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What is this Did she catch the officer taking bribes in the act Lin Jian's face suddenly became ugly Although she felt that Brant was not a serious officer after hearing Maggie's words she changed her mind about him She felt that he was just a soldier who had no ambition but was also a good man It's just that this scene today has completely chilled her face Why are you free to come to my place today Brant however was completely unaware of being caught in the act He reached for the box handed over by the sweaty captain and opened it It was full of jewelry that brightened the small office Brant raised his eyebrows and took out a string of beads from it and handed it to Lin Jian "It's said that everyone has a share How about it Would you like one" Lin Jian is simply shocked this guy was caught in the act of bribery by her but also so brazen to ask her if she wants a copy When he spoke again his tone was cold "No need!"! I think I will report this matter directly to the commander Lin Jian's words did not make Brant change his face He just raised his eyebrows and motioned for the captain who was still standing at his desk to go out like he was going to cry After the captain walked out of the Chemicals office he relaxed his body and leaned back on the big chair and squinted at Lin Jian "Well whatever you want" I said I would advise you that even in the army there are local customs everywhere What do you mean As the executive officer of the Civil Waterway Patrol is it a kind of custom to accept bribes Lin Jian is simply angry do this kind of thing can be so justified it is simply wonderful ah See what he means this is not the first time to do so and the superior seems to know but also so tolerate him to do this kind of thing Lin Jian felt that everything he had seen since he came to this world had been subverted Before she came here she had been in the capital star and had seen many senior officers although some of them were on the opposite side of the political position but as far as she could see they were all people who put honor in front of them even though they might not be so clean in private but it was the first time she had seen someone like Brant who had no shame In the face of Lin Mo's powerful aura Lin Jian also thought that he could not change his face but in the face of Brant Lin Jian began to feel a little powerless There was a moment of subdued silence But Brant's adjutant saw Lin Jian's expression at this time some feel difficult he looked at the still indifferent Brant feel or come forward to explain "although Captain Pavel will also carry some prohibited items but this is also allowed above is the nobility on the surface of the requirements of things so the army is also turning a blind eye" But after all this is an illegal operation and we are just teaching them a lesson Get these things also The adjutant's words were interrupted by the opening of the electronic crystal screen on the wall China Manufacturers The picture showed the control room staff who took over Maggie's duty At this time their expressions were somewhat grim apparently there was a report of the situation What's the matter Brant was too lazy to take care of Lin Jian so he put his eyes on the electronic crystal screen There is a fleet to cross the harbor although the formalities are complete but it is a new face The man who took over from Maggie was obviously an old hand probably sensing something was wrong and informed Brant Brant nodded "Cut the picture" The author has something to say This chapter is a little slow sorry sorry 74074 Intercepting Smuggling The Civilian Channel Patrol dispatched a patrol and Lin Jian followed one of them at the right end of the encirclement Not long ago Lin Jian also saw the picture coming from the front The captain who was going to pass the fleet this time was completely different from the one he had seen before His words were quite calm and all the formalities were complete But Brant wanted to check it himself and Lin Jian understood what he meant He is so calm on the face that there is no problem at all or there is a big problem Lin Jian thought she had nothing to do with herself but before she set out Brant found her again and pointed out a ship for her to manage Lin Jian didn't think much about his attitude at least it was much better than exercising on the training ground and sitting idly in the control room Each ship kept in touch with Brant's ship The electronic crystal screen in the ship control area was divided into two parts Lin Jian sat in the main control seat of the small patrol boat and watched the electronic crystal screen On the screen Brant Minerals & Metallurgy still looks lazy while the captain of the other side seems to be trying to keep calm but at this time his forehead has oozed fine sweat It looks like there's a real problem Maggie why would the captain about the smuggling fleet Lin Jian thought about it and didn't know how to use words Did he accept bribes This charge seems not small but not long ago in Brant's office the man who openly accepted the property did not seem to panic and even had a kind of reason to be so justified Um We mostly know what the cargo of the Brin Shipping Company will be It was obviously the captain's first time on such a ship Hearing Lin Jian's embarrassing question Maggie looked even more embarrassed than Lin Jian "Most of their company's cargo ships have to pay some customs clearance fees" Although it is also smuggling the goods they import are the regular goods needed above It's like this! Where does the top mean Royalty Nobleman Military headquarters Lin Jian pulled his mouth tried to sneer and finally held back Recalling his righteous reaction in Brant's office Lin Jian felt that he was really a bit silly But after a few days in the military Academy he was brainwashed by the seemingly honest and enthusiastic appearance of the young cadets I completely forgot what kind of regime this is Is there a more venomous form of government than a two-hundred-year-old monarchy "It's also suspected of smuggling Why did the captain make a big fight against the fleet" Realizing that he was probably regarded by Brant as a simple-minded idiot Lin Jian's tone at this time could not be considered good trade-global.com

Under the pearlescent light Tieqingjian suddenly remembered a man and said in a trembling voice "You" You Do you remember who I am "Who are you from Brother Tie Yi" Tie Zhongtang suddenly stood up and said in a harsh voice "What face do you have to call my father Big Brother For the sake of property you have the heart to poison him and make him disabled If it weren't for you he wouldn't have died at the hands of others" With a livid complexion he said "You" Wrong I Tie Zhongtang shouted angrily "Wrong" Hum you said it all yourself Do you still want to deny it Tieqingjian suddenly straightened his chest and said in a loud voice "Yes I did poison him From childhood to adulthood I lived under his control all the time I was almost overwhelmed by him When I had the chance I would resist But I never killed him It was just-" "You didn't kill him yourself but he died because of you" "What are you going to do" "I will kill you to avenge my father!" "Anyone can attack me but you can't!" "Why can't I" "Don't forget that I'm always your own uncle As a disciple of the Great Flag School how dare you go against ethics" Tiezhongtang stayed for a while knowing that the most severe commandment in the gate is "Do Transportation not collaborate with the enemy and betray the division and do not violate ethics" Livid eyes followed the look on his face and a sinister smile appeared at the corners of his mouth Suddenly saw a figure in front of a flower water Lingguang has stood in front of him "I" Can I kill you "Of course you can kill me" said Tieqingjian with a sneer "But you're no match for me If you don't believe me you can have a try" The voice has not finished hears outside the cave suddenly to spread the gloomy sneer a withered voice "I first try!" " As soon as the voice rose Shuilingguang turned pale and trembled Tieqingjian and Tiezhongtang were also frightened and turned pale with panic Then a series of "ding ding" sounds from far to near Shui Lingguang's complexion is as pale as paper A flash of pearlescent light a shadow of tiny flowers A withered and ugly old woman leaning on two bamboo sticks in her hands touched the ground with bamboo branches and flew into the air looking at her like a dove witch Shui Lingguang said in a trembling voice "Niang" Shui Rou Song said coldly "Do you still remember my mother" All right! She glanced at Tiezhongtang and immediately turned her eyes to Tieqingjian "Tieqingjian" she said in a deep voice "do you still remember me" Tieqingjian shook his head and said "I'm really clumsy" "Have you forgotten your old friend of twenty years" He could not remember how many times in his life he had seen such an ugly woman Do you remember twenty years ago that stormy night in the peach blossom forest among the colorful fallen flowers You China Factory You Are you Shui Rou Song Shui Rou Song smiled and said "You still remember me!" It was all right if she didn't smile but when she smiled she was even more ugly Tiezhongtang and Shuilingguang looked at each other but they didn't think that Shuirou Song and Tieqingjian were recognized What made Tiezhongtang even more strange was Shuirou Song's eyes at the moment Her eyes contained a kind of memory of the past the memory of old things sad repentance deep-seated hatred The light that comes from the blending of many emotions "I know you still remember me but you don't recognize me do you" She said slowly gazing at the pale livid paper with this look I I "Twenty years ago you knelt before me and said that I was the most beautiful and gentle woman you had ever seen in your life" She closed her eyelids slowly as if she were immersed in the beautiful memories of the past Suddenly she opened her eyes and burst out laughing "But now that I've become the ugliest woman in the world you won't recognize me anymore!" She leaned on the palm of the bamboo stick and trembled violently She laughed wildly and said "Twenty years less than twenty years the changes in the world have been so great Twenty years ago your life fell into my hands I only hated that I listened to your sweet words Not only did I spare your life but I also accompanied you for two days in the peach blossom forest Today twenty years later you fell into my hands again" What more can you say! The livid paper turned its Construction & Real Estate eyes and suddenly heard the black star sneer at the gloomy sky "Who am I It's Mrs Sheng here" Shui Rou sang "Black Star Sky don't say anything!" "Mrs Sheng" said Hei Xingtian "I miss you all the time Why don't you kill him and go with my younger brother to see him" Livid Jian threw himself on his knees and said "Rou Song I am also thinking of you all the time Although your face has changed my heart has never changed" "He lied to you Mrs Sheng" Black Star snapped "He" Shui Rou Song suddenly snapped "Shut up!" His eyes slowly swept over Tiezhongtang Tieqingjian and Hei Xingtian and he said with a sneer "I've heard a lot of sweet words from your men" Pointing to the black starry sky with her bamboo stick she said "You are the worst thing In the past year you knew that Sheng Cunxiao couldn't have children so you wanted to cheat me You couldn't cheat me so you went to Aunt Sheng to provoke me I remember all these accounts clearly I can't forgive you today!" When the word "you" was out of her mouth her bamboo stick suddenly sank and fell on the chest of the Black Star Sky The Black Star Sky immediately gave a tragic cry and died Then she pointed her bamboo stick at Tiezhongtang and said "You!"! You tricked my daughter into not even wanting her mother and I'm going to kill you even more you villain! Shui Lingguang said in a trembling voice "Niang" Shui Rou Song's bamboo stick pointed to the livid paper and said "What about you You lied to me and made me fall into such a situation It's not enough for me to kill you to vent my anger" "You can't kill me and my daughter won't promise you!" "Who is your daughter" Tieqingjian's finger suddenly pointed to Shuilingguang and shouted "She!" With an exclamation of surprise Shui Lingguang stepped back several steps and leaned against the stone wall Tiezhongtang was also in a panic because all these changes were greater than wonderful and everything happened beyond his expectation "Sheng Cunxiao can't give birth to a child" added the livid note "Naturally the child is mine You and I have been married for one night and our kindness lasts for ten thousand nights Do you have the heart to kill me" 。 trade-global.com
After the New Year, Ruier went to the palace to see me and said that the candidate for the new imperial concubine had been decided. It was Han Jiyun, the nephew of Han Nuo, and Lin Ruyue, the son of Lin Yuzhu, the new assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites. As soon as I heard the news, my head hurt. Now, where do I have the mood to marry two more concubines? I have no choice but to ask for an extension. Rui son began to object, and after seeing my look again, he reluctantly agreed to come down. "Sister Huang, can't you get over Lingxiao?" I glanced at him. "So what if you can? So what if you can't?"? It's already like this. "But Huang Jie, I see you so unhappy, my heart is also sad.". In fact, I understand your feelings for Lingxiao, but I think children's love is not as important as national affairs. But whenever I see your sad eyes, I can't help asking myself in private, did I do the right thing? Should I have kept it from you? Maybe that way, you'll be happier. "Rui, don't say it.". Children's affairs are not as important as national affairs. You did the right thing. Besides, I don't want to live in deception all the time. "But you." I looked up reluctantly and smiled at him. At this moment, Xiao Lian came in. Your Majesty, the official document from the north. "Rui, open it." I picked up the teacup slowly. Rui, what's the matter? Looking at Rui frowning, I can't help wondering. The elder sister of the emperor, the king of the north was critically ill. He made Lingxiao the crown prince of the north and immediately returned to China to succeed to the throne. "Pow!" The teacup in my hand fell to the ground, and I immediately stood up, ignoring the dirty corners of my clothes and shoes. You mean, Xiao, are you going back to China? "Mmm." Li Rui looked at me worriedly, "and the sooner the better." For a moment, Inflatable water park factory , I felt as if my heart had been grabbed, my feet were soft, and I almost fell down. He reached out to hold the table beside him and barely supported himself. I never thought that I would be completely separated from Lingxiao. Even after I found out that he had betrayed me, I never wanted to be separated from him. I never wanted to let him go back to China. Even if my heart again uncomfortable, Lingxiao in my side, is also a kind of comfort. But now he has to go, forever parting. I have been used to the company of Lingxiao, if he left, what will I use to continue to live? "Sister Huang!" Li Rui grabbed my arm, "Sister Huang, you." You go and keep him! If he has you in his heart, he will stay. Then you start over and live a happy life again. "Keep him?" I hesitated. "Will he stay?" "Yes, I will, and you will be as happy as before!" "Rui." I was silent for a long time and finally made a decision. Thank you, Rui. "Sister Huang, I just want you to be happy." After taking a deep look at Rui, I turned around and ran to the Yongshou Palace. Separately In one go, he rushed to the Yongshou Palace. But when I got to the door, I hesitated and stood at the door for a long time, not daring to go in. For a long time, I finally took a deep breath and went straight in. Lingxiao is still the same, wearing only a plain dress, and is packing things with the people. Go down, all of you! "Yes." Immediately, Xiao and I were the only two people left in the room. I looked at him and lost a lot of weight. Since that quarrel, I have never been to the Palace of Longevity, nor have I ever seen him properly. Looking at this slightly messy room, it turned out that he had already begun to prepare to return to the north. My heart ached. You You all know. "Yes." "Are you going back?" "Yes." Looking at him like this, I feel so sad. Once upon a time, we have become so strange? "When will you leave?" "It should be in three days!" Three days! Three more days, so soon! Can you, can you not go? Taking a deep breath, I tried to stay. Lingxiao obviously didn't expect me to stay. He was stunned for a moment and then said faintly, "What can I do if I stay?"? That's all we can do. "No,Inflatable indoor park, you stay and we can start over!" I grabbed his sleeve and shouted recklessly. Start over? Lingxiao was also silent. Xiao, are you willing to give up the throne, stay with me and start over with me? I asked uneasily. joyshineinflatables.com
Compared with her joy, Qi Jun's face was black to the extreme, he did not even glance at the side of the medicine girl, staring at her coldly, "do you want the king to sleep with other women?" Tang Qing did not feel the danger, thinking that they were men and women anyway, sleeping together was not quite normal, so he nodded without thinking. Medicine woman watched two people interact, this time without waiting for the king to open his mouth, she consciously left, she did not want to be thrown again. Will promise her to come over, nothing more than want to see her give up, but the old king did not even look at her, how can you agree to her request. Sure enough, after the medicine girl left, Qi Jun was completely furious. You're fine, slave. Danger is approaching, late Tang Qing, finally feel that there is something wrong, she just want to find the woman for help, but found that the medicine woman did not know when to leave. System baby, the woman left me and ran away! The man is blackened and goes on a rampage. How can he break it! Ask for help! Tang Qing quickly asked the system for help, but the system looked lazy. She was sure that she could hear a trace of schadenfreude in the broken system. What else can I do to accept the violence of the black man. The system has not finished speaking, the whole Tongsheng is not good! What did he see? He saw the man kiss his host! wtf!! The main system, forgive him for being rude! The same system is generally shocked by Tang Qing, she never thought that one day the black man would kiss her! Is not the general kiss,Jumping castle with slide, is the kind of lips and teeth! "Well.." After the shock, Tang Qing struggled to resist, but how can her small forces be compared with Qi Jun, who was born on the battlefield. For a long time, when someone was about to faint due to lack of oxygen, Qi Jun finally let her go. Stupid minion, don't you know you can breathe? Tang Qing was already silly. "Who knows if you haven't kissed him?" He stormed. The words succeeded in pleasing the other party, so a new round of kisses. It's starting over again. Qi Jun looked at the silly slave in his arms, the corners of his mouth rose slightly again,Inflatable mechanical bull, "Zhi son, how to kiss once or can't learn, it seems that the king has to teach you once." Tang Qing continued to panic, but this will somehow have restored some reason. No, no, no. I've learned. "Is it?" With an incredulous look on his face, Qi Jun raised his hand and stroked her slightly red and swollen cherry lips. "Have you learned so quickly?" He said with a smile? The king doesn't believe it. Why don't you try again? Let the king see if you've really learned it. The words fall, not waiting for the person in the bosom to refuse, Qi Jun once again cover the lips up. Tang Qing's whole head is in a blank state, from he kissed himself, to he actually called himself Zhi son, to his smile, every action is full of incredible, but the other side actually did it! At this time, the system, which was in a state of consternation, suddenly made up a knife silently, "Task completion index.." 76%……” This time, Inflatable water park on lake ,Inflatable water obstacle course, Tang Qing can no longer calm down! Because it reminds her of the snake spirit disease man in the previous life. "Department.." System, do you remember the last life. Although not very want to, but the system is still way, "." Remember Tang Qing has been in front of this scene silly forget to cover up, so bright in a daze, which makes someone very uncomfortable. Can also be in a daze in this kind of time, this king's Zhi son is really different from the average person. Qi Jun seemed to smile. Tang Qing inexplicably hit a shiver, just as she gave birth to escape, someone seemed to have a conscience, "just, today will spare you, if the next time like this, the king is not sure what to do." Qi Jun is in a good mood, but Tang Qing is dispirited, and at this time, the system suddenly issued a strange tone, "Xiao Qing Qing, Qi Jun will not do anything to you." "Why?" "Because he.." Yang Wei. 9. No Chapter 9 Wang Ye, please be gentle. The words of the system let Tang Qing a little better, after all, now the man a strange disease, also can not how she, now as long as follow him, complete the task with the previous life in general, can retire. In the comfort of the system, she quickly adjusted the state, not to resist Qi Jun. "Wang Ye, it's getting late today. You can rest early and I'll go back first." The king was so keen that he soon discovered her difference. He thought the little thing would be struggling for some time, but now that he had figured it out, he had saved some means. As for the present, she could go. Although she had never talked about feelings, he also understood that some things were too tight and counterproductive. Good, Zhi son also rest earlier. Qi Jun suddenly became gentle as jade, Tang Qing face indifferent without any surprise, this is also thanks to the last generation of the snake spirit disease man, let her have this kind of calm ability. Back to the small pharmacy, Tang Qing did not rush to sleep, but quickly made the antidote, fortunately, she has a system of gold fingers, making the antidote does not take the brain at all. However, the antidote is only part of it. Suwang has been ill for a long time, and he has to cooperate with acupuncture and medicinal bath. At the thought of this, Tang Qing had a headache. Seemingly aware of her headache, the system said gently for the first time: "Beautiful girl, go forward bravely, victory is just around the corner." Tang Qing:.. If you have something to say, I'm embarrassed to scold you like this. "Little Qing Qing, we've always been like this." For two generations in a row, the system always feels that something is wrong with these worlds recently, so it can only coax the host. If you have something to ask me, you will be a little Qing Qing. If you have nothing to ask me, you will be a fool. You preserved chicken system! "That's a term of endearment for you." All right, how about I give you a pet name, too? For example Wax? Little bitch? You can't let me call you little Tang Qing to finish. Seeing that the system was silent for a long time, he teased him again. "Little bitch, although the man's blackening is horrible,inflatable amusement park, it's the man's face that's really good. Do you think I should push the boat and cure his unspeakable secret?" "The world doesn't allow feelings unless you want to be punished." The system is semi-threatening. Oh, little bitch brother, there are many dirty deals in the world that take the kidney but not the heart. joyshineinflatables.com
The three werewolves were not so lucky. When they saw that the three blood clans were about to explode, they ran back desperately, but they didn't run a few steps before the powerful energy of the explosion caught up with them and hit them directly on the back. Although they are advanced werewolves, the body is extremely strong, but still can not withstand the impact of these energies, but in an instant their backs are bloody by the impact of energy, deep bones are exposed. They slowly lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Miri ran away in the sky at a very fast speed. As he flew, he said, "You guys go well. When I become stronger, I will definitely come back to help you get revenge." Suddenly, he felt his body suddenly became heavy, the speed gradually slowed down, no matter how hard he tried, he could no longer raise the speed. A voice came into his head: "Now that you're here,large inflatable water slide, how can you leave in a panic without even saying hello to me?"? Come down and sit down! Then Miri felt himself imprisoned by a powerful force that made his heart tremble, and that force took him back faster than he had just run away. Miri looked at the retreating trees around him, and felt an indescribable shock. What kind of power was this? It was even stronger than the prince's level. When the force brought Miri back to the three of them, Miri felt his whole body loosen and then fell to the ground. The monkey saw it and said jokingly, "Why did you come back? Are you reluctant to leave?" At this time, Miri was crying,Inflatable outdoor park, how could he think that he was running away well and would be caught back by an inexplicable force. In the face of the monkey's ridicule, Miri had to treat it with silence. King Kong then came to Miri's side and played with his wings curiously. Miri was now too angry to speak out, so she turned her head to the other side and stopped looking at King Kong. But then the glasses and the monkey came over, as if they had found some new toy, and touched Miri here and there, which made Miri smile bitterly. But what can Miri do? Faced with several opponents with terrible strength, he had to swallow the bitter water in his throat. At this time, Xiao Ran's voice reached the ears of the three men with glasses. Bring these people back, and by the way, catch some people outside the manor. I'll wait for you in the living room. After receiving Xiao Ran's instructions, inflatable water slide ,inflatable floating water park, King Kong led the bodyguards to carry the three wounded werewolves on their backs, while Miri honestly followed the glasses to the manor. Although the monkey cursed the glasses and King Kong in his mouth, he still flew out of the manor. From 1W point 1W in 1W text 1W network 1W authorized release Chaos in New York Section 110 Causes and Consequences (From 1V to 1V in 1V, update time: May 12, 2007 17:15:00 Number of words in this chapter: 3559) Ziggy was sitting leisurely in the car chatting with Sim, and it seemed to them that with so many good players out this time, just one Emma Manor was absolutely easy to catch, so they had no worries at all. As soon as Ziggy thought that he would be able to avenge his son later, there was an indescribable excitement in his heart. Time passed quickly, and in a twinkling of an eye, more than half an hour had passed since the attack. Meanwhile, Ziggy and Sim heard the explosion, but they were not worried, just thought the manor's bodyguards were doing meaningless resistance. At the thought of Miri's terrible strength, Sim was secretly proud, "I was lucky enough to pick up a marquise-level master in the street." But their leisure did not last long, and with a scream, the door of the car they were sitting in was opened. And the monkey was standing outside the car door looking at them maliciously. Sim reacted and was about to pull his gun out of his waist, but suddenly he felt dizzy and didn't know anything. When the monkey returned to the living room with Ziggy and Sim, he found that the glasses had not come back. Suddenly thought smugly: "I am still fast ah, now this society is to pay attention to efficiency, if everyone is as slow as they are, then I do not know how many people will be starved to death.". So, to be a man is to be like me. While the monkeys were still fantasizing, they finally came back. After King Kong threw the werewolf on his back to the ground, he immediately lay down on the sofa, and his glasses found a sofa to sit down. Miri was the only one left standing alone in the middle of the hall. He smiled and casually pointed to the chair not far away and said, "Don't be nervous. Let's sit down and talk slowly." Miri sat down with trepidation and looked at Xiao Ran. At this time, Xiao Ran is sitting on the sofa, handsome face and his elegant temperament, absolutely can attract most people's attention. Miri thought curiously, "He is the one who imprisoned me just now, but why can't I feel a little strength from him now?" "Well,inflatable castle with slide, now you can tell me what's going on tonight!" Xiao ran looked at Miri and said with a smile. If there were outsiders present, they would not have thought that they were interrogating the prisoners, and the whole scene looked more like a conversation between several old friends. joyshineinflatables.com
When the whole competition venue exploded, 123 knew nothing about Zhang Peng's illusion. As soon as he saw Zhang Peng's fork rush out, he just directed his pikemen to smoke stimulants, and quickly retreated a distance, and did not release EMP shock waves at the first time. Because as long as there are no lightning soldiers, as long as so many of their own pikemen are not killed by the mind storm, then even if Zhang Peng used so many forks to remove the mines in front of him. Their own pikemen and tanks, as well as mine-laying vehicles, can definitely kill Zhang Peng A. He just controls his two technology balls with his eyes shining. But as soon as he saw the shadow of a large number of lightning soldiers, his two EMP shock waves had been sent out in succession. Suddenly he seemed to think that the color of the lightning soldier was not right. As soon as such an idea flashed through his mind, he found that all of Zhang Peng's lightning soldiers had disappeared. What's wrong In the space of a few tenths of a second. Before 123 could react, the troops behind Zhang Peng had rushed out. One mind storm after another exploded on the map in an instant. !” This time 2 dragons also just reacted to come over, after he reacted to come over, couldn't help crying, "a lot of mind storm!"! Too many blitzers! There are mind storms everywhere! Spell it,inflatable air dancer, spell it! Countless mind storms are like eight hands operating lightning soldiers! Have you ever seen so many spiritual storms? This time, the big wet answered him, "To tell you the truth, I really haven't seen so many spiritual storms in PVT." "MLGBD!" 123 couldn't help crying. It was like the end of the world before his eyes. Everywhere there was a mind storm with great lethality, and so many of his pikemen only saw a piece of blood under the mind storm, just like purgatory on earth. Come on,Inflatable outdoor park, aren't you going to spell with me? Come on. Zhang Peng couldn't help laughing at this time. Type this sentence to 123. The reason why Zhang Peng was extremely proud at this time was not only because he had a good shot at this time, but also because he was sure to hang up next. More importantly, he decided to give up his pursuit of extreme speed and chose to slow down to feel the essence of the stars. The reason why he lost the rhythm in many aspects was that he could not do it. Not because his basic skills are worse than before, but because he has been in a relaxed state, it is difficult to get nervous all of a sudden. Just like when you are doing a sauna massage lazily and don't want to enjoy anything, a killer suddenly jumps out to kill you. Even if your kung fu is many times higher than that of the killer, it is very difficult for you to jump up and kill the killer at once. Basically, you will be cut down by the killer. It is not so easy to get nervous all of a sudden in a situation of extreme relaxation. Zhang Peng's current training is also aimed at this point, and he can achieve a trickle in peacetime. Suddenly, it can become as turbulent as a river bursting its banks. That is the realm of Dacheng. Zhang Peng's training in peacetime has little effect. Just like he has to desperately increase the practice of individual events, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable amusement park, such as constantly controlling more than N lightning soldiers to release lightning, so that he can have the same level of operation when he is not so nervous. But now, Zhang Peng finds that he feels much better than usual when he relaxes. Both the operation and the control of the rhythm of the game are much better than the usual training. Why? Because Zhang Peng himself is a competitive player. Because of the atmosphere at the scene, even if he was relaxed, his whole body was more excited than usual. When he plays in such a big game, even if he is extremely calm, his blood flows much faster than usual. Zhang Peng was extremely proud at this time, because he found that he was playing in such an exciting competition. I can still catch that feeling. It seems effective to play one game more than usual training and play many games! Playing in this kind of competition is definitely much faster than usual. This kind of competition atmosphere is the best training! In the midst of Zhang Peng's laughter. I just feel black in front of my eyes. Before 123 called Zhang Peng to fight with himself, it was when everyone was strong, but at this time he was semi-mechanized to play the pillar, the pikemen were almost all gone, his army was already left with broken flowers and willows, how to fight? I support your lungs, Tm, you are too shameless! In the heart severely scolded such a sentence, 123 immediately quit the game. Zhang Peng is leading by one to zero. It's such a way of playing! Seeing Zhang Peng's sudden victory, Fang Xiang was very surprised, but at the same time, he couldn't help smiling bitterly in his heart. It seems that it is very difficult for me to beat Zhang Peng. Because this guy is not only like a martial arts fanatic, but also in many aspects such as strain, he has a talent that ordinary people can't match, not to mention, watching his game, it seems easy to be excited by him. This guy is a natural God of war. MB? What a cow. If I hadn't noticed, you would have died in this game. In the host of the second game, 123 called Zhang Peng so. Yes, I admit that you are a master. But Zhang Peng's answer made him stupefied. When he couldn't figure out why Zhang Peng said that, Zhang Peng went on to say, "Because if you are a rookie, your hands will be very slow, and you will slowly see the shock wave and so on. You put it much faster than the rookie. You are a master." “!” Only then did he realize that Zhang Peng was responding to himself, so he immediately shouted, "Don't be old!"! (Don't always speak the dialect of some places, that is to say, don't be arrogant.) I will let you know my power in this game. "How awesome is it? I'm so scared." Zhang Peng laughed and played OK to the referee. I'll kill you! 123 immediately put down the double heavy industry in a threatening manner at the beginning. Only this time his double heavy industry is all at home. Because after seeing Zhang Peng's operation in the last game,inflatable floating water park, 123 felt that he did not need to use underhand tactics, and he could fight directly with him, and he could fight with him. joyshineinflatables.com
From the mouth of Carcharodontosaurus, the audience can't tell whether it's the blood of Charlie Steas or the blood of Carcharodontosaurus. But it doesn't matter. The demon tyrant, Charlie Steas, had just recovered from his dizziness, and before he could feel the pain coming from his chest, he took another solid blow and fell into dizziness again. Shark Tooth Ciyi chose the meat on Charlie Steas's chest. Another mouthful goes down. There was a blood hole in Charlie Steas's chest, and the wriggling internal organs were faintly visible. Tens of thousands of viewers at the scene could not believe their eyes, the strongest Warcraft demon tyrant in the middle of the Holy Land, was actually nibbled by Carcharodontosaurus! And it was in the case of the first hammer of the shark tooth dragon. In fact, this is not to say that the hammer attack of Charlie Steas is not fierce enough and not powerful enough. The main reason is that there is a passive skill, physical resistance, in the skill of Carcharodon. The hammer of Charlie Steas just now completely abandoned the magic attack blessed on the hammer of destruction. It chose to swing with a heavy hammer, a pure physical attack. You can't blame Charlie Steyas for that. The hammer of destruction weighs a thousand pounds, and with the power of Charlie Steas, it can be said that the mid-level creatures in the Holy Land simply can't afford it. But it is impossible to imagine that the physical defense of the shark tooth dragon is close to the point of going against the sky. Moreover, the vertigo attack of Carcharodontosaurus worked every time, so Charlie Steas was completely reduced to the rations of Carcharodontosaurus. Chest, forelimbs, hind limbs, head,inflatable bounce house with slide, internal organs.. Carcharodontosaurus gnawed frantically at the body of Charlie Steas, like a gluttonous demon. After the forelimbs of Charles Yatus were eaten, the hammer of destruction could no longer hold steadily, and fell to the ground, killing hundreds of miniature demon tyrants, as well as countless dinosaur bone beasts, and finally smashed the ground of the main arena into a deep pit, and the hammer of destruction went underground. Tens of thousands of people watched the shocking scene in midair with horror. The giant demon tyrant,Inflatable dry slide, Charles Steas, is now left with a bloody skeleton, with some tiny pieces of minced meat and muscle tissue still attached to it. The brutal Carcharodontosaurus hasn't stopped yet, and it doesn't even spare this skeleton! Therefore The terrible sound of bones being ground into powder filled the main arena. A quarter of the audience began to vomit, a quarter went into shock, a quarter were incontinent, and the stronger quarter sat in their seats with pale faces, but they never dared to look at the main arena again. None of the audience left, not one, because they had lost the strength to walk. With the demise of the Demon Tyrant, the smaller version of the Demon Tyrant, like water vapor, disappeared into the air. It was time for the death dragon to summon, and countless dinosaur bone beasts disappeared in the main arena. The entire main arena quieted down. At this time, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable meltdown, Lin Feng completed the domestication of the second Carcharodontosaurus. The shark-toothed dragon egg was suspended in the air, wrapped in red clouds, and another terrible gluttonous dinosaur was about to show its posture. Lin Feng wiped the sweat, looked at the war situation, unexpectedly only by a shark tooth dragon has solved the problem. Lin Feng looked at Figo with interest. It's all over. Now, I pronounce you the death penalty! Lin Feng does not have any good impression on Figo, just now Figo also threatened to get Kelly, this is Lin Feng simply can not tolerate things. My woman, does not allow any other man to touch, wants to use the crooked brain, dies! I'm still hungry! The Carcharodontosaurus, who swallowed the whole demon tyrant, is still looking for food. Surprisingly, Feige laughed at this time, "The bastard from the countryside, Kelly is mine!"! The victory is mine too! Ha-ha Because Figo has been aging for decades and his teeth are almost gone, he can't turn off the wind when he laughs, which is very funny. Just now, in a flash of lightning, Figo has completed a dialogue with the strange creature in his soul- "Help me, you gave me the gift to change my destiny, I don't want to lose!"! I don't want to lose! Figo hurriedly called with consciousness. He got his wish and got a response. "Oh?"? But I'm going home! There's no more fun. I want to go home. My father is waiting for me. "No, you can't go. You have to kill this summoner and destroy all his Warcraft. You are the strongest!" "Ha ha!"! Of course, I am the strongest. Well, as you wish! Figo got the most terrible aid with the simplest flattery. Whew! A green light came straight out of Figo's head and turned into a two-meter-tall green creature. The appearance of this green creature is similar to that of human beings on the land of Shenguo, but his skin is emerald green, his ears are as sharp and long as rabbits, and there is nothing special about it. The green creature wears green armor, a green cloak, and green boots. Allow me to introduce myself. The green creature said very politely, "Fan Gang, the young monarch of the planet, has lived in Figo's body for ten years, and has completed the unique adult experience of our planet.". Well, there is no doubt that Figo's talent is given by me! At the same time, I am very grateful to Figo for providing me with the environment I need to experience. Please don't misunderstand, I will return to my planet soon, but in return, I will fulfill one of Figo's wishes. That is to kill this. Uh, hehe, kill this country bastard! So that Figo can get the princess as expected! That's all I have to say. When I finish my work, I'll leave immediately! It won't take much time, gaga! (To be continued, if you want to know what happened, please visit diancom,Inflatable 5k obstacle, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading!) 。 joyshineinflatables.com
The road of migration and busking seems to be near the end, and the little girl Yusuo is about to arrive in the capital where she yearns for day and night. Before going to Beijing, we set up a stage in Youzhou for three days, and it seems that we have intentionally or unintentionally postponed our return to the capital. The little girl Yusuo was spinning around me like a top in those days. She asked me about all kinds of things about the capital and Daxie Palace. I was speechless. I only said that you knew everything there. The little girl walked to Yan Lang, and I saw Yan Lang silently holding the little girl on his knee, and his eyes were full of sadness. Why are you unhappy? Are you afraid to enter the capital? Jade lock said. Afraid. Yan Lang said. Afraid of what? Are you afraid that the people in the capital won't watch us perform? Nope. Afraid of things we don't know. Yan Lang's words revealed the doubts and fears in my heart. As the day of returning to the capital approached day by day, I could not sleep in the big inn of Youzhou City. I imagined my rope-walking performance in front of the old ministers, officials and imperial relatives, and whether Duanwen, the eternal enemy, had really forgotten me. If I set up a platform on the grass behind the Great Xie Palace, will a poisonous arrow shoot at me from the turret of the Great Xie Palace, and finally end my strange life of forgetting my ancestors? There is no denying that I am really afraid of things we don't know, but I know that the Juggling Class must finally arrive in the capital, which is the ultimate place of a ceremony. On the morning of the fourth day, the Suowang juggling class pulled out the fence and withdrew from the camp. Eighteen artists left Youzhou in three carriages with all the juggling equipment. It was a misty morning, and the fields in the middle of the country were filled with the soft color of grass and the fragrance of newly ploughed black soil. The farmers who hoed the fields saw the group of artists who had all disappeared by the roadside. Where are you going? The farmers said, "There is a war in the north. Where are you going?"? Go to the capital to perform. The little girl Yusuo answered loudly in the car. In the spring, the State of Peng invaded the State of Xie on a large scale, and more than thirty battles were fought on both sides of the long and winding border line. Accustomed to frequent wars,x52 line pipe, the performers of Zousuo Wang's juggling class moved north, talking about lost juggling skills on the way, occasionally talking about vulgar and obscene affairs, incest and bed affairs, mixed with the half-understood laughter of Yusuo, an eight-year-old girl. The artists are always so happy on the road that they are unaware of the coming disaster of Xie Guo. They arrived in Beijing in the early morning of the seventh day of the third month of the lunar calendar. According to the Secret History of Xie Palace, this day happened to be the anniversary of Peng's death when his army of ten thousand men marched straight into the gate of Xiejing. Now it seems that this coincidence is carefully arranged by history. When the troika passed through the south gate of the capital, the sky was dim, and the familiar sour smell of vegetables, fruits and rotten dead livestock wafted from the trench under the city wall. The drawbridge is down and the gate is open. If you look up at the high flagpole on the gate tower, it is not difficult to find that the Panther Flag of Xie Guo has been pulled down and replaced by the Double Eagle Blue Flag of Peng Guo. Several soldiers guarding the city leaned motionless in the city gate, x56 line pipe ,316ti stainless steel, ignoring the arrival of the jugglers in the early morning. The man who drove the bus turned to the entertainers on the bus and said that they were probably drunk to death. They often drank half to death, which saved us the road tax into the city. After a night of turbulence, each of the eighteen artists was very sleepy, and none of them noticed the unusual movement near the South Gate. When the carriage stopped in front of the porch of the South Gate Inn, several artists went up and knocked on the door of the inn. The door was locked from the inside. A frightened and trembling voice came from inside. It's closed. You can find another place to sleep. Knock on the door and say, how can there be a reason for an inn not to keep guests? We've been driving all night. Let's come in and have a rest. The door of the inn was pulled open a crack, revealing half of the owner's swollen and flustered face. He said, "You have come at a bad time. Don't you know that the people of Peng have entered the city?"? Don't you see that the tower is full of Peng's soldiers? The jugglers on the bus suddenly woke up from their drowsiness and looked back. The wall of the south gate was indeed crowded with dark figures. The little girl Yusuo was frightened by the horrible atmosphere in front of her. She habitually let out a scream. Yanlang immediately covered her mouth. Yan Lang said, don't scream, don't make a sound, no one makes a sound now, Peng Guoren is a murderous madman. There was a creaking sound of the suspension bridge being re-suspended from the gate, and then the gate was closed by Peng's soldiers. I suddenly realized that the gate of the dead city had just been opened for me and the juggling class of the King of Suo. I don't know if this means my long journey is coming to an end. Did you see it? The city gate is closed again. Do you know why the people of Peng only put us into the capital? I asked Yan Lang who was sitting in the car. Yan Lang hugged the little girl Yusuo and covered her eyes with his hands to prevent her from screaming again. 'Maybe They found out we're a bunch of buskers, 'he said.' Maybe they like vaudeville, too. '. No, it's an invitation to die. I looked at the blue flag of the double eagle on the gate tower in the morning breeze, and suddenly saw the melancholy and crazy face of Sun Xin, who had been dead for many years. The disaster of Xie Guo had come. I said that this disaster had been predicted since my childhood, and I had been very afraid, and now the day had really come, and my heart was empty. You touch my hand, you listen to my heartbeat again, now I am as calm as water, I am a commoner, I am a juggler who walks the rope. What I face is not the sin of the king of subjugation, but the choice of life and death, so I have nothing to fear. We are like a flock of ignorant lambs running into the wolves, and the way to escape has been blocked. After the city gate was closed, the hidden Peng soldiers rushed from the walls, houses and woods to the houses in the streets. I saw a young army official running in the streets with a knife on horseback and shouting, "King Peng ordered, kill, kill, kill.". I witnessed with my own eyes the extremely tragic scene of Peng people's bloodbath in Xiejing. The frenzied killing lasted from early morning to afternoon,347 stainless steel, and the city was full of Peng's cavalry in blue and white helmets. Their swords were crimson with human blood, and their armor was spattered with blood stains and strange shapes of minced meat. The city resounded with the cries of the slain before they died. The disheveled and dishevelled people of Xiejing fled here and there. I saw several men climb up the wall in the chaos. They were soon hit by arrows. I saw them fall from the sky like falling stones, crying in despair. lksteelpipe.com
It turned out that the fat man's strategy was correct. There were so many monsters in the half of the Demon Soul that people got goose bumps. But relying on invisibility, he tried not to attract the attention of the distant monsters. The thunder of hell shocked the attack of the monsters around him. The slightly missed attack was also resisted by the rough and fleshy warrior. A group of people struggled to settle down in the Demon Soul Hall. Use the wall of fire to burn it in the line of sight, after cleaning up Xiaoguai. Everyone clung to the wall and moved to the lower left corner, trying to stick to the wall to ensure safety. Four warriors, three Taoist priests and three mythical beasts formed a human wall that was enough to block all fourteen mages in the corner. The power exerted by the orderly inverted triangle mage matrix formation is quite terrible. The rainstorm is like a mine, and the electricity has never stopped. Is playing hard. In the voice, the tsunami suddenly muttered: "Something is wrong?"? Is it too long for anyone to come? The Demon Land Monster is not so perverted, is it? "What?" Because the tsunami spoke in a low voice. The fat man didn't hear clearly. I made a casual inquiry. I said that sealing the devil was a little different from when I was playing before. No, but there are more monsters. And the variety of monsters has increased. And the difficulty of monsters seems to have increased several times. Tsunami Doubt Tunnel. Really? "" The fat man grinned. The fat man was a little strange in the front. Because there is a big difference between the European service and the national service. All the way from the front. But I saw a lot of monsters in the national service without demons. Let's not talk about the monsters of the pig hole system, the Zuma system and the zombie system. That is the basic standing monster of the Demon Land. It's just a little confusing in the place where the European service is refreshed. And the extra land is the monster of the centipede cave. And the monster of the Woma Department. There are no monsters such as evil pincers and Worma guards in the national service. I thought it was the difference between the European service and the national service. As a result, feelings were not like this before. Yes. In the past, although it was difficult to seal the demon. But much smaller than Zuma. Otherwise, players will not give up Zuma and choose to seal the land directly. So it was not easy to get in before. But I used to be able to rush into the cloister of purgatory alone. But now with a full team. It is so difficult to cross a crossroad. And the Demon Soul Temple has become a strange nest. Two floors in the back.. The meaning of the tsunami is self-evident. The current situation. It seems that even the Demon Soul Temple may not be able to pass through. Not to mention the back two floors. Moreover, have you found that the same kind of monster is getting stronger and stronger in the back? It is obvious that the elite level monsters similar to the ordinary Zuma and abnormal Zuma in the national service have been added. They look the same in appearance, but their experience and blood, attack, defense,uns c70600, magic and speed have been greatly increased several times! Tsunami is also a little confused, before he met the fat people, he also left the European service for a period of time, after several minor revisions and a large-scale revision, perhaps the problem is here. Tsunami couldn't figure it out, so he had to ask the foreign players. As a result, he was dumbfounded when asked. According to the foreign players,uns s31803 sheet, the big revision experienced not long ago, in addition to adding new maps, also made partial changes to the existing maps. It used to be that the difficulty of Zuma Temple was far more than that of the later updates of Fengmo and Akatsuki, which belonged to the absolute forbidden place of death. However, as the player's level increases and the power of equipment and skills increases, the European service official has made a major revision, resetting the difficulty concept of the European service. It seems that the monsters before the Cangyue Island version were all sealed in at one time, not just the monsters of the Rainbow Demon Department, so in the last few layers of the seal, there are not only the Rainbow Demon Leader, the Rainbow Pig Guard and the Rainbow Scorpion Guard, which are the only three empty commanders of the rainbow Demon Department, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x60 line pipe, but also the Zuma Leader and the Worma Leader. The difficulty of sealing demons has been raised dramatically. That is to say, in order to increase the playability and difficulty of the game, not only the original difficulty of Zuma Temple has not been reduced, but the original difficulty is not so great that the official European service has become a horrible forbidden place for players, but also a place where even senior players dare not come easily. Expedition team of a bunch of people can not help but be shocked, no wonder there is no player to come here, the original European service seal magic monster types are very miscellaneous, plus the number of monsters is too much, whether it is playing treasure or Lian Ji, here is not a good job, the same equipment to spend time here is better than to go directly to Woma and Zuma, now after the revision and enhancement, Not only has Xiaoguai added several levels of elite level Xiaoguai, but also added a new monster system, how can people play this? Fortunately, although it is said that all the magic objects before the Cangyue version were banned, several foreign players said that the only spider monster without the red moon system, otherwise a lot of wedge moths and horned flies would be mixed with the two killers, the moon demon and the phantom spider, and the players would not live. Expedition team personnel are not clear about the situation, rashly ran to this ghost place, and that group of foreign players are blindly believe that this group of magical Chinese who know "Chinese Kung Fu", thinking that they are sure to hit the back, so they are in high spirits to follow to get some advantage, which can be seen as trouble: sweating, as if there is a little BUG, the front is not easy to change. Had to use the revision to correct it, sweat, sweat, do not investigate, do not investigate. 132 Full service chaos "Khan!"! So what to do? Can we get in by taxi? The fat man was shocked by the perversion of the European service, and did not know what the official of the European service was thinking. Originally, the technology of the players in the European service was not very good, and the difficulty was set so high. Is it possible for the players to get in? If you can't even beat the monster, how can they play? "Isn't it a good fight now?" The elder brother did not feel how difficult it was to fight, although some monsters fought slowly, but it was not impossible to fight. Maybe you haven't met the elite monster yet? Tsunami guess, there will be a phenomenon that the monster can not move because the monster's own magic and defense is too high, the player's attack falls on the monster does not work, as long as the player's skills can make the monster cost blood,x70 line pipe, that means that the player's attributes are enough to break the monster's defense to damage it, even if the cost of blood is less, there is still hope to kill slowly. lksteelpipe.com
I didn't realize such a strange scene until now, and I was a little puzzled after I realized it. Current: [take medicine without an injection]: Aren't you the eldest in our family? Why is it a woman? Poof. No injection brother good thinking, however, this is indeed a very puzzling question, but between my wretched shemale number of fame, I am quite a little proud to ask. Current: [Dark Night Ran Ran]: Dude, are you new? Current: [take medicine without injection]: Brother, I played last year, and this year I just turned it out to bask in the sun. Then I replied rather calmly. Current: [Dark Night Ran Ran]: I am a personal demon. Current: [take medicine without injection]: Oh After chatting, we watched the fierce battle ahead in silence, but we were not quiet for a while. If you don't have an injection, you can't stand loneliness. Current: [take medicine without injection]: In the future, you will be big and we will be small. Hmm? What does this shrimp mean? Current: [take medicine without injection]: Do you know why the eldest brother doesn't get married? My curiosity was seduced, and I was looking forward to the following message from my brother who didn't give me an injection, but it took him a long time to send it. Current: [takes medicine not to give or take an injection]: Because the male number that we ghost night assassinate is her harem, had so much male, still marry why? (Punching the table, laughing and crying) In the future, you will be big and we will be small. Humph! Poof. From hunting to dividing the spoils. > Current: [tottering]: Wallet (go out without money), will "take medicine" to revive,uns s32760 plate, he talks too much.. I watched the beautiful woman in white on the screen use her flying skills to move around smartly in front of BOSS, and the chat box above the characters also floated up and down with her agile movements. I looked at the resurrected brother who did not have an injection next to me and stood up reluctantly. Current: [take medicine without injection]: Boss, you can't forget your old love when you have a new one!!! I saw the beautiful brother who jumped into the air with a sledgehammer and was ready to give BOSS a blow. He was obviously stagnant. He accidentally missed the position of the attack. Then BOSS waved his sleeve and concentrated on the beautiful vital point. The red blood bar suddenly lost four fifths. At the moment, to fall beauty, a jump block in front of the beautiful, in the resistance of BOSS at the same time, will be beautiful blood bar full. Current: [beautiful elder brother]: Take medicine not to give or take an injection,316 stainless steel plate, do not have a thing to be able to seal your that mouth! After that, a blue-winged doctor dressed in blue Qin went out and walked to my side without money. I was resurrected by a technique of returning to heaven, and then I threw myself into the intense war. I was so wretched that I quickly scattered my feet and hid behind the stone. Current: [Night Ran Ran]: Beauty, come on!!! Looked at the time, there are 10 minutes, the demon counterattack activity is about to end, at this time a big BOSS and two small BOSS energy is still very strong, the ghost night assassin died and died, alive and alive, has been around the altar, to prevent BOSS from further occupying the altar roof. Suddenly, another man appeared from the door of the stone gate. I opened my eyes wide and looked carefully. The madman also came. Now: [Don't catch me]: Boss, guys, I'm late! Current: [beautiful elder brother]: Depend on, 316l stainless steel pipe ,x60 line pipe, I say claw, we have been shouting in the force for a long time, why do you just come! Claw? I gave two dry laughs. Current: [Don't catch me]: I saw the female Taoist priest Yueshuang in the sacred stone of the cave group. She shouted to kill me, a heartbreaker. I don't know where she learned that my number was the previous storm. She was chased by a group of MMs for a long time! Although the madman was surprised, he immediately joined the battle after saying this. More than one person is a force, the madman, after all, is a master of Warcraft, the operation is not generally gorgeous, the killer's action has always been fast, and has the function of invisibility, at this time, but in just a few weeks, the madman's number actually reached level 75, so the madman came up, it is incumbent upon him to become a meat target. Hiding in the stone, I saw a lot of colorful clothes at the stone gate. Current: [Zi Pu]: Boss, look, the assassin of Ghost Night is defending the Tiantai of Sacrifice! This unfeeling person is too able to chase, can be comparable to the paparazzi! Current: [take medicine without injection]: Claw, you are so lucky that there are so many younger sisters on the rooftop to support you! As soon as the non-injection brother finished speaking, the madman who made the meat target jumped into the air and jumped to the side of the non-injection brother who took the medicine. He led the monster to the past. At that moment, the blood bar of the non-injection elder brother turned into a quarter. I am happy in the bottom of my heart, watching a black (don't catch me), a white (tottering), a mighty golden warrior (beautiful brother) three main control of the situation, madman as a killer, make full use of its lightning speed, operate the human design, make BOSS dizzy; Beautiful as a warrior, the fierce lethality is unparalleled. A cloud hammer with a protection value of 13 attacks BOSS head-on. To fall as a doctor, while singing to slow down the action of BOSS, while using solid pulse and blood for beautiful. The operation of three people is unparalleled, and the speed of action is powerful. I couldn't take my eyes off the three different colors fighting in front of BOSS. Finally, I was excited to see the small BOSS health bar suddenly reduced, and then only heard a "ah", two small BOSS was very exciting to die on the ground, the big BOSS without the support of the small BOSS, the situation has become precarious, only 15% of the health bar survived, everyone was overjoyed, so a wild bombing. Just when everyone thought BOSS was about to be solved, the unfeeling people who had been watching at the door suddenly rushed in. I was surprised to see that the group of MMs took up arms and cut down the weak demons with boiling blood, like the women's army led by Liu Hulan who walked behind the Red Army during the war. (Some Jiangzi stroked his forehead and tried to think: Liu Hulan has ever led the Detachment of Women = =!!! I sharp-eyed found that the frost MM rushed to the side of the madman,uns s32750 sheet, a look at the madman's blood bar only a little bit, I can not help but mention the throat, this frost will not suddenly open red to the madman a knife!!. lksteelpipe.com
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