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In the attic in the distance, a woman with a gentle smile turned to look at them from the window and chuckled kindly: "Boys, take good care of my small pool." The summer morning sun shines above the drops of morning dew, and everything is just right. They laughed, jumped and ran far away to the bamboo forest. Fading away into the distance. The gentle woman in the window is no longer there. The sun is dazzling. That is the youth green time, gradually away, after a go, never come back. And it's okay. She and the one who hugged her. She buried her face in his arms. Chapter 65 eminent monks The human face does not know where to go. Peach blossoms still laugh at the spring breeze …… "Burn that bamboo building, if the insects inside come out, it's not good in the end." Qiu Ye Bai fell in his arms and suddenly whispered. At the beginning of a hundred miles, her eyes were slightly deep, and no matter when, she always kept three points of sobriety and was not influenced by emotions. He reached out his hand and gently stroked her hair. "Good," he said. Then two dark shadows glided silently past their windows and headed straight for the collapsed house. Moments later, the collapsed house in the bamboo forest suddenly burst into flames, and then the flames spread rapidly as if they were alive, engulfing the large area of houses where the guards lived. Miao people even have no time to rescue, can only be stunned to see that a large number of houses completely into the sea of fire. And above the small building quietly looked at the burning figure of the flame,smartboards in classrooms, silently looking at the jumping flame. On the hot summer night in southern Xinjiang, she only felt cold in her heart. Qiuyebai leaned quietly against Bailichu's bosom, his eyes reflecting the blazing flame, but he was calm. Listening to the uproar in his ears, he suddenly whispered, "Ah Chu, if one day I become something you don't know,digital touch screen board, will you recognize me and be willing to hug me?" Those people in their youth have become completely different, their faces are not covered with dust, their hair is not like a pair, but they should not know each other when they meet. I thought I came from another time, another world, I went through the torrent of time, stepped through thousands of years, thousands of years, thought I had already seen the end of the world of mortals and life and death, only wished to go through another world, the world of mortals, follow my nature, fight for life to heaven, 86 smart board ,interactive digital whiteboard, and live up to my life. But in a Na's broken sentence-that summer. Great At that time, they were still young, without turning against each other, without monstrous killings and bloody deaths. I suddenly found that fleeting time has passed, this moment, I suddenly can feel the powerlessness and vicissitudes of life before time than anyone else. Still can't see through the ups and downs of the world of mortals and the joys and sorrows of the world. The man behind her suddenly encircled her slender waist with one hand and covered her eyes with the other. A soft voice sounded in her ear: "There is no good or evil in the eyes of this palace. What do you become? What does this palace have to do with? Xiaobai is Xiaobai. I or Aze are the only people I want to embrace in this life." Qiu Yebai closed his eyes, stroked his arm, leaned on his bosom, and sighed in a low voice: "When did Your Highness become so good at saying love words?" But his voice, like a handful of warm water, warmed every inch of her skin and slowly soothed the coolness in her heart. I never lie in this palace, but can I call the stupid monk out? Bai Li Chu is cool in her ear. Akiba paused and patted him on the wrist. "Don't make a scene." Aze will come out now, isn't he fooling around? But she noticed that Bailichu's tone was much calmer now when he mentioned Aze. She was silent for a moment and whispered, "I have one thing I want to do for Koike. Of course, you need to promise, and you should not promise." When Baili first saw that she was quite serious, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's the matter?" Akiba hesitated for a moment, but whispered what he thought. Bailichu was silent and did not speak. When she saw his appearance, she put her hand around his waist and said, "I know you will be unhappy. You can object. It doesn't matter. In my heart, the most important person is always you." …… A hundred miles of early soft and cool laughter rang out: "It seems that the sweet mouth is not this palace.". ” Qiu Ye Bai: "Ah Chu.." He looked down and saw that her cheeks were a little white with tears, her eyes, which were always as bright as the stars in the sky, were also covered with a layer of mist, a little wet black hair stuck to her cheeks, and the whole person looked strangely soft. Seldom when he saw her like a girl, he narrowed his eyes slightly and chuckled, "You only remember that you owe this palace this time." When Qiu Yebai saw that he had answered, he couldn't help laughing. He reached out his hand to encircle his waist and bent his head in his arms again. "You have always been a person who refuses to suffer losses." "Why should I suffer losses?" When Baili first saw her, she smiled and looked less melancholy and sad. "Where is your room?" He asked. He's not interested in hugging his own people in other people's rooms. Qiu Yebai thought about it and said, "Yes, you can't stay here for a long time. Someone will come to check. Let's go back to our room first." She paused and suddenly remembered something: "How did you know I was here?" Bai Li Chu said lightly, "The Red Flame is sensitive to its own danger, so I found it." She remembered that she was really in danger before, and that the red flame was a two-headed trick, and it was not surprising that she had predicted the danger of her body. You stay up so late and have a good rest for a while. Akiba Bai whispered and led him straight back to his room from the window. The crane guards who followed them automatically hid in every corner near the white house of autumn leaves and watched all around. Let's say that this double white was hit by a white thrown out at the beginning of a hundred miles. Fortunately, he reacted very quickly and did not kick the big lump of'hidden weapon 'out. When he found that it was a white that hit him, he immediately held him up. However, he also found that there was something wrong with the white state, and immediately frowned: "Hey, what's wrong with you?" His master can throw out a white,smart board whiteboard, it means that he should be all right, but looking at a white face, it is estimated that he was injured.

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