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You have seen, many of the people around you with Body-Focused repetitive behaviors are intense urges like biting, picking, and pulling that can cause damage. If you see 1 in 20 people are suffering from BFRB, they are dismissed as bad habits.

BFRB is considered a group of mental health conditions and diagnostics and statistical manual of mental disorders and the cause of BFRB is unknown. BFRB has been theorized to be related to anxiety disorders, impulse control disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders, but most experts differ significantly from all three. It is also categorized as obsessive-compulsive and related disorders.

BFRB Treatmentincludes behavior modification therapy, medication, and family therapy. The evidence base criteria for BFRBs is strict and methodical. Individual behavior therapy has been shown as a probably effective and evidence-based therapy to help with thumb sucking, and possibly nail-biting.

Hair pulling is behavioral therapy is the primary treatment for trichotillomania and in this situation where you are likely to pull your hair and hair pulling can damage the hair follicles which can affect hair regrowth.

Skin pickingdisorder is a type of repetitive self-grooming behavior called BFRB and other types of BFRBS include pulling or picking of the hair or nails that damage the body. Skin picking can b treated with therapy and medications. Skin picking disorder is a type of repetitive self-grooming behavior called BFRB like other types of BFRB include pulling or picking of the hair or nails that damage the body.

Some tips to stop skin picking are,

·         Keeps your hands busy like squeezing a ball or putting on gloves

·         Identify when and where you most commonly pick your skin and try to avoid these triggers

·         Try to ignore longer and longer each time you feel the urge to pick the skin.

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