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Why is 24 Hour Translation Agency Important?

Medical Sector includes enormous amounts of documents that require daily translation. It also involves documents that need translation on a higher priority. A direct translation helps patients to get necessary treatment within the time. However, Sheer Volume in translation can be overwhelming. In such cases, the 24 Hour Translation Agency helps you translate all the critical documents.

Medical documents include critical information about a patient. So, it would be best if you search for accuracy in the translation. A linguistic expert in the 24 Hour Translation Services consults the patients in the native language. They translate the document as soon as possible to avoid all the potential risks. If you are looking for emergency medical translation, here are some points that will help you understand the importance of 24 Hours translation.

Emergency Translation

Medical documents involve critical reports that need a translation on an urgent basis. Sometimes Immediate translation helps the patients to save their life. A 24 Hour Translation Services works 24x7 to deliver all the requirements of clients. Linguistic experts of translation agencies consult with you to ensure translation earliest possible.

Understanding of Medical Terminology

24-hour translation services have linguistic experts who understand all the medical terminology. It saves you time in translating a medical document. Linguistic experts in translation services eliminate the extra time needed to understand a specific term. They are used to all the medical terms. It offers you an instant translation of medical documents.


Accuracy is also an essential element while translating a medical document. The majority of the medical documents are not urgent. Therefore it needs accurate translation of the document. Accuracy in translation helps the patients get an accurate diagnosis for their condition. Skilled translators of the translation services take all their time to translate a medical document into a patients native language. It helps the doctors to understand the patients condition and implement a suitable treatment.

Helps Immigrants to Get Appropriate Medical Care

Immigrants from other countries may not get the same medical care as they get in their own country. It may increase the potential risk for patients who do not understand the medical prescription. In such cases, translation services interpret documents that help immigrants to get appropriate medical care.

Common Errors in Medical Translation

Health care industry involves high-volume translations. If trained medical translators are not commissioned, then it can lead to errors in the translation.

Some common errors in medical translation are:


Regardless of the language, medical translation involves about 30,000 abbreviations. All these abbreviations are confusing. Only a professional translator can help you avoid these minor.

Incorrectly Translated Instruction Manual:

Incorrectly translated manuals in medical documents can lead to disaster. It includes instructions that a patient needs to follow. So, you should make sure to choose a professional translator.

Neologisms and synonyms:

Some medical documents include newly coined words. So, it makes it difficult to update such medical records. 24 hour translation services have a skilled translator who offers you error-free translation instantly.

What is Ann Arbor?

Named after wives of the founder – both named Ann – Ann Arbor is the economic and technological heart of Michigan. It is the 2nd most densely populous city in California with its close to one hundred and twenty thousand people. Ann Arbor is truly becoming a global city, with its diverse population and expansive industries in the field of technology, education, medicine, and media. 

The Diversity

Owing to the expansiveness of Ann Arbor in various parameters, it has seen a recent surge in immigration. In 2018 Michigan reported the highest immigrant numbers seen in decades. This creates an assortment of various spoken lingos. About 23% of the population speaks a language other than English. Besides English, people speak Asian languages, Indo-European languages, Spanish, and French. Of those who speak a language other than English at home in Ann Arbor, roughly three-fourths (75%) speak Asian languages.

Since the potential of the industry in Ann Arbor is tremendous, relying only on English to get the message across might not be the greatest approach for tapping into the potential of Ann Arbor. What you need is a translation service in Ann Arbor that helps you to reach among multitudes with your messages.

Choosing Certified Translation Services Ann Arbor: 

Owing to the multicultural background of the city, many translation services call Ann Arbor their home. Picking a translation service with a set of bounds will lead to accurate, cost-effective, and timely translation. Here is a list that will help you in deciding on which Translation Services Ann Arbor to choose:

  1. The accuracy and quality offered – Look for quality controls in place to ensure optimum accuracy. Accuracy is best offered through human translators. 98-99% accuracy is the industry standard.

  2. Choose online – Online translation provides ease of the couch during the process of translation. It also enhances the scalability of the business and allows for remote and quick translation.

  3. Experience of the translator/translating agency – goes without saying, more the experience greater the accuracy offered.

  4. Safety and security of the content – Document translation services Ann Arbor should respect the clients’ confidentiality. NDAs, End to end encryption, and allowance for remote deletion of files from the server are some methods helping to protect your data .

  5. Affordable rates – unnecessary overhead charges and non-transparent rates are like munching on sour grapes. Always look for translation services that provide transparency through and after the process of translation.

  6. Languages offered – As mentioned previously Ann Arbor is a hub to numerous languages. Language translation services should provide solace to clients by offering support to major global languages and thus help to foster communication.

  7. Types of translation services – Medical translation, legal translation, financial translation, and media translation form the basic pillars of a good translation service. A good translation service should provide specialized translations (and translators) according to the need of the client.

  8. Turnaround time – Premium document translation services pander to your specific needs. The professional online translation should support quick turnaround and quick fulfillment of your translation needs.

  9. Customer reviews and work samples – Reviews and work samples help in providing the onus in traversing through the lush jungle of Ann Arbor Translation Services.