If they're the first I'm happy. I ran my own from Weiweismart's blog

If I'm forming an organization to collect an item, and have already gotten the tank/healer gathered, why would I want to WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold fight a rival DPS? The item needs to be dropped, and I'll need to win an item with a coin. DPS are a dime a dozen.

If they're the first I'm happy. I ran my own SP group for 11 days consecutively to allow the trinket to drop and made sure every time the other two dps wouldn't require it. A lot of people wanted leather legs or simply to turn their attune in. It's a mess when they wait until they're on the street or worse still at the boss. And then they have their friends all rolling on it . They can then swap it with them.

As someone who has a complete bis Rogue alt farming gear for bis was hard. My mage was 50% up until I reached 70. The process of making tailoring gear is easy. In Kara as well, all physical dps share most of the same equipment, while my mage hardly needed the gear that Prince left me when I reached 70. Rogue is more difficult to conquer than my mage or ele shaman. The combopoint -, uptimecooldown and energy-management between dps and imp ea is rough as compared to slamming bolts yet causing a lot less dmg.

There's not much left over, there's the "rogues are a waste of time" meme and people just tend to take it seriously. I'm a top-ranked dp in all of my dungeons. We're able to only compete with just a tiny fraction of the content and everyone hates rogues.

They also have a hard in getting into raids as raids can only have one when they have the physical dps to support it. If they are accepted in they gotta spec into upgraded armor, which means being brought in for a buff they have to spec into. This means that you will be required to spec every when you wish to raid or pvp.

All the power they have are available from other class that has more damage than they do. It's the best option for pvp, which leaves some rogues uninvited to play, but able to take on. This is due to the fact that rogues bis-pvp items require a lot of pve gear, so even if buy WOW TBC Gold you're "the guild raid rogue who is preparing to acquire warglaives", you will have trouble pvping, since everybody will be out gearing your character.

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