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But, jumping and gliding aren't all the WOTLK Classic Gold tools that can be used to move that the Demon Hunter has. The class also provides greater agility during combat. For instance, dashing to deal damage to everything in your path with Fel Rush or doing swift backward leaps to ward off timed attacks using Vengeful Retreat. Metamorphosis allows me to transform into a gigantic Demon in a jump up into the air before slamming into the ground, causing a flurry of shock to enemies nearby. In my Demon Hunter was rarely stationary during combat and definitely made the fights more exciting.

While the new moves aren't essential in the beginning but using them as a complement to the Demon Hunter's combat abilities gave a fluid feel that was previously missing from WoW. It was extremely satisfying to get a large group of mobs together and then slash through them with Fel Rush as well as stun and attack them with Metamorphosis, and then double-jump before gliding off to a new enemy. I was constantly moving, a stark contrast from the static nature of traditional World of Warcraft combat.

Even venturing outside to an area known as the Broken Isles didn't dull the satisfaction of the Demon Hunter's versatile toolset. Even after it became apparent that the quests in the new continent needed to cater to the movement constraints of various classes, too, my delight with the Demon Hunter's nimble combat style didn't wane.

The primary storyline of Legion will reveal that Demon Hunters represent a gray area within Azeroth's Horde Alliance alignment. Demon Hunters are a class that focuses on demonic energy as well as abilities to defeat demons in a fight-fire-with-fire approach, meaning that my character was often viewed with suspicion and disdain from NPCs throughout Legion's story arc buy WOTLK Gold . It's an interesting twist to WoW's typical good-versus–evil approach but it's also something I've not experienced before. The experience of playing Burning Crusade with a Blood Elf made me accustomed to dealing with prejudice in WoW's tale.

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