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Light produces a specific laser diode. A front lens focuses the light into a beam. How to strengthen In view of this, how to overcome the maximum distance is determined by the laser diode's luminous output. Performance measured in milliwatts. In order to facilitate the division of split red laser pointer to different categories. Scale range from Class 1 to Class 4 Class 1 Laser has the lowest photometric grade 4 version maximum. In this category you can also see whether the laser pointer beam is dangerous or harmless if it enters your eyes.

5mw 405nm Purple Laser Pointer Pen Light Beam

Laser Classes 1 and 2 have no harm to the eyes of short-term notes and are in good conscience available lectures. Long glowing eyes or with magnifying glass, however, there may be health problems. Class IV lasers and class IIIA laser are dangerous retinal and can damage the eyes. You should not depend on a person.

Is it possible to use a laser pen for recreation?

However, the 1000mw laser pointer has used a number of applications to prohibit the potential danger of access to a pointer in a lot of places under the guidance of the broader entertainment industry. In rare cases, laser gloves are sometimes in hand, and you can see the program on the stage by professional dancers. Different from the pointer to ensure that these will usually produce low power on the eye safe and highly divergent rays. In one or two cases, the bill is used as a magic show for the magician's props.

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The laser pointer can be used on foot or in the outdoors. high power laser pointer are lightly frightened by large wildlife, which makes them suitable for hiking and camping. In this case, the laser pointer can also be used as a convenient survival tool because it can be used as an emergency rescue signal at extreme distances during day and night conditions, aircraft and other parties visible. For example, in the evening of August 2010, two men and a boy rescued the red laser pen from the swamp by the rescue team. Accurate alignment of the strongest laser pointer is used as a laser for a sphere with a target firearm.

Green Red Purple Beam USB Charging Laser Pen Black & Sky-Blue Shell Kit With Cable

200mW Laser Pointer

Some military use of laser marking in the night target aircraft. This is done to ensure that "friendly" and "enemy" goals are not mistaken. A friendly target, an IR transmitter can be seen supporting the use of night vision (eg pilot). In order to determine the exact location of the enemy fighter, they will simply use the green laser beam of the target to detect the attack aircraft. This can mark one of the most accurate ways of targeting the target.

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