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In the past few weeks, the Genshin Impact community has been protesting that miHoYo did not give away any rewards for the first anniversary of the game that have a real meaning. Although Genshin Impact earned more than $1 billion from players during this time.

Many rewards are hidden in Genshin Account activities such as fan art or role-playing competitions, and the rewards that miHoYo gives players are actually an activity of the gashapon system itself. They promise to give 90% of players a relatively useless 100,000 Mora, and then the other 10% of players will get a daily Primogem drop worth about $5 per month.

The usual gashapon games will put a lot of effort into the anniversary event, because they get income, and free items will attract more new players, and will encourage old players to stay. However, Genshin Impact did not do so. Even though, during these weeks, fans have fought back, and social media has also reported some reports. But nothing has changed, miHoYo will continue the announced activities as usual. And there is only one day before the true anniversary. But there is still no big move on miHoYo.

For this anniversary celebration, what players want most is a free five-star. And what the players demand is not the limited five-star that is difficult to obtain, but the basic five-star characters that will drop in the standard pool. And this will make new and old players satisfied, and miHoYo does not need to spend a lot of money.

In addition, the drop of Genshin Impact is also very stingy. Even if miHoYo gives each player 10,000 Primogems, there is no guarantee that they will get a five-star from the banner. The odds of paid gambling opportunities provided by the game are very low, but only if they make a lot of money from them. As a game merchant, miHoYo's operation this time is really disappointing. Compared with the anniversaries of other games I know of, its anniversary event is really the worst. Moreover, they did not even respond at all. Maybe on the anniversary day, all this will change. However, it seems that players should not report any hope.

As a big well-known game manufacturer, miHoYo is so stingy in awarding the anniversary event of its popular game Genshin Impact. You know, thanks to the support of many players, they have developed into the level of success they are Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts today. However, it seems that they only know what to ask for, but not to return. Their attitude this time is really infuriating!

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