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However, a word of cheap OSRS gold caution: cutting wood even when you are a member isn't as profitable when with respect to other low-effort methods . Oak logs earn around 21k gold each hour, and the highest slot non-members wood - that is yew - cost double as expensive. While members can access magical wood, this is barely 130k gold each minute, and is nothing when compared with another money making method restricted only to members.

We've listed it here alongside other suggestions to present a complete picture of OSRS cash-making, and also to remind you that although some activities can make you rich, it's not always worth your time (unless you're playing as woodcutter (which is very fine).

Old as the world's biggest food event and money-making activities is not the most efficient method of earning gold-plated pieces in OSRS however, it's also the most enjoyable, and by far. Unfortunately, non-membership members are restricted to catching lobsters on Musa Point near Port Sarim which can score you around 20k gold an hour.

This isn't the best value If you've signed up and are looking for a place to improve your fishing skills The catch of infernal fishes can bring around 280k gold every hour with a 99% success rate. It's not even necessary to use feathers lures. If you are not afraid of PKers and want something a bit more intense, dark crabs are waiting to be found, scoring 380k gold per hour.

If you're looking to remain in the comforts of cities this method is a good fit for most. It doesn't require a membership accounts, has minimal entry requirements (just raise your crafting level to 6 and you're good to go) It also helps you master crafting, and can yield around 100k gold pieces every hour, by simply grabbing some gold bars and necklace molds, and then putting them into the furnace. This is a non-membership approach and considering the fact that requirements are almost non-existent, this should be your preferred method to make some gold fast.

Mining runite requirements buy runescape 3 gold are simple but they can be quite expensive - you will have to level your Mining level to 85 and purchase a dragon or a runic pickaxe and a looting pouch. When you're done you can head for Lava Maze in the Wilderness where Wilderness Mines are located. Be cautious since it's Wilderness, and PKers are everywhere So don't take any valuable items you'd hate to lose with you, for example, j melee weapons, and food items with you.

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