Training camps won't start for another month at this point. With the release of the NBA's 2022 schedule last week, the upcoming season became a little more real. However, for many fans, it will not become a reality until the release of the next edition of NBA 2K.

That will happen very soon, and fans of both the Orlando Magic and the game are eager to see how the team performs in the standings when it happens. It at the very least provides casual fans with an idea of how good the team might be or how current conceptions of the team are.

The Orlando Magic have a chance to be the worst team in the upcoming NBA 2K22 video game. As the game's release date approaches, we take a look at how players may rate it.

Since Dwight Howard's departure, the Magic have not been a particularly strong NBA 2K22 MT Coins team. That is the reality of being a team without a clear star and with little relevance in the national landscape. Orlando has struggled to begin the season with any players ranked higher than 84, which is a mediocre number that is on the verge of being an All-Star selection.

In MyTeam, the best Magic players are either on historic teams or in the deeper cuts. For example, Orlando had nine players receive a perfect 99 card, with three of them appearing in the Invincible set.

Gamers have long adored Jonathan Isaac and Mohamed Bamba — both were included in the Retro Cheap 2K22 MT set, and Isaac received a 98 rating in the game's Fan Favorite set.

Not that Orlando does not have players who can sell, even if they are not currently on the team. Players on the team are well-liked. At the very least, when all of the stats are pumped up.

With the release of the new version of the game on September 10th, the game is about to undergo a paradigm shift. In all likelihood, the Orlando Magic will finish as the worst team in the entire league. The players on the team will struggle to get off to a good start if they do not have a clear star or marquee player.

We will try to predict where Magic players will fall based on the evolution of the MyTeam mode from last year (they released three sets of cards based on the current season). Fortunately, some of the team's ratings have been confirmed. And that, at the very least, gets us started.

We will go through the roster in the order that we anticipate the rotation to take place. As a group, we would give the players on the team a grade of A-. However, as you will see, the game most likely sees things in a different light.

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