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Compared with her joy, Qi Jun's face was black to the extreme, he did not even glance at the side of the medicine girl, staring at her coldly, "do you want the king to sleep with other women?" Tang Qing did not feel the danger, thinking that they were men and women anyway, sleeping together was not quite normal, so he nodded without thinking. Medicine woman watched two people interact, this time without waiting for the king to open his mouth, she consciously left, she did not want to be thrown again. Will promise her to come over, nothing more than want to see her give up, but the old king did not even look at her, how can you agree to her request. Sure enough, after the medicine girl left, Qi Jun was completely furious. You're fine, slave. Danger is approaching, late Tang Qing, finally feel that there is something wrong, she just want to find the woman for help, but found that the medicine woman did not know when to leave. System baby, the woman left me and ran away! The man is blackened and goes on a rampage. How can he break it! Ask for help! Tang Qing quickly asked the system for help, but the system looked lazy. She was sure that she could hear a trace of schadenfreude in the broken system. What else can I do to accept the violence of the black man. The system has not finished speaking, the whole Tongsheng is not good! What did he see? He saw the man kiss his host! wtf!! The main system, forgive him for being rude! The same system is generally shocked by Tang Qing, she never thought that one day the black man would kiss her! Is not the general kiss,Jumping castle with slide, is the kind of lips and teeth! "Well.." After the shock, Tang Qing struggled to resist, but how can her small forces be compared with Qi Jun, who was born on the battlefield. For a long time, when someone was about to faint due to lack of oxygen, Qi Jun finally let her go. Stupid minion, don't you know you can breathe? Tang Qing was already silly. "Who knows if you haven't kissed him?" He stormed. The words succeeded in pleasing the other party, so a new round of kisses. It's starting over again. Qi Jun looked at the silly slave in his arms, the corners of his mouth rose slightly again,Inflatable mechanical bull, "Zhi son, how to kiss once or can't learn, it seems that the king has to teach you once." Tang Qing continued to panic, but this will somehow have restored some reason. No, no, no. I've learned. "Is it?" With an incredulous look on his face, Qi Jun raised his hand and stroked her slightly red and swollen cherry lips. "Have you learned so quickly?" He said with a smile? The king doesn't believe it. Why don't you try again? Let the king see if you've really learned it. The words fall, not waiting for the person in the bosom to refuse, Qi Jun once again cover the lips up. Tang Qing's whole head is in a blank state, from he kissed himself, to he actually called himself Zhi son, to his smile, every action is full of incredible, but the other side actually did it! At this time, the system, which was in a state of consternation, suddenly made up a knife silently, "Task completion index.." 76%……” This time, Inflatable water park on lake ,Inflatable water obstacle course, Tang Qing can no longer calm down! Because it reminds her of the snake spirit disease man in the previous life. "Department.." System, do you remember the last life. Although not very want to, but the system is still way, "." Remember Tang Qing has been in front of this scene silly forget to cover up, so bright in a daze, which makes someone very uncomfortable. Can also be in a daze in this kind of time, this king's Zhi son is really different from the average person. Qi Jun seemed to smile. Tang Qing inexplicably hit a shiver, just as she gave birth to escape, someone seemed to have a conscience, "just, today will spare you, if the next time like this, the king is not sure what to do." Qi Jun is in a good mood, but Tang Qing is dispirited, and at this time, the system suddenly issued a strange tone, "Xiao Qing Qing, Qi Jun will not do anything to you." "Why?" "Because he.." Yang Wei. 9. No Chapter 9 Wang Ye, please be gentle. The words of the system let Tang Qing a little better, after all, now the man a strange disease, also can not how she, now as long as follow him, complete the task with the previous life in general, can retire. In the comfort of the system, she quickly adjusted the state, not to resist Qi Jun. "Wang Ye, it's getting late today. You can rest early and I'll go back first." The king was so keen that he soon discovered her difference. He thought the little thing would be struggling for some time, but now that he had figured it out, he had saved some means. As for the present, she could go. Although she had never talked about feelings, he also understood that some things were too tight and counterproductive. Good, Zhi son also rest earlier. Qi Jun suddenly became gentle as jade, Tang Qing face indifferent without any surprise, this is also thanks to the last generation of the snake spirit disease man, let her have this kind of calm ability. Back to the small pharmacy, Tang Qing did not rush to sleep, but quickly made the antidote, fortunately, she has a system of gold fingers, making the antidote does not take the brain at all. However, the antidote is only part of it. Suwang has been ill for a long time, and he has to cooperate with acupuncture and medicinal bath. At the thought of this, Tang Qing had a headache. Seemingly aware of her headache, the system said gently for the first time: "Beautiful girl, go forward bravely, victory is just around the corner." Tang Qing:.. If you have something to say, I'm embarrassed to scold you like this. "Little Qing Qing, we've always been like this." For two generations in a row, the system always feels that something is wrong with these worlds recently, so it can only coax the host. If you have something to ask me, you will be a little Qing Qing. If you have nothing to ask me, you will be a fool. You preserved chicken system! "That's a term of endearment for you." All right, how about I give you a pet name, too? For example Wax? Little bitch? You can't let me call you little Tang Qing to finish. Seeing that the system was silent for a long time, he teased him again. "Little bitch, although the man's blackening is horrible,inflatable amusement park, it's the man's face that's really good. Do you think I should push the boat and cure his unspeakable secret?" "The world doesn't allow feelings unless you want to be punished." The system is semi-threatening. Oh, little bitch brother, there are many dirty deals in the world that take the kidney but not the heart. joyshineinflatables.com

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