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Other brand new elements added in this expansion include Island Expeditions, where three players take on an assortment of challenges on an islands. You'll be competing against a team comprised of   WOTLK Classic Gold three players, controlled by either AI or real players from the other faction in order to be the first to complete the task. The world of PvP is changing too as Blizzard intending to eliminate the distinction between PvE and PvP servers.

There will be also new Allied Races, which you are able to introduce to your team: Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren as well as Zandalari Trolls for Horde, and Void Elves, Lightforged Draenei along with Dark Iron Dwarves for Alliance. You may even gain the possibility of playing as the race you choose, like the one above. Doing this will get you started as a level 20 player.

We also learned we learned that WoW WOTLK classic Legion's level scaling is set to be extended across the game. Blizzard also announced new information about HotS, World of Warcraft 's new hero Moira along with StarCraft II going free-to-play, offering players an opportunity to play the game without having to pay an amount. We'll keep you updated when more information is released.

World of Warcraft 's Legion expansion brought about a major shift in the way that levels were handled with players being able to pick the order in which they want to work through its zones within. At the WoW WOTLK classic session during BlizzCon, Blizzard revealed it plans to expand this feature to all of WoW WOTLK classic which will give players much more freedom in how you tackle leveling.

It's not as simple the way they did in Legion because zones will be able to have a range of levels. This will ensure that you don't over-level an area that you'd like to spend the whole story in, and it ensures that you don't go back into the starting zone when you reach the cap on level and you're fighting the wolves. 

It also allows players to select the order you'll explore expansions. For example the expansions Outland along with Northrend will increase in difficulty from levels 60-80, which means you don't have to cheap WOTLK Classic Gold necessarily do Burning Crusade content once you attain 58 or so. In addition, all of the scaling will be applicable to rewards and dungeons so that you can play as you please as well as not being punished.

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