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Madden 22 made fans look forward to the final Scouting Update, and now it is finally released together with the October title update. After EA Sports was postponed early, the Scouting Update finally appeared in Madden 22 as part of the October title update. After a slight delay at the end, the official patch notes are now released to remind players that players cannot use the new Scouting feature in existing franchise saves, and must start a brand new save after the update is complete to take advantage of it. Before that, players had better prepare some Madden 22 Coins.

The download size of this Madden 22 update is 4.87 GB on Xbox Series X|S and 4.019 GB on PS5. However, the download size of PS4 update version 2.01 is as high as 46.148 GB, which may indicate that a lot of more in-depth work has been done in the game Work to make Scouting applicable to the current generation. So players can also buy Madden 22 Coins to improve their gaming experience.

The main highlight in Madden NFL 22 (Xbox Series X|S and PS5) is the new Scouting feature in the franchise mode, the ranking mode in The Yard is now available, new game abilities, adjustments and updated pass coverage And other NFL authenticity updates. This will bring more fun to players, in addition, players can also prepare some Madden 22 Coins to get better game fun.

Added 99 Club studs and new Jordan 5 mid-to-low studs to the game, added renovations for the Panthers and Saints Stadium, updated the Browns 1960 helmet, updated the Colts 1960s jersey, and repaired multiple Mouthpiece placement problem, fixed the problem of some heads appearing gray in the 4th generation, the lighting problem around the shadow has been fixed in multiple stadiums, and new ones have been added for 49ers, 1980's Away, 1994 Away, 1998 Home/Away Retro team uniforms. More players need to experience it themselves. Before that, they need to prepare some MUT Coins.

Path of Exile is a somewhat hard game that requires advanced skills ,including 
POE Currency. For novice players of Path of Exile, they may not know enough about this game, then they should know how to use Path of Exile service so that they can unlock the most difficult levels within a limited time and be able to win in the game Complex levels.

Every player should pay attention to the characters, because they determine two important key elements. This game differs completely from ARPG games. The level does not determine the skills the player will apply. Players need to practice the game hard to improve their skills, and even buy Chaos Orb to quickly upgrade.

Pay attention to skills. Players need to pay attention to the class system. If the players want to play summoning zombies and using bow and arrow Templar knights. Each class in the game still plays a great prototype role, mainly because the passive tree is the location and core. If players pay more attention to the basic details, they may be able to successfully complete some difficult levels. Every player who wants to become an experienced ARG player should pay attention to these core attributes of the game. Players should pay attention to Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence. They can also prepare some POE Currency to buy some powerful equipment.

Players should pay more attention to the intelligence and abilities of level shields that provide mana and boost energy. It is considered an effective life pool and functions in different ways in the game. If the players have the ability, they can buy POE Currency to get some useful items to increase the chance of winning.

Consider the starting locations. Every player should pay attention to the starting positions of Marauder, Templar, and Witch. Each class in Path of Exile comes with advanced classes, which will definitely be unlocked throughout the course of the campaign. The prestige class has an ancient passive tree, and it enabled features for every magnificent building. Except for Scion, every profession has three important improvements from which they can choose. If players are developing effective strategies to improve the overall chance of winning complex levels in the game. Players need to complete a series of trap gloves called Trials of Ascendancy to unlock Ascendancy. If they have difficulties, it may be useful to prepare for some POE Currency.

There are many complicated things in Path of Exile that players need to understand. For some experienced players, they may not fully understand the game, so for novice players, they need to know more. First, there are many POE Currency projects in Path of Exile that players need to understand. Second, players also need to understand the mechanics of the game in order to build a powerful character. The flask is also an important presence in Path of Exile. Here is everything players need to know.

The character’s flask in the lower left corner of the screen is a consumable for players. Players can use the flask to restore life and magic. But it differs from many potions in the game. It will not completely use the flask up when activated. Instead, they stay in the character’s inventory and can be recharged by returning to town or killing enemies. A player can equip up to five potions, which will restore life or mana pool at the beginning of the game, but potions with other beneficial effects will soon appear. This is very useful for some players who were seriously injured in battle. In fact, players can buy POE Currency to get some useful items to reduce damage.

The flask, like any other equipment, eventually becomes a piece of equipment, which needs to be constantly upgraded to keep up with increasingly powerful enemies. There are even potions that apply special buffs for a limited time, instead of restoring effects. Players can use these flasks to improve the efficiency of construction and deal with hard enemies or bosses, so they are important equipment for later challenges. And most players will choose to buy POE Currency in order to get the powerful equipment they want.

There are many powerful enemies in Path of Exile. They may defeat the players with a single blow, so the flask is a must for the players. It will bring unimaginable benefits to the players. If players want to survive to the end in the face of powerful enemies, then they can prepare enough POE Exalted Orb to enhance their strength.

Amazon's PvP-centric MMO produces bad behavior among rival factions. One of the main features of Amazon New World is the ongoing struggle between three huge player-operated factions to control the island of Aeternum. Many players will buy New World Coins, and some players misbehave, not only harassing members of other factions, but also shouting swear words in local voice chats. Today’s update added a useful login screen to remind players how to treat each other well.

The more competitive members of the three factions The Syndicate, The Marauders, and The Covenant are caught in a never-ending battle, vying for various control areas on the island. For most players, controlling the land is everything in New World. Controlling an area allows a faction guild realm to have in-game settlements. Although players can buy New World Coins to get better equipment. But once in power, they can upgrade their defenses and crafting stations and be able to take advantage in battle. This large-scale player-to-player conflict is basically all the endgame in the new world.

When players divide the server population into three factions to compete for an island nation, hostility will spread like weeds. When two factions fight each other, some players will prepare New World Coins to get better weapons, but the global chat is still full of interesting but frustrating malice. But recently, when players start New World, a new message will pop up to remind players that there is a "code of conduct" that they agree to abide by before they start playing the game.

"Protecting the Community" reminds players that Amazon Games will not tolerate bullying, aggression, or hate speech. "Fair Play" warns against cheating, exploiting malfunctions, or selling in-game items for real money. Therefore, players will choose to buy RPG New World Coins on IGGM to increase their wealth. The most "mutual respect" means not to be sad, not to pretend to be someone else, or to falsely report abuses by other players.
Players who have played Path of Exile may find it intimidating. Players need to spend enough time to explore this world. Although Path of Exile follows many experienced game rules, its constantly updated and unique mechanism makes it elusive for many new players. Many players will buy POE Currency, which is the choice of most people. But for novice players, they also need some guidance to get started.

Players can choose their favorite class, but the class mainly only determines the starting position of the character on the huge interconnected network, which will increase the character’s statistics. The skills need to be found in the gems on the equipment rather than through upgrades to learn skills. Many players will prepare some POE Currency to quickly upgrade and buy POE Orbs to enhance themselves.

Most RPG gamers may know that the game can support any number and category of construction, but each category has a different game style and statistical distribution. The three most basic classes are Marauder, Ranger and Witch. They all have unique attributes and have their own unique attributes. Marauder performs best in strength, Ranger needs high agility, and Witch needs a lot of intelligence. The other four classes are mixed. Duelists use Strength and Dexterity. Templars focus on strength and intelligence, Shadows need agility and intelligence, and Ascendant, players don’t have it from the beginning, and can specialize in any attributes they want. Players can also Buy Chaos Orbs to purchase powerful equipment for their characters.

Strength builds are mainly used for close combat, with good damage and high resilience, while Dexterity builds usually focus on long-range attacks and dodge, while Intelligence builds have high mana and powerful magic skills. If the players have a lot of creativity, then he may build a strong character. But for novice players, they only need to select a class of statistics for simple construction. But if players want to be more relaxed, then they must prepare POE Currency.
There are many common currency types in Path of Exile, which are very useful for players' growth and upgrades in the game. If players want to be more relaxed in the game journey, then they have the ability to understand and get POE Currency. This is very helpful for players' gaming careers. Here are some common POE Currency, players can learn about it.

Divination Cards. Divination cards can be used to redeem certain items. On the card, players can see the items that can be redeemed and the quantity needed to redeem the items. In the game interface, players can see 1/3 of Gemcutter's Promise cards on the left. This means that players will need three of these cards to obtain this item. Divination cards can be exchanged with Tasuni at Highgate, and if Navali is in the player's hideout, she can also exchange them. Players can also get the items they want through buy POE Currency.

Shards. Shards is essentially the fragmentation of currency. Players will get shards as an exchange item with suppliers. With enough fragments of a certain type, players will be able to piece together a new POE Chaos Orb. Here is where players can find currency items with fragments and how many of these fragments will create the item. Scroll of Wisdom: 5 Scroll Fragments. Orb of Alchemy: 20 Alchemy Shards. Orb of Alteration: 20 Alteration Shards. Orb of Transmutation: 20 Transmutation Shards. Mirror of Kalandra: 20 Mirror Shards.

During the game journey, players may encounter many currencies, but please remember that if conditions are available, players must not forget to save some currency items. Because as the players' roles upgrade, many items will become more and more useful. But if players need something, they can also buy POE Currency to get everything they want.
The various currency items in Path of Exile are collectively referred to as POE Currency. Players may encounter various currency items during the journey. They are very useful in some specific situations, so many players will choose buy POE Currency to help themselves through some difficult situations. Players can encounter many currencies in Path of Exile, here are some POE Currency functions.

Cartographer's Chisel: Improve map quality. Orb of Fusing: Re-establish the link between sockets. Glassblower's Bauble: Improve the quality of flasks. Orb of Scouring: Remove all modifiers from the project. Chaos Orb: Reforge rare items with new random modifiers. Orb of Regret: Give back points for a passive skill. Vaal Orb: Damage an item. Regal Orb: Upgrade magic items to rare items.

Blessed Orb: Randomize the given value of the implicit modifier of the item. The implicit modifier will be the first modifier listed on the item information panel. Gemcutter's Prism: Improve the quality of gems. Divine Orb: The given value of the random modifier of the randomized item. Exalted Orb: Increase rare items with new random modifiers. Mirror of Kalandra: Create a mirror copy of the project, and the used items cannot be damaged. Many players will want to buy POE Currency to get these rare and useful items.

Prophecy Currency/Silver Coins. Players may also encounter Silver Coins from time to time. This is an item used as currency in Navali. In exchange for these coins, Navali will give you a prediction. After Navali is rescued from The Climb, players can find her in every town. This is an early mission, players can find her at the beginning of the journey. Silver coins have no other purpose, nor do they have the same functions as the items listed above. Although it is not as useful as POE Currency, it is also a useful existence.
Path of Exile: Expedition is coming to an end, and many players may still work hard in the league. Some players even prepared enough POE Currency for better performance in the game. What is looking forward to now is that another extension of Path of Exile, Scourge, will be launched later this month.

Although there is no release date for PoE 2, players can know that Path of Exile is about to undergo its 31st expansion. The Path of Exile 3.16 update called "Scourge" will be released via real-time Twitch streaming on October 14th (Twitch Drops will be enabled). It will be launched on PC on October 22nd and on the console on October 27th online. Players who want to quickly gain an advantage in the game can prepare POE Currency as soon as possible.

Scourge will be the third expansion of PoE in 2021, after Expedition is deployed in July. The update provides a new mode of the same name, a log, new character building gems, and some game balance changes. Some players may think Expediton is not balanced. Many players think that although they buy POE Currency to buy better equipment, they still do not have the previous damage. Developers will further balance the game. But the players still don't know how the balance will be.

Later this year, Grinding Gear Games will host this year's ExileCon, where they plan to announce the release date of Path of Exile 2, as well as various updated content and more gameplay. The sequel was first announced in 2019 for release in 2020, but due to the pandemic, it may be delayed until 2024. More specific release time is not yet known. Fortunately, this will give players enough time to prepare for its arrival. Players can buy POE Items in advance so that they can quickly improve in the game.
In Path of Exile, it is more a barter system than a cash exchange. Players can trade various items, such as orbs and scrolls. They can exchange these items or use them individually. Players can also use some items as POE Currency. Players will encounter some common item types when traveling in Wraeclast. Each of these POE Currency is not valued at the same price. Exalted Orbs are more valuable than Portal Scroll. If players want to trade valuables with other players, Exalted Orbs is also the base currency.

Common Currency can be used at suppliers, and players can also use these POE Items on their own equipment. It is useful if players have some extra items in their backpacks. So they can save some basic currency for later use. Or they can POE Items Buy for backup. Here are some functional currencies and their roles.

Scroll of Wisdom: Identify items. Portal Scroll: Open the portal to the nearest town, and other people in the team can use the player portal. Armourer’s Scrap: Improve the quality of armor. Blacksmith’s Whetstone: Improve the quality of weapons. Orb of Augmentation: Augment magic items with new random modifiers. Orb of Transmutation: Upgrade ordinary items to magic items. Orb of Alteration: Reforge a magic item with a new random modifier.

Chromatic Orb: The color of the slot on the recast item, the color is random, but the main statistics of the selected item will affect it. Using this ball on an item with high intelligence requirements may create a blue slot. Jeweller’s Orb: The number of slots on the recast item. Orb of Chance: Upgrade ordinary items to random rare items. Orb of Alchemy: Upgrade common items to rare items.

There are also many types of POE Currency. If players can get enough POE Currency, they will have an even greater advantage in the game. Players can also buy POE Currency to quickly upgrade. Go!
In Path of Exile, players can choose the class according to their preferences, and everyone has original ideas. Some players will buy POE Currency for their characters and enhance his strength, and some players will delve into the game mechanics to continuously hone their characters. However, some players may not understand the mechanics of Scion when they choose Scion, thus failing to exert its strength. Here are the tips that players need to pay attention to.

Choose attack or spell. Scion has many synergistic options, but unfortunately the attack increase does not increase the spell damage, and vice versa. Therefore, it is best to consider and decide in advance whether Scion should cause a lot of physical damage or spell damage. If players want to increase their damage quickly, they can buy POE Currency to buy better weapons. This does not mean that swords cannot be filled with huge fire attributes, or arrows cannot have lightning for them. This only means that players who do this should choose the most important primary source of damage.

Gain life and mana leeches. Players will like classes that focus on life and mana extraction. Scion’s basic health and mana are very low. In order to circumvent this weakness, let the damage itself be the source of health and mana, so that descendants can continue to provide many numbers without sacrificing stability. Players can also buy POE Orbs to get the items they want.

Prioritize burst damage. Slowness and stability may win competition from other professions. Scion is at its best when it focuses on large spells with large numbers. As a side effect of low health and mana pool, this means she is more likely to die in a long encounter. The solution is not a long encounter. Invest in skill gems and passive characteristics, which can cause rapid and sudden damage explosions. The harder Scion attacks and the sooner the fight ends, the more likely she is to survive. If you want to survive in battle, buy POE Currency to buy some defensive equipment may be effective.

Plan for the success of the late game. Scion is not a single profession, so it may be difficult for players to want it to exert great strength in the early stage. Although it is the weakest in the middle, it is not only successful in the late game but also very interesting after the player gains feats, gems and skills or buy POE Items. If the players have enough creativity, then it may show amazing strength.
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