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(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Weir Oil & Gas, a leading upstream producer of pressure pumping and pressure control equipment and services, launched today the SeaboardTM Unitized Lock-Ring Wellhead (ULR).

The Weir ULR is one of many field-proven, simplified wellhead systems with customer-driven advancements. One such improvement is a SeaboardTM two-stage, one bore single-bore wellhead system, with mandrel casing hangers and a rapid attach hub.

The rapid connect hub alone allows operators to align, land, and secure the BOP on the wellhead in less than 30 minutes.

This results in a shorter stack-up height and lighter weight for the SeaboardTM ULR. A Threaded Flange on the wellhead allows operators to quickly and safely switch to an API-threaded hub. With fewer assemblies and wellhead preparations, these advancements reduce exposure to hazardous environments. This design avoids the need for operators to wait for the cement to cure.

“In today's market, it's critical to provide customers with new solutions that reduce total costs,” said Russell Hamilton, Weir Oil & Gas' Director of Engineering and Product Management, Pressure Control. Our engineering and production knowledge is vital, but we also excel at listening to our customers and inventing on their behalf. Customers wanted a single-piece solution with a lower stack-up height and lighter weight. Weir's commitment to great customer responsiveness continues with the SeaboardTM ULR.

Other SeaboardTM ULR features:

A rotary table and BOP with no cutting, welding, or grinding;

An internal lock-down seal assembly decreases leak routes.

Reduces pinch points and possible bolt thread damage;

API 6A, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and Design Standards;

Comprehensive, bespoke solutions for all major basins.

Weir Oil and Gas

Weir Oil & Gas provides exceptional products and services that increase upstream efficiency. Our consumers prefer our pressure pumping systems. A well servicing and stimulation pump, flow control products and spare parts. Other pressure control equipment includes mud-gas separation chokes and separators, and environmental containment equipment. Worldwide, Weir Oil & Gas Services headquarters in Dubai provides engineered mechanical and rotating equipment repairs and upgrades, oilfield and drilling equipment maintenance and certification, quick prototyping of spare parts and field engineering services. KOP Surface Products, a developer of innovative pressure control wellhead technologies, systems and services, was acquired in July 2017. A division of The Weir Group PLC.

As the United Kingdom looks for ways to cut its carbon emissions, demand for novel construction materials that contribute to more energy-efficient building design is increasing.

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Designers and builders are increasingly seeking material solutions that satisfy consumer demand for environmentally friendly products and comply with expanding regulatory standards.

The government announced stringent new targets for a green construction revolution earlier this year — all houses and businesses would be required to fulfill stringent energy efficiency standards in order to reduce energy consumption and contribute to environmental protection.

As a result, there has been a nationwide growth in green building as more businesses apply incentives for sustainable practices - indeed, the push to minimize energy consumption is now one of the top goals in building and construction.

Material with exceptional performance

We are a nationwide polycarbonate sheet provider to the glass & glazing, do-it-yourself, and horticultural markets.

Our products include a range of multiwall UV-protected polycarbonate sheet that are designed with air chambers to provide superior thermal insulation and impact resistance, as well as a range of solid UV-protected polycarbonate sheets.

And, when it comes to sustainability, polycarbonate is the ideal building material, providing architects and builders with numerous opportunities to maximize energy efficiency while also allowing for design flexibility, increased aesthetics, and cost savings.

Polycarbonate sheets offer significant sustainability benefits, including increased energy efficiency, less greenhouse gas emissions, lighter weight to minimize shipping effect, and a prolonged lifespan to conserve resources.

However, the list of sustainable characteristics does not end there; in fact, one of the primary advantages of polycarbonate sheets is their UV protection.

When used in place of glass on greenhouse or conservatory roofs, polycarbonate provides superior light diffusion due to its thickness. Additionally, the material contains a natural UV filter, which protects anything beneath it from dangerous rays.

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Another advantage is superior insulation – energy benefits include not only keeping heat out, but also assisting in keeping heat in, and when compared to other glazing materials, polycarbonate sheet manufacturer provide superior thermal insulation, enhancing energy conservation and reducing associated emissions.

Finally, polycarbonate is incredibly durable. These sheets are strong, durable, flexible, highly resistant, and extremely easy to work with. They can last up to 25 years, saving consumers time and money on replacements and ultimately contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions – after all, the longer a product lasts, the less it needs to be replaced, reducing the impact of manufacturing.

Contributing to the cause

It is critical that we all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint in today's modern world, and as a business, we have a responsibility to be more environmentally friendly and contribute to the planet's health.

At Novolux, we demonstrate our dedication to sustainability by providing our customers around the country with high-quality, cost-effective, and most importantly, sustainable polycarbonate sheet products.

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It is a material that provides superior energy efficiency and UV protection, while also being extremely durable and having a significantly longer lifespan than conventional materials.

Along with dependability and superior customer service, Novolux products contribute to the promise of a net zero carbon nation.