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Elaborate Kimono stand is a rare Cheap ACNH Items that costs 220,000 bells and is only available once per player. It is available in five different variations, each with a unique color scheme and design to complement the theme of your home. The Cranes variation depicts two cranes flying over a sunset sky that is red and orange in color from left to right. The Balls variation features a bright pink Sakura pattern that is both festive and playful. Marina, the pink octopus, would adore this pink screen, which would make an ideal gift. Gold Rose Wreath is a rare item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons due to the fact that it must be crafted and requires 10 gold roses in addition to the recipe for making it. The recipe can be obtained from any villagers, but it is extremely difficult to come by. The Gold Rose Wreath, once it has been created and displayed, has the lucky trait, which means that when it is placed inside your Happy Home Academy, it will add 777 points to your overall score.

A player in Animal Crossing creates a complete Monopoly board on their island

A new setting has been introduced in the Animal Crossing series with the release of New Horizons, which takes players to a tropical island where they must make it appealing to visitors and new neighbors alike - but is it possible to play New Horizons without bringing in any new residents? Each improvement that players make brings in more new faces to the town in the form of regularly appearing guests as well as additional villagers, making it difficult to imagine what the island would look like if it were completely devoid of inhabitants. This piano is one of the most interactive items on this list, as players can interact with it by playing the piano, which produces realistic sounds as they do so. In the event that a Grand Piano appears in the shop, make sure to clear out some space and put things in storage.

The Monopoly Edition of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available for purchase
As a result, the entire Zodiac set is extremely time-sensitive. When Celeste is in town at night and the skies are mostly clear, it necessitates that players make wishes upon the stars. In addition to the Aries Rocking Chair, other rare Free Animal Crossing Items include the Taurus Bathtub, the Gemini Closet, the Cancer Table, the Leo Sculpture, the Virgo Harp, the Libra Scale, the Scorpio Lamp, the Sagittarius Arrow, the Capricorn Ornament, the Aquarius Urn, and the Pisces Lamp. The Aries Rocking Chair is part of a collection of rare Zodiac items that also includes the Taurus Bathtub. Because these items necessitate the use of gold nuggets and special star fragments, the retail price of crafted Zodiac furniture pieces at Nook's Cranny is quite high. The Grand Piano is a rare item at Nook's Cranny, and it costs 260,000 bells to purchase it. Its color cannot be changed, but it does spawn in a variety of color variations, including white, black, cherry, and walnut.

The Next Animal Crossing Game Should Take Place in a City Setting

The Gold Rose Crown is another extremely rare item that can only be obtained through the use of gold roses and the DIY recipe. The recipe may be contained within a message in a bottle, or it may be received as a gift from any of the villagers. It is essentially a Gold Rose Wreath, but it is worn on the head as a flower crown instead of on the wrist. This crown, which is perfect for any young god or goddess, requires 6 gold roses to complete and sells for 12,000 bells at the Nook's Cranny shop if a player decides to sell their crown. The Animal Crossing theme packs variation is predominantly purple in color, and it depicts a winding path with numerous flowers. The Tree Peonies variation features a large number of peonies against a vibrant teal background, and it would make an excellent gift for Lolly, the blue cat villager. Finally, but certainly not least, the Hawk variation depicts a hawk flying over a wooded landscape with a river in the background.

Imagining what the city might look like in the upcoming Animal Crossing game

The Zodiac items are extremely rare due to the fact that they must be handcrafted and can only be created during the time of year that corresponds to the Zodiac sign in question. For example, the Aries Rocking Chair DIY recipe can only be obtained between March 21 and April 19, and it is only available during those dates. In addition to the other ingredients, it requires the Aries fragment, which can only be found on beaches during the Aries season, among others. This wreath can be displayed both inside and outside the home, on the front door of a player's residence. It is possible to sell a player's Gold Rose Wreath for 20,000 bells from the Nook's Cranny shop if they wish to sell their gold rose wreath. Some players have invested in servers in order to give their islands an urban city feel when they are not in the city. Others have converted their basements into server rooms, which they call "server farms."This item is not customizable, and it is only available in a single color option.

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