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"I think such a talented person should be the vice president-this is my personal nomination, and I hope you can support it." —— Without any surprise, the second referendum unanimously approved Tang Zhong's proposal to join the Red Eagle organization. Moreover, under the active nomination of several members, Tang Zhong served as the vice president of the Red Eagle. As long as he nodded, he could immediately perform his duties and enjoy the rights of vice president. Jinxiu Hall is a three-storey hall, covering thousands of square meters. Of course, this refers only to the main building, and behind the main building, there is a very large courtyard. Each of these courtyards has its own name, but also has its own duties, Tang Zhong is the first time to come, there is no way to spy on the wonderful content inside. When Tang Chong walked to the coffee shop on the second floor, Jiang Keqing was sitting by the window looking at the river view, holding a coffee cup,Grey Marble Slab, in a trance, not knowing what he was thinking. At this moment, she was very quiet and had the "lady temperament" that she often said but never saw in her. Her cheeks are charming, her long hair is slightly curled, her eyes are like jade and glass, and her mouth is cherry. Even when she was in a daze,Agate Stone Price, her lips were slightly raised, revealing the unyielding side of her character. This is a charming woman. When anyone saw her, there was no way to connect the image of her slapping and slapping. Tang Chong went to sit down opposite her and said with a smile, "Did you sell me like this?" Only then did Jiang Keqing discover that Tang Chong had come. He withdrew his sight and rummaged through the bag on the seat. He took out a small mirror and looked at his face. After he felt that there was nothing wrong with it, he was relieved to throw a wink at Tang Chong and said, "To be sold, you have to be qualified to be sold.". Some people can't sell it even if they want to. How's it going? Are you done talking? Isn't she nice? "Aren't you a little too shrewd?" Tang Chong holds a negative attitude. Too smart? Jiang Keqing pulled the corners of his mouth. In her position, she was not smart enough to be swallowed long ago, even without bone residue. Besides, what woman in this circle is not smart? Do you think the women in the room who were staring at the Lu boys from time to time were stupid? They have their shrewdness, but they just don't have a chance to show it today. "Are you so optimistic about her?" Tang Zhong asked doubtfully. I study psychology. I thought you should not like such a woman with your character. I don't like her. Why should I like her? Jiang Keqing said as a matter of course. She's so good-looking, white marble slabs ,Pietra Gray Marble, she's so smart, and she can pretend to be a lady-I hate women who are better looking than me. Why should I like her? Seeing Tang Zhong's startled face, Jiang Keqing giggled again and said, "What's so strange about that?"? What woman likes a woman who is more beautiful than herself? You watch TV, you watch movies, you look at the streets and alleys-beautiful girls are accompanied by one or a group of girls who are not beautiful. Red flowers need green leaves. I am such an awesome woman, why do you want to make green leaves for others? "I think if you two stand together, you are the red flower and she is the green leaf." Tang Zhong gave a little flattery. Jiang Keqing slapped the table and scared Tang Zhong to fall back behind him. Jiang Keqing shouted in a coquettish voice and said, "Say it again if you can." “——” Jiang Keqing saw his embarrassment and giggled, and the snow-white meat mountain on his chest trembled up and down without noticing it. Our children have no other great advantages, the only thing that can be said is honesty-but Su Shan is still good. I'm not the only one who thinks highly of her. All the old men and women think highly of her. Her market is very good, and many old people hope that she can become their daughter-in-law. So if you're having fun, you'd better hurry. "You think too far ahead." Tang Chong said. Not wanting to dwell on the subject, he said, "You knew what was going to happen today, didn't you?" "I don't know." Jiang Keqing shook his head. "The third brother of the Su family asked me to come to the Splendid Pavilion yesterday to talk about things, and I agreed-she directed such a big play just by getting such a message. Isn't such a woman powerful enough?" Jiang Keqing looked at Tang Zhong with a straight face and said, "Tang Zhong, I am an incompetent aunt. I don't know if you would like to recognize me as an aunt, but I still want to remind you.". Never look at people through colored glasses. You don't care whether you like her or not, you don't care whether you hate her or not, you just need to think about it seriously-is she great? "Yes, it is." Tang Chong nodded. That's good. Jiang Keqing breathed a sigh of relief. In that case, she is still qualified as a housekeeper. "The housekeeper?" Tang Chong was puzzled. Did she invite you to join the Red Eagle and serve as vice president of the Red Eagle? Jiang Keqing asked. Yes Tang Chong nodded. Are you going to leave the Splendid House to her? Jiang Keqing asked again. Yes Tang Zhong nodded again. The decision he had just made, even just mentioned to Su Shan, Jiang Keqing already knew? Jiang Keqing smiled charmingly and said, "Well, what is she if not a housekeeper?" "But she is the president, and I am only the vice president," said Tang Chong. Does it matter? Jiang Keqing giggled. Tang Zhong, you remember, whether it is the queen or the goddess, she is only a woman after all-is a woman, will be under the pressure of men ah. Tang Zhong almost blurted out a question: "What about you?"? hwww.xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 154, aunt is a non-mainstream! Chapter 154,Calacatta Quartz Slab, aunt is a non-mainstream! Is Jiang Keqing a queen or a goddess? A woman monster or a woman devil? ? A tough woman like her, what kind of tough man does it take to subdue her? Has anyone ever conquered her? Tang Zhong did not ask this question after all, and he wanted to maintain respect for his elders. Although this elder does not look like an elder.

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