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"There's no need to open the door, miss," said Guan Shanyue. "I don't know how many people will come tonight. I'll go back to the house and wait. Please rest assured that I won't let them disturb the girl." He put the soft sword back in his waist and wanted to go. The light in Gao Mei's room came on and the door opened. Gao Mei stood at the door and said, "Brother Guan, come in and sit down. I have something to say to Brother Guan." Guan Shanyue turned around. Gao Mei stepped back and got out of the way, but Guan Shanyue didn't move. "What do you want to say, girl?" Apparently, he's not going in. "Do the children of Jianghu still care about this?" Asked Gao Mei? I'm not afraid. What is Brother Guan afraid of? He's not very old, and he talks like an adult. Without saying anything, Guan Shanyue stepped into the room. Without closing the door, Gao Mei said, "One of the benches was thrown out. Brother Guan, please sit down." Guan Shanyue still did not say anything and went to sit down at the table; Gao Mei also went to sit down and said, "The teapot and teacup were thrown out and smashed to pieces, but I can't pour tea for Brother Guan." Guan Shanyue couldn't help laughing. She smiled slightly and said, "What does the girl want to say to me?" Gao Mei said, "Why did Brother Guan come to Nanchang '?"? " "I'm passing by here," said Guan Shanyue. "How did Brother Guan offend these people?" Asked Gao Mei? Listen to the'Rattan King Pavilion ''? "Mentioned by Brother Guan. Hear and ask! I don't know if I want to talk more. Guan Shanyue said that there was nothing to hide, and there was nothing to hide. After hearing this, Gao Mei raised her eyebrows and opened her eyes wide. "Well, Brother Guan threw it well. Why didn't you kill him?"? Brother Guan should throw all four out and die! It seemed that the little girl was very angry and hated those people. Guan Shanyue didn't speak. Gao Mei added, "However, Brother Guan's sword cut off the claws of the dozen or so people, which also relieved people's anger." "That's because they're too dirty and shameless,smart board interactive whiteboard," said Guan Shanyue. "Otherwise I wouldn't have hit them so hard and so hard." Still referring to the gang against Gao Mei. Gao Mei took a deep look, and her black and white eyes contained a lot of gratitude: "Thank you, Brother Guan." "Thank you for what?" Asked Guan Shanyue. "Shouldn't you thank me?" Asked Gao Mei! Had it not been for such a coincidence that Brother Guan had also stayed in this inn, I would not have escaped their evil hands. I'm afraid it's still true. "Don't forget, Miss," said Guan Shanyue. "They've come to seek my revenge." "Listen to them," said Gao Mei. "You can see that they are coming for Brother Guan as well as for me. Brother Guan and I have stayed in this inn one after another. They all know that they are powerful in Nanchang, and they also know their strength in Nanchang." "Otherwise," said Guan Shanyue,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, "how could they be so arrogant and arrogant?" Gao Mei said, "One of them let Brother Guan throw out the'Tengwang Pavilion. 'You should know how to restrain yourself. You can still find the inn. If you get Brother Guan's sword, you should know how to restrain yourself." "That depends on whether they will come again," said Guan Shanyue. "Anyway," said Gao Mei, "I've always received two big favors from Brother Guan." Guan Shanyue said, "Let's not talk about kindness, let's talk about great kindness.." Gao Mei wouldn't let Guan Shanyue go on, saying, "It seems that I am lucky and lucky, and I have a predestined relationship with Brother Guan. I recognize Brother Guan as my brother. It's not wrong to recognize him." "It's easy to say, miss," said Guan Shanyue. An indifferent sentence. In fact, Guan Shanyue can not say anything else. Gao Mei also changed the subject: "Out of such a big thing, why not come to the inn to have a look?" "I'm afraid I didn't dare come," said Guan Shanyue. "No wonder." "Those people have been gone for a long time," said Gao Mei. "Why don't they dare to come?" "What's the matter, smartboard for business ,75 inch smart board, Miss?" Asked Guan Shanyue. "We're guests at his hotel," said Gao Mei. "Someone should come and see if the guests are all right? Besides, if my door bolt is broken and my teapot and teacup are smashed, I should find another one and send another set! Or how can I bolt the door and drink tea? That's true. As soon as she had finished speaking, Guan Shanyue concentrated and said, "I'm afraid I'm coming.". ” Gao Mei was also attentive, but he didn't hear anything. "Really?" He asked. "It shouldn't be wrong," said Guan Shanyue. "As soon as I entered, there were two of them." Gao Mei concentrated again, but still couldn't hear anything. "I can't," she said. Just then, in the direction of the second courtyard, there came a small and timid cry: "Guest, guest.." There are two guests, and I don't know who they are. But always call the guests, Guan Shanyue raised her voice and said, "Who is it?" Heard someone to answer, someone to speak, the voice raised a little, but still timid: "I am a waiter, my shopkeeper to see the guest." What two people. "Brother Guan is so awesome," said Gao Mei. "Come in," said Guan Shanyue. It seems that only then did someone dare to enter the second entry. Came in, only Gao Mei this room has a light, of course is to rush to Gao Mei this room, the sound of disorderly footsteps to the door, also saw people, two, one old and one young, is not the inn's shopkeeper and clerk, two frightened faces, accompanied by uneasy forced smile, straight bow, straight bow. "I didn't come until now," said Gao Mei. "But I'm here at last. Come in." The shopkeeper bowed and promised to come in, and the waiter followed the shopkeeper. Guan Shanyue saw that it was the shopkeeper and an old man. He stood up and said, "Please sit down, shopkeeper." "I dare not, I dare not," said the shopkeeper. "Please sit down, please sit down." He didn't sit down, so Guan Shanyue didn't let him sit down again. But Guan Shanyue didn't sit down again either. "The shopkeeper is coming.." he said. "Come and have a look, come and have a look," said the shopkeeper. "I'm all right with my brother Guan," said Gao Mei. The shopkeeper still kept bowing and bowing: "Yes, yes, good luck, good luck." Still timid, as if still afraid. No wonder. I'm not from Jianghu. Although I eat this bowl of rice and read a lot of people, I've never seen this kind of battle and this kind of scene. "Thanks to Brother Guan," said Gao Mei, "otherwise I wouldn't have been able to escape these people. Where did they come from? What do you do? So arrogant, arrogant,smart board for conference room, obscene and shameless, does the shopkeeper know? They are local, the shopkeeper must know! 。

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