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A good Madden 22 squad takes money, especially if you want to compete online.

While packs can yield some amazing players, you will need to fill specific positions on your team. Now is the opportunity to buy packs, equipment, or people at auction.

While some players may be happy to pay real money for Madden 22, the majority will be seeking free in-game currency.

What is the best way to get money in Madden 22 Ultimate Team?

Fulfill your sole duty

Complete the Campaign's simple tasks.

Most of these challenges pay off if you meet certain criteria. And you'll always have valuable players to trade for complete sets.

They are essential to unlock the game's fantastic prizes. Selling a challenge-earned powerup player can net a nice profit. Several members of this category are early-game assets that can help you complete more challenges and earn more stars.

8,000 coins = 8 tasks. While the game's difficulty isn't as low as the Campaign, the circumstances are. Every week, Legends provides you with a steady stream of players and currency to help you achieve your goals.

The first two Gridiron Forge challenges are similarly fun and easy to complete. Later stages require a strong squad and specific talents, so save this for the minor difficulties.

Finally, the Campaign has the easiest preseason (depending on how committed you are).

The first few challenges are easy - most are set to Rookie difficulty and feature a squad ranked lower than yours. Then things get tougher. The goals are simple: 5 rushing, 15 passing, and a touchdown.

After finishing the Legends set, the first two Gridiron Forge sets, and the preseason in Campaign, you should have over 50,000 coins. It may be able to attract some notables via auctions.


Taking part in MUT's auction game is a great way to buy madden 22 coins.

Like the stock market, buy low and sell high. Profit from people who don't study and make mistakes by discounting good players. Buy a player card cheap and resell it for a profit. Every sale can easily yield 500-1000 coins if done correctly.

So, here's a Cameron Brate Others have approached him with 4,900 and 6,500 coins (the guy that put him for 9,600 will hardly see any offers). Buy him for 2,900 and sell him for 4,000+.

Five times per day for a month's worth of madden 22 coins.

Remember that any auction sale includes a 10% "tax." This should be considered into your calculations to ensure post-tax profitability.

But one!

This isn't a way for acquiring madden 22 coins; it's a coin preservation tip.

Packs are a waste of money. Open packs only when a set requires a minimum number of players. Buying a pack is a bad investment if you value your Coins at all.

But one bundle is always worth opening: Get a Player. Professionals know this, but beginners don't.

Buying a Player Pack is one of the cheapest options! To begin, you will need to open a pack daily to achieve your daily goals, so choose a cheap 500 coin pack. Second, these packs will comprise players who are either influential or beneficial in some way.

You can either trade them or add them to your set.

Not to mention finding players worth three or four Get a Player packs. In the previous situation, a Core Rookie with 74 OVR is worth 14 training points.

Become a MUT Rewards member now

With a little effort, the third technique of obtaining money in Madden 22 Ultimate Team can be rather profitable.

Pro, All-Pro, and Legendary MUT Rewards are based on the amount of packs earned in the game. Every month, a new bargain with a new assortment of goodies is introduced.

Some honors can be exchanged for madden 22 mut coins, but not all. And it's free to join.

Opening those Get a Player packets will also help you attain a higher MUT Rewards level.

In Madden 22 Ultimate Team, the best way to generate money is to work hard and make good decisions.

Keep an eye on Actions – selling a free player or buying low and selling high are always options.

Remember your Limits. The early ones are simple and produce a lot of madden 22 mut coins

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