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Whether it was the Central Army or the Shaanxi-Gansu Local Army at that time, the top level of the army attached great importance to promoting and strengthening the amount of training in the army. When Duan Guoxue's Southwest Army entered China and became the ruler of China. These military techniques have not been abandoned, but have been paid more attention to and promoted more professionally and scientifically, because apart from anything else, this kind of scraping training has an unparalleled innate advantage in cultivating soldiers'blood! Auston thought he could change the situation by virtue of the white man's height, strength and rifle length. But soon. Chinese bayonets and broadswords tell them, don't even think about you! "Kill". Zhou Yexiong a from bottom to top of the block, the back of the broadsword opened to stab his bayonet, and did not wait for the other side to react to the broadsword then from top to bottom of the homeopathy mercilessly split, the Australian soldier only felt himself from the shoulder to the belly a cool, "simple moves although look plain, but only long-term practice people know," Such a move requires a lot of wrist, arm, shoulder,liquid bottle filling machine, waist and other muscles to instantly coordinate the explosive force, the force is too small to open the bayonet. The strength of the move is too heavy to control with the old knife head. The seemingly simple and effective killing move is the price of a lot of sweat paid on weekdays. Even though the three-two-du rifle was shorter than the Enfield rifle in the spear, the disadvantage was not obvious in the hands of soldiers. Moreover, the Australian soldiers, who had not experienced too much special training, were no match for the Chinese soldiers after absorbing the skills of the three Japanese soldiers to stand up and fight. Only two minutes passed,plastic bottle making machine, and in the space of one hundred and twenty seconds, a large number of corpses and seriously wounded people lay on the intertwined positions of the two sides. Most of these people were brought down to the ground in hand-to-hand combat, and even if they were injured and fell to the ground, the difference in the will to fight between the soldiers of the two sides was immediately apparent. Most of the injured Australian soldiers lying on the ground were lying and wailing, while the Chinese soldiers were injured and could not get off the line of fire. In fact, they also knew that they could not get off the line of fire even if they wanted to. The two sides have been twisted together, and if they want to survive, they can only drive each other out of the position so that their comrades can rescue themselves after victory. If the other side wins, even if you can stand up to the other side, after rescuing your own soldiers, it may be your turn only to have a bullet aimed at the head. As a result, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,water bottling line, the Chinese wounded continued to fight with their injured bodies, and the intestines were stuffed in to continue fighting. Can not walk around to see the legs around, as long as it is not their own legs in the side of the dead embrace. Stab with a bayonet, bite with your mouth, even if you can't hurt the other side, you have to interfere with the other side to create a good opportunity for your comrades-in-arms to assassinate! "Devil!"! They are devils! When several Australian soldiers watched a Chinese soldier in front of them open his stomach and stuff his intestines into it and continue to fight with a rifle, their psychological defense line collapsed. The three of them stabbed the Chinese soldier four times, but the Chinese soldier was like an immortal demon. The color of the intestines outside his body was unusually dazzling in the sun. The red, blood-white intestines and the constantly dripping body fluids made the three Australian soldiers sick. What frightened them even more was the blood on the bayonet of the Chinese soldier. This is the blood of two Australian soldiers, originally five Australian soldiers besieged him, now only three "and even if he fell two in exchange for four wounds on the other side, he could not let the Chinese, who is less than 1.6 meters tall, fall down!"! When the Chinese soldier jumped on an Australian soldier again, the Australian soldier collapsed. He was the first to throw down his rifle and run back. After that, it was the second and third person around him. In the whole position. Then the fourth person, the fifth person, and the sixth person began to escape like this. Under the death-defying and crazy fighting of the Chinese soldiers, how could the Australian soldiers who had experienced such a tragic scene withstand such a bloody and tragic scene? Immediately. The courage and morale of the Australian soldiers collapsed under the bayonets and blood of the Chinese soldiers. The Australian soldiers began to abandon their positions and fled to the place where there were no Chinese behind them. They did not want any country or their bounden duty now. They just wanted to get away from these devils as soon as possible. They just want to go on living. "Don't run!" 。 Auston shot and killed two fleeing troops in an attempt to hold his ground and attack again, but now the whole line is collapsing. He personally stopped such a huge wave of routed soldiers. "And he did not know that he was dressed like a turkey in an ordinary chicken farm, which had long been the object of some Chinese soldiers'eyes.". While loading his own pistol. Auston was suddenly thrown down by a huge force, and before he could react, he was quickly counteracted by his right hand and foot, and his head was severely hit by the other side with something he didn't know, which made Auston tinnitus and dazed, and he seemed to see that it was an ordinary Chinese soldier who had restrained himself. And the thing he had given himself seemed to be a grenade. Oh, was he not afraid of the grenade explosion? With this question, Auston fainted happily. Company commander, I arrested an officer! 。 Ye Shunyou excitedly motioned to Zhou Yexiong about the Australian officer under his body, only to see that the other side's belt had been untied by Ye Shunyou, probably because he was afraid that the high official he had caught would run away. Ye Shun had tied up some ruthlessly, not only like a rice dumpling, but also the other side's boot straps were tied together at random, causing a lot of problems for the other side to escape. Yes, it's a major. Don't be greedy for military exploits. Keep pushing forward and completely defeat the other side. Zhou Yexiong was happy to see the collar flower on his opponent's shoulder, but he immediately realized that now was not the time to count the results of the battle,juice filling machine, and that the battle was not over yet. Yes! Company commander! Ye Shun did not care when he heard it. He grabbed the rifle beside him and continued to rush forward. He knew that his military exploits could not run away. Battalion commander, the first company has broken through the enemy's rear, and the second and fourth companies are expanding their achievements on both flanks. gzxilinear.com

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