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I had/have no problems in completing the RS gold quest. But I'd like to share a bit of humorous humor I found in the adventure. You'll go to Thurgo after having spoken to Reldo and the knight. Click on the right-click and select Talk to Thurgo. Two options will appear the skillcapes of smithing. Something else.

Choose "Skillcape of Smithing" Your character will say, "That's an unusual cape you're wearing, what is it?" Thurgo smiles and says, "It is a skillcape for smithing." Shows that I am an expert blacksmith, but of course that's only to be expected. I'm an Imcando dwarf, after all and everybody knows we're the best blacksmiths."

Now, right-click on Thurgo and speak to him once more. Select "Something other than" again. Your character will now speak to you, "Hello." Are you an Imcando Dwarf?" Thurgo says, "Maybe. Who would want to know?" (Thurgo's frown shows that he's not satisfied with the response. Thurgo has told us seconds before that he is an Imcando dwarf. We then ask him "Hello." Is it possible that you're Imcando's dwarf?

I chose to do the quest to acquire rockshell armour and to explore the various islands. My quest started with a drinking contest. It was an awful joke to go to seers village to obtain the potion to cheet in this contest. I ended up drinking beer from the bank to have house parties with emo.

Next, i had the liar portion which took me forever just to locate the amazing alter. I must admit that lolly was very amusing. Then, it was time to continue with the merchants trial. This was made simpler by the guide to sals quests. I found it difficult to locate the next person. I think it's wise to give everyone what he or she wants at the end.

The talasmin quest was tedious in the hunter section. The maze was simple to navigate using the guide to sals quest, and it was also an enjoyable experience. While the steps in the sals quest guides were tedious Peer in the Seer was quite entertaining. I was happy to be able to leave his house.

For the fight with no weapons or armor... It was an eppic fight, but it took so much time to obtain the three forms of the man who is deathless. Well i must say that it finally was worth it for cheap OSRS gold all the quest exsclusive items, like the pet rock. Tell me your experience.

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