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Sofroni's heart was shocked, and he looked at Asen with some fear. The bishop, who had always believed that he could use the king to accomplish his own cause, could not help but feel frightened by the bloody breath that Assen had revealed at this time. Go and tell everyone to pay attention to the Patriarch's behavior. If he wants to meet with the Archbishop, I want you to accompany him all the time. "Asen stared at the Patriarch's troops who had disappeared in the distance and were led by torches." Don't give any of them a chance to collude with each other. As for my mother, I will find a way, but I am worried about Peter's former You know, I killed my brother. A trance appeared on Asen's face. He stared at the dark night sky in the distance. After a long time, he gasped and said to Sofroni, "Bishop, I want to repent. I want to repent for my actions." Sofroni had a faint smile on his lips, but then he nodded with a serious face and allowed him to accompany the king to a small church, whispering in his ear. By Sofroni's arrangement, Cormat and Pepin were placed in the episcopal palace of the Sophia Church. Looking at the reverent,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, even agitated, monks, and thinking about the humble and docile attitude of the people of the Bulgarian lands through which he passed, Pepin for the first time truly realized the majesty and high position of the Patriarch of Constantinople. The Patriarch of Constantinople, the most exalted of all the five patriarchs of the Orthodox world,faux grass wall, is the head of the Orthodox Church with the title of Supreme Ecumenical Patriarch and the responsibility and honor closest to God's divine servant. All this made Pepin see the elegance of a true religious leader, which made him curious that he had not felt the sacredness of the Patriarch before. It was not until he heard the so-called revelation of God from the Patriarch that Pepin finally realized why he had never realized the majesty of the Patriarch. The emperor is now in the palace of the queen mother. This is the so-called "revelation of God" that the Queen Mother of Bulgaria whispered in Matt's ear in public. It was also this news that made Pepin suddenly understand that for a long time he had never realized that the glory of the Patriarch was entirely due to the glory of another person, which completely covered up the glory of the Universal Patriarch. The emperor of Rome, the beloved of God and the divine son, what could be more remarkable than this man? In front of him, people are always inadvertently attracted by him, even the patriarch who has a high position will always be ignored. I don't know what's going on, but the emperor has obviously established a good relationship with the queen mother, "but Matt laughed in a low voice. He was thinking about the love affairs that the queen mother of Bulgaria had passed down in Constantinople. As for why the queen mother was loyal to the Orthodox faith, even Matt didn't know it." How much of it is because of her past wonderful experiences. And when will Your Majesty appear, fake ficus tree ,silk cherry blossom tree, my Lord? Pepin asked excitedly. I don't know, but I think Your Majesty has obviously done a lot of things these days, and what we need to do is to get the support of the Bulgarian nobles and people. The emperor doesn't want Bulgaria to be in turmoil because of Asen's actions, which will only allow the Crusaders to take advantage of it. But Matt said in a low voice, and he put his hand on Pepin's shoulder. "Listen, young man, you must make sure that the guards outside the city are ready at any time, and that if anything happens, you can protect the emperor's safe return to Rome." "Don't worry, my Lord, I know what to do." Pepin knelt down and took the corner of Matt's robe and kissed it. "Patriarch, I take the liberty to ask you to bless me, so that even if I die, I will go to heaven because of your blessing. ” The tone of Pepin's pious voice moved Kemat, who stretched out his dark palm over Pepin's head and prayed softly in a low, calm voice: "May God bless the pious knight, may your sword be sharp for the Lord, may your shield be strong for the Lord, and may your armor be able to resist the terrible blow and protect your life through the care of the Lord.." As he said this, Matt paused slightly. He looked down at Pepin, who was looking up at him. Then he slowly lowered his head and said a final prayer in a very low voice in the young knight's ear: "May the glory of the Son enable you to win in the end." Pepin's face showed excitement. He bent down despite his heavy armor. After kissing the toe of Matt's boot, he stood up respectfully. "Tomorrow everything may go well, but tomorrow something unexpected may happen," Matt said to Pepin. "Let us pray for tomorrow." ……………… Seddika, the capital of Bulgaria, is built on a gentle hillside, and the Roman emperor's guards are stationed on the small plain below the hillside. Despite their mixed feelings about the Romans, the Bulgarians couldn't resist peering into the legendary army camp. To their dismay, the guards did not rest idly after arriving at the station, but immediately put into intense work. They used nearby trees to set up antlers, quickly dug strange holes of different sizes on the road leading to the camp, and arranged the vehicles that should have been concentrated in the camp around the outer edge of the camp. The Bulgarians were puzzled by this behavior, but after they had been talking about it all night at home,artificial coconut palm trees, as morning came, another surprise happened to them. In the morning light and the roar of the horse's hooves, a crusader suddenly appeared in the east of Sedica. Volume 5 The Age of Caesar Chapter 166 The Change of Coronation Volume 5 The Age of Caesar Chapter 166 The Change of Coronation The Bulgarians didn't think of it. The Crusaders came to Saidika on the day of the king's coronation.

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