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[ULTRA DURABLE] - Constructed With Heavy Duty Industrial 600D PVC Nylon.

[ULTRA SPACIOUS] - Holds 2 Rifles & 2 Pistols w/ Additional Pocket Compartments.

[ULTRA SAFE] - Lockable Zipper Sliders On Both Firearm Compartments.

[ULTRA DELUXE] - Molle Grid, Paracord Zipper, D-Ring and Backpack Straps.

I love this rifle bag. What a great way to transport all (or all for that day) your guns to the range. I currently have my saiga 12 and ak in the bag in the main compartment. 2 12 round magazines fit in the side with the saiga 12 and I have 2 30rd mags in with the ak. The front zipper holds my taurus judge(it's fun) and the other side holds my glock19. The three pouches in the front hold 3 extra mags for the ak, 2 boxes of 12 guage(25rds each) and 1 box of 45 long colt and 410 guage. Oh and I have 4 extra mags for the glock in there also. My cleaning kit also fits. The back strap works but I honestly won't ever use it that way. The divider in the middle can be taken out and used as a station to clean or modify your toys. I will be buying more of these cases. Please keep up the great quality and being a veteran my self I like how it's a veteran owned company. Yes the holes for locking the zipper do work and all the velcro and clips feel nice and sturdy. Will last a while I think.

This is my second Savior rifle bag. I love them both. I compared my Savior bags with bags available locally and there was no comparison. To get anything near this quality I would have to pay more locally. This one has the ability to be worn like a backpack. I do not use it that way, I just use the handle. There is a divider that lets you put in two rifles without having them scratch each other. There are a lot of pockets, they can be secured a couple of different ways. The quality is excellent in my opinion.

My friend opened the back of his SUV and my Savior bag with 2 modern sporting rifles fell out on its end. I was worried but nothing happened to either one. I may have just been lucky and it wasn't on concrete. It was a good distance to the ground though. The padding around the sides helped for sure. I hope to never have that happen again but I feel like this bag protected my rifles more than my previous case would have.

1. Overall Construction: Great durable material, tight stitching, well thought out pockets and inserts, zippers are smooth and feel strong.

2. Usability/Function: I have my fully accessorized shotgun, Rifle, and a few handguns, ammo, along with various tools I absolutely don't need all comfortably packed for transportation. The Backpack feature is cool, though I rather hold it on one shoulder like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando, while humming the Terminator Theme song..

3. Price/ Shipping: Well worth the price, and the shipping was almost next day (for me at least)

4. Overall: Extremely satisfied with my purchase. The case looks great even when strapped to my fat ass trying to waddle across the range in style.

I've tried several other rifle bags but not many dual. This is well constructed with double stitching throughout the bag. D-rings are metal and clips are of the larger size. Compartment space is abundant and well thought out, with room for extra magazines but also miscellaneous items. I carry a Colt 6920 and Rem 870, both with optics and customized. The double shoulder straps make for carrying over long distances no problem. I've carried at a fast pace for over 200 yrds and had no problem.

The orientation of the long guns took a little time to figure out but I'm not carrying 2 similar guns so the placement had to be figured out for balance and easy closing. If the rifles become unbalanced or are not secured, it can make zipping up the bag difficult but this is not an effect of design but application and usage. I have added additional loop velcro patches to the exterior for applying added identification information. There's plenty of space for much more velcro and could be an improvement by the manufacturer. Overall, a solid double long gun bag.

WOW. I was skeptical about buying this bag. I never thought the bag would be as nice as it is. I’ve had similar bags including one that’s comparable to this one but that bag was over $200. The quality of this bag from material to construction is top notch. I’ve told several military and law enforcement buddies of mine about this bag and they plan on buying one. I’d buy It again and again if I had more rifles to put into them but I don’t and I highly doubt the bag I have now will need to be replaced at all. Tons of storage and protection. Padded interior and zipper latches that can be locked protect and secure your firearms very well. I have an AR12 shotgun and an AR15 rifle. The bag holds 6 mags for the AR15 and 4 mags for the AR12, a couple eye protection cases, sights, ear pro, tools and has plenty of room for more. You can carry the bag like a duffle bag with a great padded Velcro handle OR it has great quality straps to wear as a backpack. I couldn't be happier with this bag and I recommend anyone that wants a two rifle bag to buy this one.

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