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This is why I was surprised to observe so many "no" results. There was a report earlier in the week about players wanted to change their vote and the Madden NFL 23 Players Association rejected their request. It was speculated that most of those players were looking to change their voting by changing it from "no" to "yes," once they had more details about the CBA. There were a lot of players who were initially"iMadden NFL infuriated by the voices on Madden 23 coins social media. I believe once they began to look into the CBA for themselves, they wanted to modify their votes.

Then again, according to Benjamin Allbright, it wouldn't have mattered anyway:

Concern: Madden NFL 23 CBAI'm told that the percentage of players who had asked to change their votes ranged from teens to teens. They "wouldn't have affected" in the last tally.Far most concerning was that around 20% of voters didnt vote.

The most powerful leverage for players in all this is the threat of sitting out games. My perspective is unique from this, as I was part of the lockout in 2011 and CBA discussions. Players believed they'd be able to stay out for the duration of a season. After that, as they started to savor the start of the training camp, the players bowed. The players needed cash. They had taken out loans that were high-interest, or were short of money in the months leading up to the season. They needed a deal and that was a requirement to pay lower rates.

While it is true that the Madden NFL 23PA had been informing players for a few years to cut costs in the event of a work stoppage, remember that I mentioned earlier: a majority of Madden NFL 23 participants are rank-and-file. They're not prepared for a holdout. They've yet to put money back, sometimes due to age and/or inability to. Even some veterans who talk a big game aren't ready to do that. That's a problem that's always hanging over the negotiations.

It's not possible to be completely satisfied with Mut 23 coins the labor arrangement or any other negotiation the other side will have to give a little and gain a little. This being said, I'd been a 'yes' vote for this CBA even though I'm aware of its shortcomings.

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By wilkinson
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