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Essays writing is an elementary task in academics. Moreover, the process itself can be frustrating and exasperating for many. Therefore, it is pretty standard for pupils to look for professional essay writers for College Application Essay. And, while quality essay writing & editing services can be a big help, one must grasp all aspects of a typical essay writing process in order to become a capable essay writer.

This article lays down 10 critical steps for crafting a superb essay.

10 Steps To Writing An Excellent Essay 

Please follow the steps below sequentially to write my essay.

  1. Research

Any content writing process starts with near-exhaustive research on the topic. Conduct detailed analysis on the subject by scouring multiple information sources. Use the Internet (remember to use trusted sources), go to your local library, pore through your institution’s academic database, read magazines, etc.

Go through quality essays, blogs, articles, books, and other kinds of content for better understanding.

  1. Analysis

Researching & collecting relevant data is only the first step; careful data analysis is the next crucial stage. Study the information minutely and find out how it can help you develop your arguments & claims. Also, please take note of any weaknesses in logic and mend them.

  1. Brainstorming

After a substantial understanding of the topic and careful analysis, it is time to rack your brain and develop your insights & arguments. Then, go through the essay question & prompt. Determine what’s being asked of you and brainstorm on the best way to answer those questions.

Come up with your questions that will help you craft thought-provoking content. Define your claims, ensure their logical soundness and then add the evidence. Think deep and come up with original insights.

  1. Thesis

The thesis statement of an essay is akin to a one-line summary of the entire content. It informs your readers about your approach and sets the tone & atmosphere of the article. Therefore, a thesis statement must be assertive, clear, and concise.

  1. Outline

Sketch an outline for your essay before writing it out. It is the skeletal framework that contains the key ideas of the essay. Use one-line sentences to explain the goal of each paragraph and bullets to describe their contents. Ensure cohesiveness among ideas and paragraphs. Structure your thoughts and arguments properly in the outline itself.

  1. Introduction & Title

Writing an intriguing introduction & a compelling title for your essay is exceptionally important. The title and introduction need to attract attention, build up the issue, provide ample background information and eventually lead to the thesis.

The introduction & the title MUST BE ABLE to hook the reader at the get-go or lose it. This is especially applicable when you are writing outside the academic domain.

  1. Body Paragraphs

Every individual paragraph must contain a single idea. However, do not cram too many ideas into a single paragraph. The inherent idea in a section should support the thesis statement.

Start with a topic sentence, state your assertions and back them up with proper evidence, and explain your ideas in a clear, sensible, and logical fashion. Write as if you are talking to your readers directly.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion is key to bringing a graceful closure to your essays. Add crucial points, memorable thoughts, a quotation, a thought-provoking question, an unexpected twist of logic, or even a call to action.  

  1. Referencing & Formatting

Format and reference your essays as per stated guidelines. Remember all the quotes you added to the content and cite them properly. List the details of your sources on a separate page.

  1. Editing & Proofreading

Editing and proofreading service are indispensable components of an essay writing process. Polish the content to perfection. Do not hesitate to add, remove or modify the essay. Ensure the tone, style, narrative, structure, etc., are appropriate, and there’s a cohesive flow of ideas.

Proofread to remove any final mistake before final submission.

And, those were the ten practical steps to writing a perfect essay. Hope this write-up offers substantial English essay writing help, college essay help, Nursing essay help, etc., for one and all.

All the best!

Summary: Essay writing can be tedious for many. This article elucidates the whole process by breaking it down into ten easy-to-follow steps.

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