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Thegame is extremely toxic to those who like to the hardcore gamers (those who play for long periods of time and are competitive), but generally speaking, everyone has to adjust to the fact that it is in there, and it, to enjoy it.

How do we deal with the toxic players?

When it comes to what materials to use to decorate the house, the first idea that comes to mind is that it's ceramic tiles. However, because there are many kinds of ceramic tiles in the building materials market, most consumers do not know how to choose the tiles, especially in the choice of tile color. They do not know which color is suitable for their own home. If you have the same question, let's understand it together.


1. White and gray

White and gray are the most popular and popular types of ceramic tile products this year. Because the application of gray and white ceramic tiles is relatively versatile, and there is not much attention to architectural decoration, it is also the common choice of many designers and home decoration owners.


2. Warm colors

Warm color tiles give people a full sense of warmth, but also more grounded, warm color occupies a large proportion in the traditional Chinese home style, its low-key decorative effect can make the overall building space become very harmonious, at the same time, not out of style and noble, fashionable.


Ceramic tiles are also the basic elements of building construction. When ceramic tiles are perfectly combined with various accessories, the home space can become more artistic and cultural. All kinds of metal home objects are the standard of modern home space. More fashionable furniture also adds different visual senses to the space.


3. Brown, dark grey

Brown, dark gray tiles, will never miss a visual feast, they are unrestrained, rough crazy, personality, they are a wonderful interpretation of every architectural space, but also more like a unique existence, not how dazzling, just for the real essence of the decoration effect.


4. Dark color system

Heavy color ceramic tile, with strong color expression, is the ultimate pursuit of personality, and also a new definition of the effect of new decorative space. The more forward-looking expression of color space decoration is a higher respect for architecture, breaking through the space application of traditional color system, which is a higher level of subversive visual application innovation and concept sublimation.


Therefore, whether it is warm, bold or rough crazy, or even personality, in the use of tile color can be shown. Ceramic tile can not only make every inch of space full of a stronger sense of art, but also decorate the space with more company. The application of ceramic tile decoration is a complete system, and it is also a kind of artistic expression and creation that can give full play to imagination. Choose a good tile, decorate a good mood.

The popular fashion Brazilian human hair bob wigs style is very popular with many beauties, but they are willing to cut their own hair. Fortunately, wigs can meet the needs of beauties. Now let's learn the skills of wearing long hair wigs. Soon you can also wear super fashionable wigs out of the street.


If you want to change your hairstyle frequently, but don't want to hurt your hair, it's wise to wear wig. If you want to wear it well and vividly, let's learn from the makeup artist!


How to wear wig cover


When wearing it in front of the mirror, first comb your hair, hold the sideburns of the wig cover in both hands. When you start to wear it on your head, you should be slightly forward. When you have worn it in the mirror, press your head with both hands to make the wig cover move backward to the appropriate position. First fix the front face, and then fix the back. According to the width of the forehead, wear it in the appropriate position. If it is fixed with clips, just press the two ends of the clip to fix it. Wide forehead, long court, slightly pull down the edge of wig when wearing; Narrow forehead, short court, when wearing, wig edge slightly upward, but not too upward. It's better to use the headgear tightly at the initial stage, because the headgear will be looser than before after a long time. If you want to take it off, you can take it from front to back.


1. Divide your hair into two or more bundles (according to your hair size and length)

2. Braid the separated hair into braids, then fix the hair behind the head with clips

3. Then put on the hair net (used to net your real hair) and don't run around. Short hair can be directly with hair net)

4. Put on the bob wigs and comb, the beauty is finished


MM are in dish hair when don't braid a good plate in the head, because this plate out of the place will drum Oh! You can use more clips to clip the clothing. You may feel a little troublesome at the beginning, but you will get used to it immediately. M's take time to slowly clip a little patience.

The heat treatment process of cast aluminum is composed of three stages: heating, heat preservation and cooling. The whole process can be described by several parameters, such as heating speed, heating temperature, heat preservation time, cooling speed and heat treatment period. In each heat treatment process specification, temperature is very important. If the temperature measurement is not accurate, the heat treatment process specification can not be correctly implemented, which will cause the quality of aluminum castings to decline or even scrap. Temperature measurement and control is the key of heat treatment technology and the key factor affecting deformation. The influence of cooling process on deformation of aluminum castings after quenching is also an important reason. After the metal heat treatment, the thin part is always cold fast and the thick part is cold slowly. In order to reduce the distortion and cracking tendency of transition zone due to stress concentration, the difference between thickness and thickness of workpiece should be minimized when the actual production needs are met. After heat treatment, aluminum castings are processed. According to the deformation law of the castings, reverse deformation and pre expansion holes at the shrinkage end are applied to improve the qualified rate of deformation after quenching.


1Datum selection


The datum plane must be determined for the selection of elements, the dimension inspection of the die cavity, the marking of the casting and the machining of the die casting. The outer circle, plane, inner hole and end face of the casting can be used as the reference plane. The appropriate datum plane is generally agreed by design, processing and casting. The following points should be considered when selecting datum:


a. the non machined surface is generally selected as the reference plane of the investment casting. If the machining surface is selected, it is better to select the surface with less machining allowance.

b. the datum shall be selected with the surface with precision requirements between the surface to be processed, and the design datum and processing process datum of the parts shall be coincident as far as possible.

c. the number of datum plane shall be restricted by six degrees of freedom, so generally three base surfaces (two base surfaces are selected for rotating parts) are generally selected, and the line marking and processing shall be the same base plane.


2Structural design of cast aluminum parts


Whether the structure of castings is reasonable has great influence on the quality of castings, the feasibility and simplicity of production technology and the production cost. The structure of the investment casting should conform to the production characteristics of the investment casting. The example of the reasonable structure of the part of the casting is shown.


In order to ensure the quality of the casting, process ribs and process holes are often set on the casting according to the needs. The example of application of process rib is shown. The reference dimensions for the process rib design are shown. The application example of process hole is shown.


The casting of the molten metal can be used to cast complex parts. In order to improve productivity and improve accuracy, the assembly and weldment of several parts produced by other methods can be directly cast into a molten casting after slightly structural improvement. The structural example of the multiple parts assembly and welding parts changed into the whole casting of the molten mold is shown.


3Selection of casting structural elements and process parameters


Small wall thickness: because the inner surface of the mold shell is smooth and dry, and it is generally poured by hot shell, the wall thickness of the investment casting can be designed thinner. The recommended values for small wall thickness and the possible small values of the various alloy casting are shown. For local parts, thin wall thickness can be cast, which is 30% - 50% smaller than the small value in the table.


The application range of zinc die casting is universal. Aluminum casting is one of the metal forming methods, which is the way to complete the process of less chip and no chip. It is widely used and developed rapidly. At present, die casting alloy is no longer limited to zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper of non-ferrous metals, but also gradually expanded to cast iron and steel castings. The size and weight of die casting parts depend on the power of die casting machine. Because of the increasing power of die casting machine, the shape size of casting can be from several mm to 1 ~ 2m; The weight can range from a few grams to dozens of kilograms. Die casting is no longer limited to the automotive industry and instrument industry, and gradually extends to other industrial sectors, such as agricultural machinery, machine tool industry, electronic industry, national defense industry, computer, clock, camera and daily hardware industry. In the aspect of die casting technology, new technologies such as vacuum die casting, oxygen injection die casting, precision and density die casting and application of soluble core are presented.