A trick in Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives the impression that players have an active volcano AC bells from OUTOUT's blog

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community is all about ingenious islands and builds that push the boundaries of ingenuity to their limits. The endgame goal for most Cheap ACNH Bells players is to create new designs, and one player discovered a way to create the illusion of an active volcano in the game. After several iterations, the final product looked like a volcano with flames shooting out of its mouth when viewed from a certain angle.

To demonstrate the finished product, Reddit user xMethodz posted a video of it to Reddit, much like a tutorial for animal crossing new horizons bells. The video showed other players how the creation turned out. They also pointed out that, unfortunately, it only appeared to be correct from a specific angle.

In the comments section, many users stated that they planned to combine the two items on their island. Some users inquired as to how they could obtain the volcano, as they had never seen one before. On the whole, users praised it for being yet another distinctive Buy ACNH Bells design.

Despite the fact that the two items are a little underwhelming and only work when viewed from the right angle, they are still a novel and imaginative pair of items. However, it does not appear as though xMethodz was attempting to incorporate the combination into their aesthetic; rather, they were simply showcasing their idea in the hopes that others will be inspired by it and replicate the look.

In free ACNH items, unique and imaginative designs are extremely valuable, and as a result, they are sought after by a large number of players. As a result, whenever a new design, such as xMethodz's, is created, players immediately copy it to see how it fits into their own island's aesthetic. This innovation has produced a community that is constantly motivated to create new designs and share them, resulting in an engaged and friendly playerbase. This is yet another example of a creative player uniting the community around an innovative design, as demonstrated by XMethodz's volcano design.

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