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Then, hearing two muffled hums, the two ferocious men stepped back several steps and both fell to the ground, unable to get up again, perhaps they had fainted. As soon as Yue Teng's eyes lit up, the divine light shone, and Wen Qin was even more startled: "Ah!"! Perform a great feat! It turned out that as soon as the boy looked back at the child, the two fierce men took advantage of the gap to attack and pounced on each other, especially before they could do so, each of them had already split a palm in the air. The young man in strong costume was talking to Ao'er. In a hurry, he performed a great feat. With a grasp of his back arm, he used his strength to make the two fierce men slap each other. Just as the young man grasped it with his back arm, the big fellow standing at the door of the private seat raised his right wrist and struck two golden bells with tiger's eyes, striking lightning behind the young man. At this time, it was also the time when Yue Wenqin had just uttered the cry of surprise. Fearing that the young man could not cope with it, he was about to make a move when he suddenly saw the young man turn his head and point in the air. With a sound of a tiger's eye and a golden bell wave, he exploded into pieces. Yue Wenqin gave another cry of surprise and said, "Ah!"! Gan yuan refers to! The second tiger eye golden bell followed again, but saw the young man blowing, the tiger eye golden bell, its speed like flying, snatched a sound, embedded in a pillar above. Then he saw that the boy was still sitting still, as if nothing had happened. At this moment, this young man has already performed two kinds of unique skills, one is to perform magic skills, and the other is Gan yuan Zhi. These two kinds of unique skills have not appeared in Jianghu for decades, and they will be displayed again tonight. How can people not be surprised. Even Yue Teng's brother and sister secretly admired and praised the young man's skill, not to mention other people. Of course, everyone could only stare at him in a daze. After a while, three more people came out of the private room. As the first person, his face was like a full moon,ultrasonic dispersing machine, his complexion was white, his figure was slender, and he was dressed in a blue silk gown. About thirty years old, he looks very gentle, but his eyes are like lightning, and his temples are very high, especially the calm and calm state, which makes people know at a glance that he is a master of learning. The other two people, is also two strong big fellow, look at the momentum, look at the appearance,ultrasonic welding transducer, obviously two people are not weak. As soon as the three of them came out, the big fellow, who had been standing in the doorway with a tiger's eye and a golden bell, bowed to the leader and said, "I tell you, Mr. Lang, there is someone here who is very fierce. The next two brothers are badly hurt." But see that person raises eyebrow slightly, ask indifferently: "Have such thing, but do not know is that superior person?" Although the voice is low, but the whole audience can hear very clearly, it can be seen that the skill is extraordinary. Originally the ferocious man was about to tell, but saw the young man stood up and laughed: "It's the young master-me, what's the matter?"! Do you want to set up a beam? The man smiled faintly, raised his hand, and with a whoosh, the tiger bell embedded in the central pillar flew into his hand, and all the people in the audience were startled. Want to know that the pillar, and that person standing distance, at least more than three Zhangs, this kind of empty take things, regardless of skill, technique, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic handheld welder, have been perfect. After he handed the tiger bell to the fierce man, he said with a smile, "My brother is You Song, the Lord of Snakes. I didn't expect to have the pleasure of meeting a superior here." After a short pause, he said with a smile, "My teacher is the Venerable Snake. May I ask the name of this little hero? Who is his teacher? In order to avoid misunderstanding." After he reported the Venerable Ten Thousand Snakes, all the people in the audience were surprised again, because the Venerable Ten Thousand Snakes was a famous villain among the Ten Demons. Thirty years ago, there were two popular sayings in Jianghu, that is, "There are two evil spirits in Liaodong, and they are called two in Lingnan." It refers to the Venerable Serpent and the Venerable Divine Power. Unexpectedly, this Snake Lang Jun You Song was the disciple of the Venerable Snake, so, except for Yue Teng's brother and sister, all of them were devoted to the lovely young man. Suddenly the young man laughed and said, "My brothers are all over Jianghu. Since they are unknown, you don't know. As for the inheritance of your teacher, you don't have to ask, because I'm not related to you playing with snakes, and I don't want to make friends with you.." "Shut up!" Snake Lang Jun You Song shouted, "What a crazy boy! How much weight do you have?" As he spoke, he went straight to the young man in strong clothes and walked calmly. The young man saw the snake Lang Jun You Song, the oncoming force is extraordinary, walking slowly, times see skill, people have not yet arrived, but first there is a murderous look pressing. Therefore, also did not dare to be careless, hurriedly turned around, concentrated alert. In a moment, the snake Lang Jun You Song, has come to the front of the young man, the two sides are apart, only a hand between, but both of them are standing at will, looking at each other, who did not make a move. As a matter of fact, no one dares to act rashly first. Because of the posture of the two men, they seem to stand at will, but in fact they are well-guarded and flawless. It seems that no matter what angle the other side attacks from, they will strike back with a thunderous counterattack in their own minds. Both of them seemed to feel that they had met with great vigor and did not dare to be careless at all, but they did not dare to rush forward easily, so they had to watch each other intently, one was to prevent the other from attacking first, the other was to search for the other's weaknesses and wait for an opportunity to attack. At this time, all the people upstairs are full of heartstrings, full of murder, sharp and steep, in addition to Yue Teng brother and sister and the white scholar, all are looking at two people on tenterhooks, even the East China Sea Jun Pang Ze, is also a bright eye, not a moment. When Yue Teng saw the white-clothed scholar, he was still gently shaking the folding fan and sitting with a smile, as if he had nothing to do. He was calm and calm, and his heart was broken secretly. He said to himself, If this man doesn't have a peerless knowledge, he must have never seen a murder or a fight in Jianghu. Otherwise, how could he not be moved when his younger brother is at daggers drawn with others. About a cup of tea time, the young man and the snake Lang Jun Long Song two people, although did not fight a move, but each person on the forehead has been slightly sweat, obviously two people until now, still have not found each other's flaws, and give themselves an advantage. After a while, he suddenly saw You Song Jiyan smiling and saying, "This little hero really deserves to be a master." The boy smiled and said,ultrasonic spray nozzle, "Don't stand on ceremony." At this point, the tension between the two sides gradually relaxed, and the mood of the people gradually eased and stabilized. Suddenly I heard Snake Lang Jun You Song say again:.

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