Melancholy Ran Ran to the end of a thousand mountains from Elizaveta Jak's blog

I didn't realize such a strange scene until now, and I was a little puzzled after I realized it. Current: [take medicine without an injection]: Aren't you the eldest in our family? Why is it a woman? Poof. No injection brother good thinking, however, this is indeed a very puzzling question, but between my wretched shemale number of fame, I am quite a little proud to ask. Current: [Dark Night Ran Ran]: Dude, are you new? Current: [take medicine without injection]: Brother, I played last year, and this year I just turned it out to bask in the sun. Then I replied rather calmly. Current: [Dark Night Ran Ran]: I am a personal demon. Current: [take medicine without injection]: Oh After chatting, we watched the fierce battle ahead in silence, but we were not quiet for a while. If you don't have an injection, you can't stand loneliness. Current: [take medicine without injection]: In the future, you will be big and we will be small. Hmm? What does this shrimp mean? Current: [take medicine without injection]: Do you know why the eldest brother doesn't get married? My curiosity was seduced, and I was looking forward to the following message from my brother who didn't give me an injection, but it took him a long time to send it. Current: [takes medicine not to give or take an injection]: Because the male number that we ghost night assassinate is her harem, had so much male, still marry why? (Punching the table, laughing and crying) In the future, you will be big and we will be small. Humph! Poof. From hunting to dividing the spoils. > Current: [tottering]: Wallet (go out without money), will "take medicine" to revive,uns s32760 plate, he talks too much.. I watched the beautiful woman in white on the screen use her flying skills to move around smartly in front of BOSS, and the chat box above the characters also floated up and down with her agile movements. I looked at the resurrected brother who did not have an injection next to me and stood up reluctantly. Current: [take medicine without injection]: Boss, you can't forget your old love when you have a new one!!! I saw the beautiful brother who jumped into the air with a sledgehammer and was ready to give BOSS a blow. He was obviously stagnant. He accidentally missed the position of the attack. Then BOSS waved his sleeve and concentrated on the beautiful vital point. The red blood bar suddenly lost four fifths. At the moment, to fall beauty, a jump block in front of the beautiful, in the resistance of BOSS at the same time, will be beautiful blood bar full. Current: [beautiful elder brother]: Take medicine not to give or take an injection,316 stainless steel plate, do not have a thing to be able to seal your that mouth! After that, a blue-winged doctor dressed in blue Qin went out and walked to my side without money. I was resurrected by a technique of returning to heaven, and then I threw myself into the intense war. I was so wretched that I quickly scattered my feet and hid behind the stone. Current: [Night Ran Ran]: Beauty, come on!!! Looked at the time, there are 10 minutes, the demon counterattack activity is about to end, at this time a big BOSS and two small BOSS energy is still very strong, the ghost night assassin died and died, alive and alive, has been around the altar, to prevent BOSS from further occupying the altar roof. Suddenly, another man appeared from the door of the stone gate. I opened my eyes wide and looked carefully. The madman also came. Now: [Don't catch me]: Boss, guys, I'm late! Current: [beautiful elder brother]: Depend on, 316l stainless steel pipe ,x60 line pipe, I say claw, we have been shouting in the force for a long time, why do you just come! Claw? I gave two dry laughs. Current: [Don't catch me]: I saw the female Taoist priest Yueshuang in the sacred stone of the cave group. She shouted to kill me, a heartbreaker. I don't know where she learned that my number was the previous storm. She was chased by a group of MMs for a long time! Although the madman was surprised, he immediately joined the battle after saying this. More than one person is a force, the madman, after all, is a master of Warcraft, the operation is not generally gorgeous, the killer's action has always been fast, and has the function of invisibility, at this time, but in just a few weeks, the madman's number actually reached level 75, so the madman came up, it is incumbent upon him to become a meat target. Hiding in the stone, I saw a lot of colorful clothes at the stone gate. Current: [Zi Pu]: Boss, look, the assassin of Ghost Night is defending the Tiantai of Sacrifice! This unfeeling person is too able to chase, can be comparable to the paparazzi! Current: [take medicine without injection]: Claw, you are so lucky that there are so many younger sisters on the rooftop to support you! As soon as the non-injection brother finished speaking, the madman who made the meat target jumped into the air and jumped to the side of the non-injection brother who took the medicine. He led the monster to the past. At that moment, the blood bar of the non-injection elder brother turned into a quarter. I am happy in the bottom of my heart, watching a black (don't catch me), a white (tottering), a mighty golden warrior (beautiful brother) three main control of the situation, madman as a killer, make full use of its lightning speed, operate the human design, make BOSS dizzy; Beautiful as a warrior, the fierce lethality is unparalleled. A cloud hammer with a protection value of 13 attacks BOSS head-on. To fall as a doctor, while singing to slow down the action of BOSS, while using solid pulse and blood for beautiful. The operation of three people is unparalleled, and the speed of action is powerful. I couldn't take my eyes off the three different colors fighting in front of BOSS. Finally, I was excited to see the small BOSS health bar suddenly reduced, and then only heard a "ah", two small BOSS was very exciting to die on the ground, the big BOSS without the support of the small BOSS, the situation has become precarious, only 15% of the health bar survived, everyone was overjoyed, so a wild bombing. Just when everyone thought BOSS was about to be solved, the unfeeling people who had been watching at the door suddenly rushed in. I was surprised to see that the group of MMs took up arms and cut down the weak demons with boiling blood, like the women's army led by Liu Hulan who walked behind the Red Army during the war. (Some Jiangzi stroked his forehead and tried to think: Liu Hulan has ever led the Detachment of Women = =!!! I sharp-eyed found that the frost MM rushed to the side of the madman,uns s32750 sheet, a look at the madman's blood bar only a little bit, I can not help but mention the throat, this frost will not suddenly open red to the madman a knife!!.

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By Elizaveta Jak
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