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Don't lose hope Don't give up, the  OSRS GP Temple Knights are coming soon. I am sorry for my inconsiderateness. I did not request my servant's coats and even your life. Oh Hobbes... Mayor Hobbes has level 83 and is able to use magic as well as melee. He's immune to all magic , with the exception of fire, however you can also use melee and shoot him. If you kill him, the Mother Mallum will be terrified. Savant"This is odd. I'm teleporting back to you to the base immediately.

You will be teleported back to the base. The teleportation will take only a few minutes with Mother Mallum and a few slug victims. She immediately takes control of the Commander Callon. He's at level 138 and is only able to be defeated with melee. If you defeat him, the Mother Mallum will teleport away with a group of capture knights. Savant is happy to follow you. Follow her and you'll fight an 235 level Mother Mallum who uses Water Wave, poisoned range attack, a long range melee attack, as well as an instant short-ranged melee attack.

The Mother Mallum will only be wounded by three methods: Rune crossbow bolts which are coated with the enchanted dragonstone. These can be purchased at Savant for 24 hours before she is teleported. Method 2: Smoke and Fire missile spells. Method 3: The Dragonfire Shield blast. I think people will use the second one, but it's worthwhile to mention the other two. To aid her when her health drops to below 40%, Mother Mallum can summon Level 51 Giant Lobsters or Level 78 Slug Victims. If you can beat her, you'll be Quest Complete

Rewards. 4000 Slayer and Firemaking Experience 4000 Slayer and Firemaking Experience, 8000 Runecrafting Experience Promotion to Acolyte when you've completed miniquest, access to Acolyte Armor. You're so thrilled. The next day, you have two kills. A 12/9 ko for your dds and a single hit to a guy who is missing...

Now you have enough money OSRS gold for sale to buy something you've been saving for since its inception. The BGS... With your strength of 87 You are now in a position to travel the world and kill people. You put in the offer. 23532,300gp... It buys instantly. It is displayed like a note after you select it to release it. You then spot someone just your level, who has just killed If you use your BGS quickly enough, you can ko him and get his d-legs... You immediately bank and then remove your new BGS. Then you attack him.

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