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Players in the Western region have been looking forward to Lost Ark, an MMOARPG, for a long time. Now, among the many expectations, it is finally going to be officially launched. This is an innovative, premium game for players who want to experience something new.

Currently, Lost Ark is still in Early Access, but the game will be free for all players later this week.

Prime Gaming will be offering players an exclusive Lost Ark item bundle, and players will be able to get the first of these.

In Prime Gaming's first item bundle, there are a total of 500 Amethyst Shards, a 5-day Crystalline Aura, and three Battle Chests. These chests include a Healing Chest, a Practical Combat Chest, and an Offensive Chest.

Before you claim your item, make sure your Amazon Prime account is linked to your Steam account. You can view items received from Prime Gaming in the game inventory after claiming the Battle Item Pack.

You can choose to purchase the Founders Pack on Amazon or Steam for early access to the game. If you're not interested in getting into the game early or if you're not interested in the bonus items in the pack, you can play Lost Ark for free starting February 11th.

Currently, the Lost Ark program on the Prime Gaming website has 6 in-game loot drops. In the future, Prime Gaming will also offer more monthly deals on Lost Ark.

You can experience the full launch of Lost Ark on February 11th! Completely free to open!

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As we all know, in Diablo 2 Resurrected, the mercenaries from Act 2 are usually the best option. In Patch 2.4, Blizzard hopes to change that, bringing new skills and rune words to Mercenaries in Chapters 1, 3, and 5, as well as making overall improvements to Mercenaries.

Patch 2.4 adds new D2R runes and items, which allow players to enjoy a whole new level of gameplay during the Ranked Season. Mercenaries, as important characters in the game, have also received some D2R Items updates.

Plague and Pattern can be used for mercenaries in Acts 1, 2, 3, 5, Plague as a great weapon runeword is very useful for quick hit mercenaries like Act V Barbarians or Act 2 Desert Warriors because It comes with powerful modifiers. Additionally, Patch 2.4 introduces more rune words that support mercenaries.

With the improvements to the sets in patch 2.4, players can look forward to more premium set items available for end-game mercenaries.

Also, mercenaries are receiving balance changes, including spells and stat buffs, and they will have access to some new rune words. The abilities of the mercenaries in Acts 1, 3, and 5 will be improved, making them more versatile than ever. Mercenaries in Act 1 have gained new abilities, while mercenaries in Act 3 will gain more stats as they level up. Mercenaries in Act V can use Battle Cry and also gain more health than other mercenaries. Plus, the six abilities of the mercenaries in Act II are available at any difficulty level.

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Two new raids in WOW: The Burning Crusade Classic have arrived, and the third season of PVP has begun.

Blizzard recently announced a major update for WOW: The Burning Crusade Classic, and the return of the Dark Temple raid has players old and new excited. It's a PVE raid involving over 25 players, and it's located throughout the instance in Shadowmoon Valley.

The Black Temple is a very iconic raid because its final boss is Illidan Stormrage, an inseparable character that any Warcraft fan must know. If the player wants to defeat the final boss, they need to Buy WOW TBC Gold defeat several other powerful bosses first. Also, it's worth noting that level 70 is required to get into the latest raid, and every character needs to go through the tuning process.

Also, there is The battle for mount Hyjal. This is another equally important breakthrough in World of Warcraft history. It brought the Alliance and the Horde together, and brought two vastly different factions about to face a common enemy, the Burning Legion. In the process of challenging and completing mount Hyjal, players can also harvest rare loot.

The third season of Arena has also begun, so there is no need to panic among players or PVP fans, and everyone can already start climbing the rankings of different levels. In addition, the rewards of the prestige system have also been updated, and if you reach high prestige, you can unlock the dragon mount.

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To help resolve some of the issues caused or impacted by the January update, New World has released the latest update. The patch fixes a number of issues including items disappearing, adjusting housing data to prevent issues, addressing a Mutator schedule error, and more.

However, with the New World monthly patch, there has been some frustration in the community. While the Amazon team has been working hard to Buy New World Coins fix the issues that arise, this 13.1 update is even committed to the correct game planning direction for such fixes.

This patch fixes a bug that would cause items to disappear from being dropped and picked up too quickly, all devs were experiencing all sorts of weird bugs at some point. The patch also fixes another bug that prevented players from fast-travelling or respawning at home when the player used logout to return to the desktop and then log back in.

In addition, the house system has seen a series of issues and changes over the course of the game, which have completely overhauled the way the game stores relevant data to prevent the loss of houses and items that players see. There's no indication, though, whether this will help with housing data issues that previously hindered server transfers.

One of the changes was an attempt to address an exploit, with Juniper Berries getting an updated reward table. As the player's level increases, the coin rewards they can get also gradually increase. This is similar to what early missions do to prevent players from creating new accounts just to grab early gold.

This patch also has related updates for the Void Gauntlet and Ice Gauntlet and Rapier. The game content has all been rebalanced so that they work as intended. An issue where the Mutator schedule sometimes does not rotate as expected is one of the issues that has not been fixed but has been resolved. The game team did add some code to help track down the issue.

Also, you can read the full patch notes at New World.

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