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EA Sports' "Madden NFL" franchise has Mut 22 coins always been the home of one of the video games' most anticipated as well as most listened-to soundtracks. Since 2003 the game has included some of the largest hitters in the field of music, with brand new tracks making appearances on soundtracks past, while classic tracks are also a fixture in your earholes.

KanyeWest and Blink-182. J. Cole, Bon Jovi, and J. Cole are just some of the artists who have appeared on soundtracks over the decades. EA Sports has done it again this year. Like "Madden 21", this year's soundtrack includes 11 tracks specifically designed for Madden which includes Jack Harlow, JID and Morray.

Indy's story isn't an easy one. After a defeat on the road against Tennessee in which the Colts played Wentz with two ankles that had sprained (reminder that people have only two ankles and if both of them are injured, it's a problem), the Colts have Miami and Baltimore traveling. A trip to Baltimore and Miami that puts Houston home for three weeks is nice but the Texans are operating as an extremely hard-working team this year and will not just lay down and go down for a division rival that's only managed to score 56 points over the course of the season.

If Wentz plays 75 percent of the Colts games this season, the Eagles have a 2022-first-round selection from Indy, no matter what the Colts performance is at the time of the season's end. The shift from the second round to the first would also be activated if Wentz plays 70 percent or gets a playoff spot. The current draft pick is the No. Next year's draft will be the 3rd overall. This is ... not great.

Giving up a high second-round pick buy madden coins is also sub-optimal, but giving away any pick that is top 5 or top 10 is inexplicably unacceptable when it is possible to avoid. In the three games played that have been played, the Colts are running 204 plays and Wentz played in nearly 199. This is 97.5 percent of the Colts snaps. The Colts need to decide on their position during the season. They should also decide if it is worth the chance to give away an elite draft pick to those who aren't fit enough for a quarterback position at an acceptable level.

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