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 America is addicted to football. We all Madden 23 coins watched regardless. Football was so embedded in our fall activities that nobody wanted to put down the TV, even without refs who had any clue about what they were doing. Instead of a boycott our favorite sport, we watched it in a record number, and then united in our disgust. This is why Goodell and the company's owners believed that Madden NFL 23 could afford to go through only a few weeks, with the product that was mediocre.

The other hand ...

8. America does not mean bullshit. In sports, at least. In the second game that was definitely going in around in the wrong direction due to bad officiating. The roar was loud all over the nation. The president of the United States even complained. It's possible that Madden NFL 23 could've gone all year with substitute refs and not lost any ratings But that's not actually the main reason. The general disdain for Madden NFL 23's offices Madden NFL 23 workplaces is a dangerous thing, and even if they'd had to wait a couple of weeks without replacement refs the result would be many more errors, and a bigger loss in credibility. 

The term "credibility" might seem like something that isn't important for a team that exists on the strength the antitrust exclusion, which has teams lobbying for a brand new stadium, which is funded by taxpayers every 15 years to support a business that is likely to be harmful to its employees' health... Well, sure. There is no doubt that Madden NFL 23 has been proven unbreakable, but it won't necessarily last forever if the entire nation watched that the game was turned into an entertainment show because Madden NFL 23 players were unwilling to offer referees a payment of $60.000. 

Perhaps institutions make fans powerless and buy mut coins madden 23 , after you've seen that Madden NFL 23 became overwhelmingly disregarded by fans, critiquing this Madden NFL 23 was beneficial for a range of other powerful institutions--from ESPN to the White House. This was just three weeks! Imagine how loud and loud the screams would've been had this been the case all year.

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