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Shades of cheap OSRS GP Mort'ton (Risky). Multi-skilled minigame that is about creating a temple and protecting it from monstrosities. In this game, you'll get experience in Crafting Firemaking, Combat and Prayer abilities. In addition, there are chests to unlock which hold items up to a Rune tier.

Tai-Bwo Wannai Cleanup (Risky). Amidst the exotic Karamja continent there is Tai-Bwo Wannai Village that requires some tidying up. If you can help the villagers with this monotonous task, players be awarded Trading Sticks which are used as a currency to trade within the village. Remember that occasionally you may be attacked by poisonous creatures as well as other enemies residing around the area.

The Gauntlet (Risky). The player enters the dungeon without any tools or items, and is forced to fight a Level 674 Crystalline Hunllef boss and his gang of mobsters using whatever are found on the way. After completing the maze, the most brave adventurers may get rewarded with an inactive variant of Blade of Saeldor - the most powerful melee weapon that can be used one handed within the game.

Tithe Farm (Safe). It is as the title implies you will be farming in this one. It is located in the Hosidius home where you can cultivate specific seeds and care for them until harvest. Because it's one of the best ways to get into Farming you could meet many people.

Trouble Brewing (Safe). Two teams challenge against each in the production of bottle of Rum. The players can develop various areas by taking part in the activities required for Rum production. There is an NPC selling cosmetic items for points earned during the game.

Volcanic Mine (Risky). Underneath buy old school rs gold a Fossil Island you can find the Volcano that holds a wealth of ore. Players who posses over 50 Mining levels and who meet other requirements can challenge themselves to mine the said ores within a certain time. This is a fantastic way to earn money and an amazing method of increasing Mining skills.

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