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It turned out that the fat man's strategy was correct. There were so many monsters in the half of the Demon Soul that people got goose bumps. But relying on invisibility, he tried not to attract the attention of the distant monsters. The thunder of hell shocked the attack of the monsters around him. The slightly missed attack was also resisted by the rough and fleshy warrior. A group of people struggled to settle down in the Demon Soul Hall. Use the wall of fire to burn it in the line of sight, after cleaning up Xiaoguai. Everyone clung to the wall and moved to the lower left corner, trying to stick to the wall to ensure safety. Four warriors, three Taoist priests and three mythical beasts formed a human wall that was enough to block all fourteen mages in the corner. The power exerted by the orderly inverted triangle mage matrix formation is quite terrible. The rainstorm is like a mine, and the electricity has never stopped. Is playing hard. In the voice, the tsunami suddenly muttered: "Something is wrong?"? Is it too long for anyone to come? The Demon Land Monster is not so perverted, is it? "What?" Because the tsunami spoke in a low voice. The fat man didn't hear clearly. I made a casual inquiry. I said that sealing the devil was a little different from when I was playing before. No, but there are more monsters. And the variety of monsters has increased. And the difficulty of monsters seems to have increased several times. Tsunami Doubt Tunnel. Really? "" The fat man grinned. The fat man was a little strange in the front. Because there is a big difference between the European service and the national service. All the way from the front. But I saw a lot of monsters in the national service without demons. Let's not talk about the monsters of the pig hole system, the Zuma system and the zombie system. That is the basic standing monster of the Demon Land. It's just a little confusing in the place where the European service is refreshed. And the extra land is the monster of the centipede cave. And the monster of the Woma Department. There are no monsters such as evil pincers and Worma guards in the national service. I thought it was the difference between the European service and the national service. As a result, feelings were not like this before. Yes. In the past, although it was difficult to seal the demon. But much smaller than Zuma. Otherwise, players will not give up Zuma and choose to seal the land directly. So it was not easy to get in before. But I used to be able to rush into the cloister of purgatory alone. But now with a full team. It is so difficult to cross a crossroad. And the Demon Soul Temple has become a strange nest. Two floors in the back.. The meaning of the tsunami is self-evident. The current situation. It seems that even the Demon Soul Temple may not be able to pass through. Not to mention the back two floors. Moreover, have you found that the same kind of monster is getting stronger and stronger in the back? It is obvious that the elite level monsters similar to the ordinary Zuma and abnormal Zuma in the national service have been added. They look the same in appearance, but their experience and blood, attack, defense,uns c70600, magic and speed have been greatly increased several times! Tsunami is also a little confused, before he met the fat people, he also left the European service for a period of time, after several minor revisions and a large-scale revision, perhaps the problem is here. Tsunami couldn't figure it out, so he had to ask the foreign players. As a result, he was dumbfounded when asked. According to the foreign players,uns s31803 sheet, the big revision experienced not long ago, in addition to adding new maps, also made partial changes to the existing maps. It used to be that the difficulty of Zuma Temple was far more than that of the later updates of Fengmo and Akatsuki, which belonged to the absolute forbidden place of death. However, as the player's level increases and the power of equipment and skills increases, the European service official has made a major revision, resetting the difficulty concept of the European service. It seems that the monsters before the Cangyue Island version were all sealed in at one time, not just the monsters of the Rainbow Demon Department, so in the last few layers of the seal, there are not only the Rainbow Demon Leader, the Rainbow Pig Guard and the Rainbow Scorpion Guard, which are the only three empty commanders of the rainbow Demon Department, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x60 line pipe, but also the Zuma Leader and the Worma Leader. The difficulty of sealing demons has been raised dramatically. That is to say, in order to increase the playability and difficulty of the game, not only the original difficulty of Zuma Temple has not been reduced, but the original difficulty is not so great that the official European service has become a horrible forbidden place for players, but also a place where even senior players dare not come easily. Expedition team of a bunch of people can not help but be shocked, no wonder there is no player to come here, the original European service seal magic monster types are very miscellaneous, plus the number of monsters is too much, whether it is playing treasure or Lian Ji, here is not a good job, the same equipment to spend time here is better than to go directly to Woma and Zuma, now after the revision and enhancement, Not only has Xiaoguai added several levels of elite level Xiaoguai, but also added a new monster system, how can people play this? Fortunately, although it is said that all the magic objects before the Cangyue version were banned, several foreign players said that the only spider monster without the red moon system, otherwise a lot of wedge moths and horned flies would be mixed with the two killers, the moon demon and the phantom spider, and the players would not live. Expedition team personnel are not clear about the situation, rashly ran to this ghost place, and that group of foreign players are blindly believe that this group of magical Chinese who know "Chinese Kung Fu", thinking that they are sure to hit the back, so they are in high spirits to follow to get some advantage, which can be seen as trouble: sweating, as if there is a little BUG, the front is not easy to change. Had to use the revision to correct it, sweat, sweat, do not investigate, do not investigate. 132 Full service chaos "Khan!"! So what to do? Can we get in by taxi? The fat man was shocked by the perversion of the European service, and did not know what the official of the European service was thinking. Originally, the technology of the players in the European service was not very good, and the difficulty was set so high. Is it possible for the players to get in? If you can't even beat the monster, how can they play? "Isn't it a good fight now?" The elder brother did not feel how difficult it was to fight, although some monsters fought slowly, but it was not impossible to fight. Maybe you haven't met the elite monster yet? Tsunami guess, there will be a phenomenon that the monster can not move because the monster's own magic and defense is too high, the player's attack falls on the monster does not work, as long as the player's skills can make the monster cost blood,x70 line pipe, that means that the player's attributes are enough to break the monster's defense to damage it, even if the cost of blood is less, there is still hope to kill slowly. lksteelpipe.com

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By Elizaveta Jak
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