When it comes to assembly lines what are the advantages of using automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from GUNGUN's blog

Both laser guiding vehicles and magnetic guiding vehicles are relatively new technologies that are transforming the way manufacturing lines run.

As a result, they are critical in determining the best design for your production lines:

- Capacity for adaptation

Due to the prevalence of stiff conveyors on assembly lines, it was critical to calculate the number of operational workstations at the start of the process. They lacked the ability to adapt to changing market conditions and customer preferences.

When a business is suddenly pushed to adopt an item, the process becomes time intensive. Due to the large expenditure and space requirements, transitioning to a new generation of continuous operation assembly lines was particularly difficult (such as vehicles, washing machines, stoves, and computers).


To account for this tendency, the AGV and AGC enable us to design flexible lines with variable workstation tracking and placement. Additionally, their extraordinary adaptability enables them to be utilised in the development of new products or components.

- Low-cost maintenance and upkeep

In comparison to conventional methods, AGVs are particularly successful because they have a low total cost of ownership and maintenance across the entire system. Additionally, they neglect preventative and remedial vehicle maintenance.

The AGV or AGC systems are a dependable and low-maintenance option. As a result, the system is guaranteed to operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

- Software for Command and Control

Additionally, these systems are managed by software that keeps track of the time the car is parked, the activities that must be completed, the destinations, the battery charging system, and traffic management, among other things. Not only may these technologies help you increase the security of your operation, but they can also help you discover and control the factors that affect your processes' competitiveness.

Reduce the likelihood that your operations will take place on an assembly line. Contact us today to see how GIEICOM can help your firm maintain a competitive edge while also enhancing efficiency.

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