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The little paper figure shook its head crazily, slipped out of Yang Guang's fingertips, and then jumped to the ground, as if a violent beast staring at it was swinging its tail discontentedly behind it. When Liang Quan came out again, Yang Guang's face had already returned to normal. The little paper figure held Liang Quan's little finger tightly, even wrapped his short legs around it, then folded the paper head in and leaned upside down on his chest. Liang Quan took a helpless look at the small paper figure, which had not appeared for many years. Are you angry? Liang Quan whispered. Yang Guang waved his hand casually, "if I lose my temper at any time and anywhere, isn't it easy to get premature senility?" Yang Guang this seems to be unintentional words, but let Liang Quan suddenly remembered what he had said, with a heavy heart. If the words put aside to Yang Guang, at most drew him a joke, then lightly put aside. Yang Guang has great confidence and calm, even if it is the ancient God beast, even if it is the so-called destiny, can not hinder him. Half a day later, the noise began again at the city gate. Liang Quan stood in front of the inn, just in time to see the captor pushing the cart past, covered with white cloth. In the woods outside the city, seven corpses were found, which happened to be all the servants who followed the Jiang family out of the county town, and all of them, their faces were missing. Some time ago, there were several murders. Last night, there was another case of arson in Jiang's house. In the blink of an eye, there was another murder in the morning. All the people were in a panic and kept discussing the matter. There were many people coming and going in the inn, and there were also people who had traveled all over the country to see many things. Immediately, a man said, "Did the bandits rob the Jiang family's motorcade outside the city, and then get a human skin mask before they came into the city and set fire to the Jiang family?" The situation of the Jiang family has been almost counted, and it is said that all the large and small items of value have disappeared. The man sitting opposite him immediately retorted, "You were also standing at the city gate yesterday. Didn't you see clearly what Mr. Jiang looked like?" In that way, where does it look like a human skin mask? "Well, that can also be a deterrent. You don't have to use it even if you skin people." The person who was refuted was somewhat untenable and immediately said again. Everyone has his own ideas, and everyone's opinions make the whole first and second floors of the inn full of voices. Jiang Wanting was originally hit by this unpredictable thing, and now standing upstairs to see this, immediately some emotional collapse, the whole person sat in the room for an afternoon. When Jiang Wanting calmed down, it was already evening. Taoist, I wonder what was on my eldest brother's body that day? Jiang Wanting's character is surprisingly firm, and she can still calm down quickly after learning about her family's situation and experience. Liang Quan said, "Those who pretend to be servants should be a strange beast named. As for what your eldest brother is, digital signage screen , I don't know yet." Is a direct substitute for the identity of the Jiang family, but do not know what is possessed by Jiang Childe, but now can also find out why nine people into the house, and finally only escaped eight people. Jiang Wanting was saved, as for the possession of Jiang Gongzi, but directly in the sea of fire directly out of the body of Jiang Gongzi. You are a flying barbarian, and in their eyes, they are more willing to get along with you than ordinary human beings. Liang Quan explained that this is why they did not take Jiang Wanting's life in the woods, and later saved her from the fire. In their eyes, Jiang Wanting is the same kind. Jiang Wanting was silent for a long time, as if she had gathered all her strength before she asked softly, "I don't know, can I let my daughter see her family?" Liang Quan gathered his eyebrows and said softly, "People and ghosts are on different paths." But he didn't refuse. Jiang Wanting pursed her lips, her charming face was very pale, and even her lips were very pale. Taoist, please. Jiang Wanting's words have not finished, then feel a very sharp line of sight, suddenly hit a spirit, she looked up to see the young man in black standing behind Liang Quan, originally wanted to say a meal, and swallowed back. He seemed to know what Jiang Wanting wanted to say. Jiang Wanting's heart kept beating wildly, I do not know why, every time she was stared at by the young man in black, she always had this feeling. As if being stared at by a ferocious monster, the feeling of unusual danger made Jiang Wanting dare not act rashly. It also dispels the dark thoughts that rise quietly in my heart. Liang Quan looked thoughtfully at Yang Guang and did not say anything, but helped Jiang Wanting open another room, just next door. Although Jiang Wanting was a member of the Jiang family, as a Han woman, she rarely appeared in public, and no one recognized that this was the Jiang family who had just suffered. The moonlight was bright, the courtyard was full of silvery light, the swaying branches were scattered with stars, and the full moon was shaking in the pond, with waves and wrinkles. Liang Quan paced slowly in the courtyard. He changed into a looser Taoist robe, which was a little better than the simple clothes. His face was white and his lips were red, but his eyes were still as bright as before, and he was still calm. Standing in front of the window, Yang Guang took a paperweight from the table and threw it down. The sound of piercing the air in his ear made Liang Quan look up and reach out to catch the "flying horizontal stone". Liang Quan opened his lips gently. "Am I bored?" Although the voice is light, it is very clear into the ears of Yang Guang. Yang Guang leaned lazily in front of the windowsill, with a rare comfort perched between his eyebrows, and those tyrannical wantonly moved away from the beautiful beast very quickly at this moment, leaving only a slightly soft expression. It's really boring. Liang Quan chuckled and said, "If Amo doesn't give up, I'll take you to a place tonight." Yang Guang raised his eyebrows and put one hand on the windowsill. He turned over and jumped down from the room several floors high. He stood firmly in front of Liang Quan. "If it's still boring, what will the Taoist compensate me?" Liang Quan's line of sight took a look at Yang Guang's little head, "Amo is really unwilling to suffer losses." Yang Guang blinked, reached over Liang Quan's shoulder and took down the dead leaves. "There are not many things in the world that can make me suffer losses." Apart from those things outside the world, there is really no one who can humiliate the Sui Emperor. When they left the inn, they did not attract anyone's attention.

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The Wall

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