How to getit: You'll require a Solar Ore and a Solar Bar. from Weiweismart's blog

If you don't want to risk your life, search the shelves close to you for a chemistry textbook and discover that a popular poison that is used in assasinations can react with silver and RS gold makes it dull. Smith your silver bar into a rod. Check everything out at dinner. It will be evident. As the dessert arrives the rod will turn black, suggesting that the dish was poisoned. Contact the chef, and he'll be able to admit to any wrongdoing. It is possible to use your Commorb to get acquainted with the chef. He's no longer even aware what the recipe for apple pie is. prepared.

Ask him who he bought it from, and he'll mention someone from the cooks guild that was a guest in the bar of the area. The man had extravagant tastes, prefering wine to beer. Request a job for a short time in the bar. Make use of your Commorb account to buy wine from a customer. There will be a man wearing illegal magic gear. He will run into the garden and then jump over the fence. Shoot him with your ranging equipment and magic won't harm the target. He will be almost dead when you shoot him using an arrow which isn't yours. It's a bit baffling however, the mission is complete.

Mission 2 - Eavesdrop on the Ceremony. You will need Zamorak uniforms to start this mission. Wear them and talk to the Chaos Druid Mage(not one of the 13s of lvl 13) in Taverly Dungeon. He will tell you that their ritual is almost complete, but they still need to get something from Lord Salarin. You can go to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park to obtain an herb that is blessed. The wizard will hand the herb to you, and the potion will explode. The mission is complete.

Mission 3 - Mission 3 - This mission could be thought of an update to Devious Minds. Did you remember at the end of Devious Minds when you were told that the Temple Knights would attempt to replicate the Bow Sword that you had constructed? In order to do this, you must test it out. You will require the following: 20 attack and 34 ranging. You will be given an archer's bow and 20 mithril arrows. You will then be put in a room with a few enemies. You must inflict 20 damage by ranging, and 40 damage with melee using your bow. Mission Complete. As an incentive, you will create more Bow Swords that can be used to perform melee or range attacks

Mission 4 - To catch an thief. Visit Port Sarim Jail for this mission. Talk to the thief inside the cell. He will in the end declare that he has hidden some expensive loot. Only his accomplice knows where the loot was hidden, and the thief isn't going to speak to him. Select Follow to locate the lvl16 Thief inside Port Sarim. He will then stand front of the odd statue that is located in Port Sarim. After he has left, use a spade or a shovel to collect the treasure. Tiffy Cashien will return it

How to getit: You'll require a Solar Ore and a Solar Bar. You can find the mining site and Solar Ore on the west side of the. You can extract the sparkling rocks by going down into the crater. You'll receive 1 solar Ore. Also, close to the mining site is an iron furnace and an Anvil. Bring a hammer as well. Utilize the solar ore in the furnace to cheap OSRS gold create a Solar Bar. Click Smith Solar Staff and use the Solar Bar to create a Solar Bar. After you receive the Solar Staff, you will need to use it. (Requires the following skills: 80 Attack and 70 Magic to Wield)

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