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You can only do this challenge a second time. You are able to OSRS Items speak to him at anytime, and he will not let you go. The screen will darken again after you have completed or ended the quest. Your previous quest history is then refreshed. It is possible to repeat the thing again. There is no reward and, well, thats the way it is.

Restrictions. Certain Quests such as the Shield of Arrav won't allow replayability due to the requirement of two people to complete them, and then share the prize. You don't get the reward, and nothing can be done about the fact. That's all. Muttdog offers a suggestion. You could give the viewer the option of watching only the cut scenes.

Guns in RS... Do not be concerned, I have just asked permission for Daniel Quest for Pistols: Gun wasn't intended... Skills required: 40 Magic 19 Smithing 15, 15 Fletching 15 Runecrafting. Items: 2 bronze bars and 1 log with 1 of each elemental rane.

Talk with Patchy first and then ask him any stories he may have about experiences on the high seas. He says to you to contact Bill Teach about his new invention. Talk to Bill about his contraption and he'll provide you with instructions to construct your own. It's a simple puzzle, like the one that you can find in Rocking out.

When the project is completed, you will need 2 bronze bars and one log. Once the log has been carved into "Pistol stock", you can hammer two bars to create "Bronze Barrels". Utilize them in a one-on-one manner. Bill will be impressed by your work and show you how to create Rune Powder. To make "Air Powder", use a mortar and pestle on the air rune. Bill will tell ya that air powder can be used to fire air essences at your foes. But, the elemental runes require at least 40 magic to Buy RS 3 Gold ignite. (Full details will be explained later).

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