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Since Diablo 2: Resurrected is a work loyal to the original, players can experience all the exploration content of the dungeon in the original version, including mysterious chat Diablo 2 Resurrected Items gems.

Server problems in the game have always interfered with the player's process of creating the game. Everyone has no other choice but to wait. However, some new players may have noticed an ancient Easter egg directly under the character's name. It is an interactive gem, and it also appeared in the original version in 2000. It can create a chat message, and click on it to change its color.

When the player clicks the gem, it will enter the message "Gem Activated" in the chat, and it will emit a purple light. When you click it again, it will enter "Gem Deactivated" in the chat, and the light will change from purple to blue. These are some very obvious effects after the player presses the gem, but they still want to know if there will be more content afterwards.

We can know from the information on Diablo Wiki that after many clicks on gems in the past, other information such as "Perfect Gem Activated," rarely appears. Players even think this may mean that a gem temple will be added to the game, but this conjecture has never been confirmed. Although everyone currently does not know if Chat Gems will provide the same rare news in the current remake version, there is still a certain Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes possibility.

Jay Wilson, the chief designer of Diablo 3, discussed the chat gem in an interview in 2011, but he once said that this gem will not appear in the third work.

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EA Sports launched the new Silver Stars Objective Player card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team on October 20th.

Several Silver Star cards have been Buy FUT Coins found in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and it will release more cards in the future like many cards released in FIFA 22.

The release of an enhanced version of the Silver Card in Ultimate Team is part of the concept of Silver Stars. Until November 3, the goal of Silver Stars Layún will continue.

For Layún, this is his first special card, and almost all his stats have been added. No matter in terms of passing, or his speed, or defensive, dribbling and shooting data have been improved. Compared with his initial level 74 silver card, it is much stronger.

Layún’s goal is the same as all Silver Stars cards released in FIFA 22, and it needs to be completed in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge competition. These silver star cards can be used to complete other goals that require scoring or assists from silver medal players.

If you want to win the silver star Miguel Layún, you have to win three games. He also scored eight FIFA 22 Coins goals and six assists in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.

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Through the latest news from Blizzard Entertainment, we know that the next part of WoW Classic: the Season of Mastery will meet with players on November 16.

Players of WoW Classic in the Season of Mastery will have the opportunity to re-experience the game in a new environment. Players can restart the game progress from the first level. The original content of WoW Classic will be released in six stages next WOW Classic TBC Gold year.

The WoW: Classic Season of Mastery is a copy of the WoW Classic released in 2019, but it still allows players to experience the game from a new perspective. The updated version of this classic mode will change some of the original core mechanics in the game. These include the removal of World Buffs from the raid, and the removal of the debuff restrictions that can be imposed on the boss at one time. In addition, in order to offset some changes, the life pool value of the boss in the Season of Mastery will also be increased.

In addition, players can level up faster in the Season of Mastery. According to Blizzard, the experience gained in the Season of Mastery is very similar to the leveling process of the Burning Crusade. The XP that players can earn by completing tasks has increased.

Players will be able to keep their character's name in the Season of Mastery starting from November 11th. WoW: Classic players can create up to 50 characters in the latest server and the upcoming Season of Mastery server. Moreover, 50 individual characters are also allowed in Burning Crusade Classic servers.

At 5 pm on November 16, US Central Time, this will be the official launch time of the WoW: Classic Season of Mastery server.

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As the current fast travel system is ruining the fun of Amazon's MMO New World, many players have expressed their concerns.

Since New World was launched in late September, it has received a lot of criticism. But the New World Coins liquidity of the Aeternum world is still a hot issue for players.

In the game, players can use fast travel points in addition to walking without a mount or vehicle. However, these need to pay a price. Moreover, these costs are even unbearable in some cases.

In New World, if players want to use fast travel, they need to spend Azoth. Azoth can be obtained by killing mobs or completing missions, but there is a limit on the number of Azoth you can have at one time. In addition, the cost of travel is also affected by distance, weight, and the faction that owns the territory.

In view of all the above, players expressed dissatisfaction with this system, and even a post claiming that the Azoth ceiling is depriving some players of the motivation and overall experience of playing the game.

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After the downgrade feature in Division Rivals in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team was deleted by EA, in only a few weeks, some stranded players hoped that EA could make it back into the game again.

Compared with the previous year, the online mode in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has undergone very major changes. The purpose of this is to make it easier for ordinary FIFA players to use them.

EA adjusted the FUT Champions and Division Rivals, and now it takes less time for players to get valuable gift packs every week.

However, some players are gradually losing the fun they once gained from this mode because of EA's FUT 22 Coins decision to cancel the divisional competitor downgrade in FIFA 22.

A few years ago, a skill rating system developed by Division Rivals allowed players to move up or down based on the outcome of each game. So the player's skill level will determine the department they enter. If their skill level is high enough or low enough, they will be promoted or demoted at the same time.

In FIFA 22, EA adopts a ladder system, which allows players to move down one position every time they win or lose. However, because the developer added a checkpoint at the beginning of each new division, no matter how the player continuously loses the game, they will not fall below the checkpoint.

For some FUT players, this seems to be an item that can help them add points, because even if they perform poorly, they will not be assigned to the lower level leagues. However, many players report that because they have been stuck in a high-level league, they can't win any more games.

Players think they have lost the fun of playing Rivals because they are crushed by their opponents in every game because the ranking is too high for them.

Obviously, this new setting is not welcomed by every player. Some players don't care how much points are added, they just want to have fun. But who will feel happy when every game is crushed?

However, at the end of each season, DIDivision Rivals will be reset, so players can start again at that time.

However, just for the current situation, players are dissatisfied with their inability to get the number of wins needed for the reward, and they are stuck in too high a ranking. This prevents them from winning the game anymore.

Players are hoping that EA will adjust this mode in the next Rivals season, but EA has not yet made any official response.

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Players can instill items by completing the tasks in the first chapter of Diablo 2: Resurrected, but there is only one chance for each difficulty.

In the first act of Diablo 2: Resurrected, an NPC will allow the player to infuse items. Ordinary items can be upgraded to rare items by infusion, which will increase the power of the item and give it a random combination of magical attributes. However, each Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes difficulty of this action can only be executed once, and each character has a total of three execution opportunities. Charsi in the first act can help players infuse items.

These items can enhance the player's weapons and equipment data. The higher the variety of the item, the better the attributes, and the more magical attributes are added. In addition, since infusion items are very rare, it is also important to decide when to pour items. Only top-notch weapons and equipment can match the best build in Diablo 2: Resurrected.

Players need to complete the "Tools of the Trade" task in the first act to unlock the ability to inject items. In order for the player to perform this task, the player needs to perform several steps. Players need to go to the Monastery Barracks in the game. The Monastery Barracks may be difficult to find, but once players enter it, they can easily complete tasks and get rewards. However, remember not to infuse items in the first act, as this will only result in poor quality weapons. Because when the player is in the first act, he is at a low level.

When the player reaches the Monastery Gates, they can talk to Charsi and get the "Tools of the Trade" mission. After defeating Smith, you can get Horadric Malus of Charsi. When the player returns the hammer to Charsi, she will help the player inject items once but can only be used once per difficulty. The indoctrinated abilities can be saved or discarded according to the player's wishes. It is also possible to complete the first act without completing the "Tools of the Trade" mission, so players should make sure to talk to Charsi and carefully explore the Monastery Barracks thoroughly.

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If players want to play in WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic with their friends, then the layer hopping is something everyone needs to know. After you read this article, you may Buy WOW TBC Gold understand layer hopping or have a new understanding of it.

The release of WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic has attracted the attention of countless players, old and new, who are vying to enter the Dark Portal, hoping to experience the demonic horror in it.

If players want to fully experience the journey of WOW, they can navigate through the dangerous terrain of the outer domain by using a lot of tips and tricks. Whether it is installing some useful plug-ins or finding the best fishing spot, there are many things to learn.

The ‘layer hopping’ is one of the most important parts. WoW Classic is different from the retail version of WOW. It contains the concept of ‘layer hopping.’ due to the programming of the game. There are multiple versions of the same world in each area that players visit in WoW Classic. These versions are all superimposed on each other, which is called ‘layer.’

So, when the player wants to play with a group of friends, and he is playing another one, the problem arises. After all, when exploring Azeroth, it will be more interesting if you have guild TBC Classic Gold members or other game partners by your side.

The above is the relevant content of ‘layer hopping’ that players need to know, and I hope to help you to a certain extent.

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This Halloween event will last from October 18th to November 1st in World of Warcraft. This allows players to have two weeks to get all the TBC classic Halloween epic rewards, including the exciting ones. the World of Warcraft Headless Horseman mount.

To obtain the Headless Horseman mount, WOW Classic TBC Gold players need to defeat the Headless Horseman in the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard Dungeon. This battle is divided into four stages, and all of this is best done in a well-organized team.

First, you need to get the ‘Headless Horseman’ quest from Razor Hill or Goldshire. Since these are daily tasks, players can summon the Headless Horseman once a day. So if the members of the pair also have available summons, the player can summon the Headless Horseman up to five times a day. Most importantly, this can speed up the process of obtaining rewards.

The beginning is very simple, the player only needs to keep hitting the Headless Horseman. When the knight enters the door, the tanks in the team can come forward and taunt.

After that, the main thing players need to pay attention to is to reduce the health of the head to at least 65% as soon as possible, because if it is not done fast enough, the initial stage needs to be repeated.

The next stage is the same as the beginning stage, but the Headless Horseman will not use the burning skill, but will throw the Pulsing Pumpkins into the battle. After a few seconds, Pumpkin Fiends will appear.

Although these will not cause a lot of damage, they will always exist until the Headless Horseman dies. Therefore, to determine the target of DPS concentration, either focus on the knight or eliminate the mobs.

Once the Headless Horseman reaches 1%, its head will fly away again, kill the head again, and the Headless Horseman will be defeated. After the Headless Horseman is defeated, players can get TBC classic Halloween rewards. However, it is worth noting that the drop rate of the Headless Horseman mount is very low. So in order to deal with this situation, you can use grouping in the party to maximize the number of rewards you can get every day.

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EA Sports gave an overview of the next big patch for FIFA 22. One of the highlights of this patch is that it has made some changes to the gameplay, especially in terms of weakening the FUT 22 Coins AI.

According to the description of this patch, we can know that this update reduces the efficiency of AI-controlled players to prevent high-altitude passes and crosses.

This is a major new change that is very popular among players. Before this patch, when AI-controlled players tried to block high-altitude passes and crosses, they were able to stretch really far. Let the players feel bored.

In addition, in semi-professional and above competitions, teams that insist on AI nerfs and CPU AI are more likely to foul.

Before the release of this patch, players should often find that the CPU will knock the player down without penalty, and the referee's ruling seems to have lost its effect.

For some players who play Ultimate Team squad battles, these AI changes should make them satisfied. In addition, the weak AI makes Squad Battles mode less difficult. This mode allows players to get some extra rewards every week.

This patch also has some other changes, and it also has a non-gaming change, but it is only achievable on the PC. This patch solves some visual freezes that may occur after performing skills during the game.

However, for FIFA 22 players reported that the visual fidelity of the game on the Xbox Series S has been reduced, so far I have not seen any relevant explanations. According to the EA Sports board of FIFA 22 Coins directors, this issue is currently under investigation.

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New World players have found an obvious and very easy to implement invincible loophole. The loophole is implemented only by switching the game to window mode and dragging the New World Coins window. When repositioning the New World window, the player enters a suspended animation state so that it cannot be killed.

In theory, this loophole can become an unkillable occupation point during the PVP war. Two New World players from PG Gamer tested this technique and confirmed that it works to some extent. From the perspective of attacking the player, the player who uses the loophole is being hurt. But unless they let go of the window, even if their health is cleared, they won't die. Another tester was able to use this technique to jump off a cliff from another player's point of view, and finally it could freeze in mid-air.

Since this vulnerability was discovered by the community, many players began to call on Amazon to either suppress this problem or freeze the war in the game as soon as possible. Otherwise, the guild may use this loophole in the battle to win territory and gain a significant advantage. In addition, since wars require money to be carried out, the victors will get a lot of economic growth, so they will have a lot of things to do.

Although this window movement vulnerability may be considered a strange one-time vulnerability, it does not indicate that New World's client server has serious flaws. In some cases, it makes sense for the player to become invulnerable when the client does not respond. The player can manipulate the client more easily in this situation, which is surprising. The exploitation of vulnerabilities is usually involved in the New World Coins Buy execution of strange game modes, but it is not a daily Windows UI operation.

In some cases in the past, game publishers usually warn players seriously about the problem of cheating by exploiting vulnerabilities, even if these players use bugs that everyone can use instead of external cheating software. And we don't know how Amazon will deal with this problem.

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