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How were these workers able to get over these obstacles and create the system the way it is now? What was the process that RS gold allowed the complete control of a market be handed over to allow a free economy.

The government at the time reforms its standards regarding monopolies. They were later eliminated. But, Jagex has stated themselves many times that they're not certain of how to stop them. They aren't able to create laws within the game to stop the occurrence of monopolies. The game's environment doesn't perform as well as it should. The economy is.

How can you stop a massive force from taking control? A union is formed, or a group. Unions were formed by workers in 1800 to DEMAND increased wages, shorter hours of work, and more hospitable conditions. They are still in existence today and have a solid presence in a variety of industries.

The Solution. You might be thinking, "How will a union help the economy?". I'll tell you, this is how we are going to do it. We will act like the merchanting families formed trusts to control markets. Here is how their system functions. There is a minimum quantity of an item. Each item carries along a demand and supply. This equation demonstrates the way that free economics operates.

The clans now have control of the supply. We must control the demand in order to thwart their strategies. If you are able to control the demand for items the prices will not change beyond what they should be.

We will need to establish several anti-price manipulating clans to fight their strategies using boycotts. We will monitor the market on a regular basis to identify any items that they are using. Then, we will organize as efficient of a boycott as we possibly family to reduce their impact on the marketplace. The manipulation of prices will eventually stop, as many of the members make less each year.

If you're already price manipulating, read this This may make you think, "This is going down the amount I earn!" True. But, the ratios to the cost of the items you purchase and the money you spend will remain similar. Since you can find lower-cost items, you don't need to spend excessive amounts of money to be able afford the things you want. This lets the OSRS buy gold market flow freely and a lot of people will be able to participate in it. Although an economy that has 100 wealthy people is likely to end, one with 10,000 different players will last.

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By Weiweismart
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